Inside a closet and hidden behind a wall........................

jiggreenSeptember 21, 2010

We found an exterior door! The best part is, that it is EXACTLY where we wanted to put a door! We had no idea this door was there, it is covered over on the outside with the siding, and on the inside at the rear of the foyer some PO had made a coat closet (also the door to the cellar was in this closet, on the right side...) We could tell that the coat closet was an add-on, so we removed it...and something about the back wall looked funny to me......

We will eventually remove the siding to expose this door on the outside also. Long term plan is to use this "new" doorway to connect the summer kitchen to the house via a breezeway.

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Isn't it cool to find things in an old house!!!!!

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What a find!!!!!!!!! Not as exciting as a door, but when we were looking for ways to improve drainage in one spot in the backyard, we found the original brick patio complete with a drain - all under 9" of soil.

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Too cool! What a great old door. This is one of the many reasons why I love old houses. :)

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I think it is wonderful that you found this door.

When I was suggesting changes to my DH's cape, he told me that where I wanted to put doors was where they were originally located. It somehow seems logical and I guess that is what you are discovering with YOUR house.

Good luck with your reno. PLEASE keep the forum current with your progress bringing this old house up to date. Or back to the future?

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It great to find things in these old houses. It is such a wonderful treasure hunt.

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WOW - that IS exciting - and, nothing to do with your door find, but I am glad to see we're not the only ones who do our restoration/renovation work in our plaid pajama pants ... HA HA HA

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