Wind Damage and little sleep

samkarenFebruary 11, 2013

So last night I went to bed at 10:00 hoping for a good nights sleep. Couldn't get comfortable and was still awake at 11:30. Finally dozed off at midnight and woke up at 1:00 with a hot flash. Dozed back off and at 2:30 I heard a loud crash....thought a tree fell or something. Jolted me out of bed and was looking around for what it was. Well...the wind caught my storm door and pulled it right off the hinges. I opened my front door and it was hanging & blowing back & forth. Took me half hour to wedge it back into the frame but when I went back to bed I kept thinking it will blow off again. Luckily it didn't and I dozed off again. Only got about 3 hours of sleep in total.

Called my landlord at 6:15 and told her what happened. She said her husband couldn't come over until tomorrow to look at it. So I told her I would do my best to wedge it back it in (of the 4 hinges 3 pulled out of the wood frame.). When I got home from work I saw that he did come by and took the door off and replaced the wood around the frame.

Glad they are able to take care of it right away

your resident DJ

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Geez, that's plenty t0 keep y0u awake! H0pe sleep c0mes easier this evening!

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Sounds like a good landlord to mkae the repair quickly. I bet that racket made you jump!

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Sorry about your sleepless night.

I had sleep problems from nightmares. Usually if I wake up scared, I will get DH to turn the bathroom light on but it was only 45 minutes till he had to get up and I was afraid he would not be able to get back to sleep. Tried to get the darned dog to walk those 15 feet with me but he refused to budge. So much for loyalty! :)

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I hate nights like that samkaren when you just can't get to sleep and when you finally do, something wakes you up. The good news, it sounds like you have a great landlord. Sleep well tonight.

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Renting can be wonderful if you have a good landlord! Glad it's fixed so promptly. They probably want to keep a good tenant like you, too.

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Glad it turned out okay.

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Thanks. When I got home today I still don't have a storm door. Don't know if they can fix it or if they will buy another. I'm sure they will replace though.

Two weeks I called them and told them that I kept hearing this beeping noise. Couldn't pinpoint where it was but it beeped every 30 seconds. Told them it sounded like a smoke detector with a low battery. Sure enough...the smoke detector in the basement had a low battery and the sound was coming through the vents in my place. She thanked me for alerting her about.

your resident DJ

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