Story that inspired and motivated me

mommabirdSeptember 9, 2010

I'm paraphrasing this story from The Way by Michael Berg. This story really touched me and has motivated me to clear out some clutter for my family's sake.

Once a rabbi gave two of his students the job of cleaning out his barn. One grumbled and complained, "I didn't sign on to be a servent. I'm a yeshevia student. I shouldn't have to clean out the animals' stalls and muck! This job is below me." The other student smiled while he worked. He said, "I am so excited my teacher will have a nice clean barn when I'm through!"

WOW that really "spoke" to me. I am usually student #1 doing housework, grumbling to myself, "I'm not the only one who lives in this house, why should I have to clean up after everyone!" Now I'm beginning to think, "I am so excited my family will have a clean, organized house to live in!" WHAT A DIFFERENCE IN HOW I FEEL while I try to organize, declutter and purge!

I hope this story also speaks to you all.

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Yes, a great story,inspiring. reminds me of Flylady's "Housework, even when done imperfectly, still blesses your family."

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What I have tried to learn is that, once you decide your are going to do something (whether it starts out as what you wanted to do or whether you feel you have no other choice--or rather, it's your "best option" at the time), you are better off making lemonade out of it with a good attitude. That helps your own mood and you also get credit for being such a cheerful, helpful person, even if you don't feel that way on the inside.

I guess there are some exceptions in situations in which you actually think that grumbling or doing a poor job is the way to manipulate the situation so you get left alone--but these situations are increasingly uncommon in "mature" life, for me.

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