looking for simple cleaners

jannieSeptember 16, 2005

My grandmother taught me to mix water and ammonia to make window cleaner. I bought a bottle of windex once and now refill it with this concoction. Can someone provide a list of other simple- to- make household cleaners? I use fantastic or sinch spray in my kitchen, but I'd like to make something non-toxic for use around food-prep surfaces. And what about a toilet bowl cleaner?

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Baking soda appears to be the wonderchild of simple cleaning -- use it just like a cleaning scrub.

It can clean toilet bowls, stainless steel sinks -- etc. -- And use it with boiling water -- carefully -- to clean drains of icky smells.

Keep small boxes or bowls of it in the fridge, freezer and even closets to absorb problem smells too.




Just some sites to check out too!

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Someone recently told me about putting vanilla on a cotton puff and put it into the fridge and freezer to get rid of odors.

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Yep, also use baking soda or vanilla after I clean the microwave. Gives it a clean, fresh smell.

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Not that what I'm going to suggest is really special, but I did buy a tall spray pump plastic bottle at the Container Store and filled it with water. I use this to wipe down my counter tops, cooktop, etc. Since it is virtually clear, I just keep it behind my faucet at the main sink. Because many in my family have asthma, I have to be careful about highly fragrant cleaning products. But believe me, I do use my fair share of regular cleaning products too. My newest find is OxiClean carpet cleaner. It disolves every stain I clean and doesn't leave a soapy residual so there are no "re-spots." Also, it doesn't smell. I don't like using deoderizer type products on my carpeting. So I guess that it's simple in the sense that it does the job easily, without leaving a lot of odor or residual film behind.

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