Pretzel rolls!!

lindacSeptember 2, 2012

Or Bretzel rolls....whatever!

made a batch last night for hamburger buns (had a friend for dinner) and warmed up a leftover to go with my wild rice soup...

Oh MY! Not sure just why they are so good and so different from the run of the mill dinner roll or burger bun....but they are!!

Have you made them yet????

Here is a link that might be useful: pretzel rolls

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These are on my list of "must make" soon.


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I've been making filled pretzels for decades like I described in the earlier thread you linked.

I don't think we would enjoy them as a sandwich roll though - too much bread for the filling. If you make the rolls thinner to be more workable for us as sandwiches I think they'd lose something in texture becoming more tough than chewy. We sure like the filled pretzels though for lunch with a side of extra dipping sauce especially now with fresh toms.


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I've had several people tell me at the farmers market that a bakery in Cincinnati slices them and dries them in a slow oven. Like they do bagel chips. I may try that if I ever have any left over.


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I flatten them down for burgers and make them long and skinny for very well....especially for brats...with all the kraut I like.!

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