Dry Cleaning with Dryel

Julie_MI_Z5September 24, 2005

I love Dryel!!!

Tried it for the first time this summer, and I'm never going to the cleaners again. All my winter clothes are Dryel'd and hanging on hangers for the first day of cold weather.

Gone are the days of waiting FOREVER for 100% cotton sweaters to lay flat to dry... I tested it on one sweater already and it looks beautiful.

Gone are the days of watching piles of clothes stack up until I get around to getting to the dry cleaners; gone are the days of waiting for coupons so I can afford to get them cleaned; gone are the days of rushing to get to the cleaners before they close.

I'm jumping for joy here!


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Julie, I love Dryel too. I've been using it for several years. We don't have a lot that needs to be dry cleaned. DH's dress clothes are the main exeption. He only wears them for special occasions & big meetings, so they don't need cleaning too often. Dryel is wonderful for freshening them. I also hate the scent of clothes when they come from the cleaners. I usually have to let them air out for a week before I can wear them. Dryel has a much nicer scent that doesn't last as long. Now, if I can just get that GE Drying Center I want....


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Hmmm. I tried Dryel and didn't like it. I love the smell of sweaters hand-washed in Woolite. Didn't like Dryel. And I had some sweaters with sweat (?) stains at the wrists. It didn't take out the gray marks.

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I avoid buying clothing which has to be dry cleaned as I do not like the expense.

I did find a good sweater drying rack (think it was Bed Bath & Beyond). It's a flat, net panel which has a strap across the back, that when buckled, causes the panel to arch up. You can put it on the bed, lay the garment on it, and air circulates around it top and bottom. Put on the ceiling fan, drying is pretty quick. However, drying may be quicker here as we don't have much humidity.

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Socks, the JOY of Dryel is I can dry clean 24 pieces of clothing for $10 now, which is definitely worth it for work clothes. I love it so much I went out and bought a lot of wool clothing at a thrift store, either new or like new. Before Dryel I would have hesitated... but not now!

Humidity is often very high here and we don't have air conditioning... this means that wet bath towels NEVER hang dry, and even the dry towels feel damp! YUCK.

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Do you still need to steam or iron your clothing after using Dryel? I like the fact that I don't have to worry about creases and such when I take my clothes to the cleaners...they take care of it all for me. As a matter of fact, DH has some pants that can either be dry cleaned or washed in the machine. I prefer to take them away so I do not have to deal with making them look nice after I wash them.

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So far everything has come out perfectly pressed-looking, creases in the right place. You just take them out of the Dryel bag, give them a little shake, and hang them up.

The one thing I quickly noticed, though, is you need to lint brush them BEFORE you Dryel them... black wool collects lots of lint (and I have blonde hair, so that doesn't help either!).


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