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oldhousegalSeptember 29, 2010

I am sitting here enjoying my morning coffee and reading garden web, and couldn't resist sharing. For the past 5 years of owning my old house, I've lived with a Federal Pacific stab lock panel with an amazing history of being a fire hazard. Was mine? I'm not sure, but finally took the plunge and had it replaced = $$$$$.

Is it possible to fall in love with your electrician? I sure did! He did an amazing job of installing the new service- moving it all the way across the basement to the other side of the house, and even drilled perfect holes on the outside of the fascia so everything fits perfectly. He removed the old sub panel and refed the wires for that, using the FPE panel as a junction box for only 6 circuits. I'm sure it's my imagination, but the lights aren't dimming like they used to...

What this now means is I can finish the kitchen remodel that I started in January, but had to stop because of the panel. I can re-wire the attic and put in new outlets and lights in the closet (can you imagine seeing my clothes again! LOL!) Oh the possibilities! The only thing I'm dreading is the final bill...

Sorry, but just had to share! There are always so many frustrations about remodeling and contractors on this site, but not in this case! Now, back to my coffee and happy dance!

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Have a new electrician coming next week; highly recommended for working on antique homes (ours is from 1780). Hope I fall in love too!!!!!!

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A good electrician is a wonderful thing! I recently had all of the knob and tube finally replaced in my 1895 home. About half had already been done, leaving the more difficult wiring for the electrician.

It's nice that all of my outlets are now grounded, that all of my lights are properly installed and can be easily replaced, and best of all, the amount of damage to the walls and ceiling was minimal. The electrician and his crew were masterful in fishing wire. They did their own patchwork, cleaned up after themselves, and were punctual to boot. The work was impeccable!

The total bill was scary, but not out of line for the work (I had several quotes). I am so happy that I got this done.

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Good for you! I can't wait to get started on replacing the knob and tube which is the next plan of action. I just had the electrician do the panel, but I plan on running all the new wire and circuits now that I have space on the panel. This guy actually told me the way he'd do it, so I learned a lot, and feel like I can tackle the big job- and most of it won't require a ton of damage to the walls. It's good to hear someone else say how expensive it is, but how worth it!

I slept so well that first night. And it's so nice to hear there are some great professionals out there- who show up on time, and do what they say and do it well.

I'm still finding myself going to the basement just to look at the miles of new wire and the new panel! :)

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Oh I know what you mean.

The first time our electrician came to move an outlet in the bathroom.

Previous position was going to end up inside the tub/shower (that's a bad plan!)
As I told him where I wanted the outlet to go, he said "don't you want it lined up with the tile" I was hooked!

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