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movingwestSeptember 16, 2006

In my last house my husband and I each had our own closet space off the master bath and in the middle was a cabinet in which we kept bins that sorted dirty laundry for taking to the laundry room.

In ouor new house our closets are more separate and there doesn't seem to be a place for centralized bins we can share, nor would It want them visible within the master bedroom anyway. I seems like a waste of space for him to have hampers in his closet and me have hampers in mine. I have always sorted the dirty clothes as we took them off and don't want one big hamper to sort though.

Any one have any ideas that let's us accomplish this and makes room for towels linens etc too. (sorry this is so long)

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Can you sketch us a floorplan? Is there already some type of linen closet for the master bath? Would you have room in the bathroom itself to put your sorting bin? Do the closets share a wall where you could cut in a laundry chute type system so it would all end up in one closet?

It really sounds like you will either have to change your system or go ahead and use the three bin sorter for each closet, which would allow you to combine the clothing. It will be harder to see which type of laundry is ready for a load, but I'm sure you already have a good idea of what types of loads you create. Since you are both in the habit of sorting as you remove the clothing, you probably won't want to go to just a plain, all together type hamper.


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If you have the wall space, perhaps a short cabinet that closes with doors, with pull out bins, probably custom made. On the top you could keep jewelry or cosmetics or perfumes much like a dresser or a vanity, or a TV, or a fish tank or a stereo for relaxation, OR there could be a single shelf for books you read before going to sleep OR you could make it tall, a combination bookcase-cabinet (in our bedroom we do have 2 bookcases with cabinets at the bottom - the one holds shoes and the other DH's hobby stuff - we live in a less than 800 sq.ft. apartment though).

If you have the floor space, you could use a long at the foot of the bed trunk with bins inside, probably not flat topped to avoid putting stuff on it.


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How about this:

Keep one set of bins in your husband's closet, and just walk your dirty clothes to his hampers?

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My wife and I both have separate walk-in closets. Somehow the hamper for the dirty clothes ended up in mine. She just tosses her stuff in there.


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walk into my husband's closet ? hahahahahahah no way !!! this is one of the reasons we are happily married so long, two closets. two sinks. one bed.

His closet is an enter at your own risk zone and mine is neat and decorated and very frou frou. I dont want him dumping his gym clothes in mine and I dont want to see what is happening in his. lol

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My vote would be, maybe it's time to rethink whether you're willing to sort into hampers once you get stuff downstairs.

Bcs I think that's what I'd do in your situation: one hamper per closet, so as not to take up so much space; and sort when you get downstairs.

Sorting never bothered me; it would give me a chance to empty pockets, pretreat stains, turn jeans inside out, be sure knits etc., are in net bags so I don't forget to dry them, etc.

It would just perhaps change the time that I do them, bcs I wouldn't need to do them right before I put them in the washer (which I'd have to do if I sorted in my closet) Then tossing a load in the wash would be fast--grab, stuff, start.

It would also give me the opportunity to preSOAK stuff in OxyClean before I ran the load.

Of course, I'd have to remind myself to take the laundry down more regularly.

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How about a hamper that doesn't look like a hamper? I've never bought anything from this website, but they have tons of gorgeous clothes hampers that look like furniture. Some of the lines have other types of furniture that matches, so you could have drawers or bookshelves on either side of the hamper.

Here is a link that might be useful: fancy hamper

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the other option is *smaller* sorting hampers in each closet.

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Talley Sue,

Why do you turn jeans inside out? I do for knits but not jeans.

Just wondering!

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keeps the jeans from fading as fast.

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Yes -- I vote for having hampers or simply small laundry baskets in the bottom of each closet -- and sorting out when you reach the laundry space!

For the reasons wisely mentioned above -- sort, check out pockets (my DH always leaves kleenexes -- sheesh!), pre-treat stains ---- and keep the pocket money (JUST teasing!! LOL!!)

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We have found several solutions, can't decide. We found a cedar chest that opens and we can put two baskets inside.
You can sit on it and put it at the end of the bed.
We also looked at cabinets with a bottom shelf for two wicker baskets.

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Thanks for the ideas. I am going to live with separate bins-a set in each closet for now... but eventuallly I will probably get one of those handsome large cabinets sold at homedecorators. You see the bedroom is really a respite boudoir sort of place... a room with a canopy bed, dark green walls, no TV, no furniture other than bombe chests for night tables and a deep red chaise lounge... and I don't want to disturb the sanctuary feeling we have so carefully created for ourselves.

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My husband and I address this situation by doing our own laundry. We have separate closets, separate hampers...and separate loads of laundry :)

For stuff like sheets and towels, we just take turns.

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