Easy closets versus John John Louis Home Solid Wood Closet System

mossaSeptember 15, 2006

Hi Everyone,

We are finally getting to the end of our building process and are trying to decide whether to use Easy Closets or the John Louis Home Solid Wood closet system in some key areas. People seem to like Easy Closets, but does anyone have any comments about the John Louis system?


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I should have included links:


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We are at the same stage. The JL are very attractive because all wood, but the set up at Great Indoors looked to be very poorly made---you could see through the top of the drawers, for instance. I think we will end up w/ Easy Closets. They did a nice design for us.

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We didn't build, but we did do a pretty extensive remodel. I thought we would do something different in regards to closet systems, but really found we didn't need a system.

We each use dressers we had built, so they are specific to our needs. Then I started measuring. My DH is tall, so we wanted a pole higher than you would typically find. He also wanted to be able to hang his suit pants straight from the cuff, rather than folding them over a hanger. I only need about 3' of hanging space, and that was for shirts and slacks. I don't even own a dress.

I found it interesting that we ended up with a pretty traditional pole system, tailored to our specific measurements, with just a small organizer for DH's shoes. After all of our measuring, we ended up cutting down our closet size by almost half.

Just looking at the links, I think the easy closets looks much cleaner and neater. The components appear to be easily adaptable. I hope we get some of these places willing to ship to Alaska without killing us with shipping charges some day. We're still stuck with big box, California Closets or just custom made.


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Well, wish me luck. DH really really wanted to go with wood, so we are using the closets from JL. I'll post when we get them about how they look and how easy they are to install.

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I recently pruchased a John Louis Home closet system from The Neat Freaks, and found it to be very easy to install. It it most definitely the best closet system I have been able to find. It looks great and the solid wood was exactly what we were looking for. It says on The Neat Freaks website that they also do custom designs, but seeing how my closet was only a small-reach in, I simply purschased a standard closet system. So far it has met and exceeded my needs. If anyone wants to know more, just go to www.theneatfreaks.com

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I purchased all of my closets, reach-in and walk-in form www.solidwoodclosets.com. They are all real solid wood closets with really nice finish. What I liked most about their system is that it is floor standing system that is very secure and very easy to install.

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Thank you for the advertisement for JLH Closets. How much did they pay you? It is not appropriate to pretend that you are an unbiased user when posting these sorts of things.

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who's advertising???

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I just finished having a large walk-in closet installed with John Louis and I would give it 4.5 stars out of 5. The closet is pretty decent sized - 6'8" x 12' - and the goal was to fit everything for two men -- all of our clothes, shoes, suits and sports clothes - and we did it. No clothes laying around the bedroom ever again! Big drawback is that it is not easy to install (my walls didn't help). I helped my handyman the first 1/2 to 3/4 of a day - as it was my plan to get the handyman organized and make sure he was heading down the right path with the plans -- after that I had no more free time. I had worked out the design over the internet with Ian from www.webuildclosets.com Ian was great throughout the installation process as we literally called him 10 times -- he knows everything about his product. Some times he spoke too quickly (great Aussie accent) for my handyman who pretty much needs to see it in person but everything he told us we could have learned from the book or from the plans he sent us with the design. He is quite patient. The installation did take much longer than I expected - 4 1/2 days for my handyman and 1/2 day for me as a worker. Honestly I couldn't believe how slowly my handyman was going and some of it has to do with my walls - although new - not being square and some of it has to do with his perfectionist tendencies. Anyway, the closet is beautiful! I find the door fronts on the drawers to be a little more traditional/boring in style than fits my modern taste - and I don't love the slight feel of knotty pine (I got the honey maple to keep the closet light and bright) but I am really picky... Really glad I didn't get some MDF and melamine poisonous particle board faux-elegant-styling never going to last set-up! That last comment in case you were wondering?!

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A few years ago, I purchased EasyClosets systems to increase the utility of closets in a 1950's-era ranch. It worked out pretty well. The systems are easy to install (the hardest part is probably finding your wall studs, followed by cutting the metal closet rods to length - or vice versa, if you're not comfortable with a hacksaw), and they provided a lot of extra hardware for putting the pieces together. One closet really fought me on the installation of the top shelf pieces, I suspect because the back wall was a bit bowed, but the other three units installed without problem.

I didn't order any components with drawers, as I just don't trust cam locks and MDF to provide durable, long-lasting drawers. The biggest problem I've had was when disassembling and removing a unit to repaint the closet, a cam lock got stuck and ended up breaking a pretty large chip out of one of the shelves. It's at a bottom, back corner so with a bit of epoxy it's barely noticeable, but it's a reminder of one of the drawbacks of that type of assembly.

In use, the closets have proved very durable, and they made the closets a lot more functional. My preference would be to have a similar system in solid wood for my current home; I now have walk-in closets that could use some TLC, but I would be reluctant to remove the (paint grade, pine) shelving that's currently in place to install something other than another solid wood product, and I wouldn't mind adding some drawers or cabinetry where I would want some quality joinery as opposed to screws or cam locks.

If you're going for pure "bang for the buck", Rubbermaid closet kits are a lot cheaper - albeit more cumbersome to install and a lot less attractive. The EasyCloset systems proved to be a selling point when we moved; they looked pretty much as good as new, the hardware components (belt rack, tie rack) are quite solid, and while the closet systems are recognizably melamine they blended quite well with the natural oak in the house, including the closet trim.

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I just completed an Easy Closets installation in our Master Bedroom walk-in closet. The closet is about 6 ft square. Thanks to the Easy Closet on-line design tool, their expert review, and prompt response to one of the boxes damaged during shipment, the result is fantastic. Using three double hanging sections as well as one long hanging section, we were able to duplicate the previous space and add two 5 drawer units for additional storage. It was simple to install. I did it by myself in a few casual days. The drawer unit boxes were complete when received and only had to add the front panel and hardware. Very easy to complete.

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I'm not sure why anyone would want to spend the kind of money that these places want when you can hire a local company to do the work for you AT THE SAME PRICE!

I admit the easyclosets tool is nice, but their prices are way too high. Not familiar with the other system, but they don't have a 14" option? Who offers a closet with only 12" and 16" deep shelving for a 24" closet?

We recently did a back door coat closet and a huge reach-in pantry. Everything was custom and our pantry has slide outs and drawers and is awesome. I'm absolutely thrilled with it. And, the company came in and measured, discussed alternate options and then installed it for LESS than easyclosets.

So, check first with local companies that offer organizational systems before you order online. This is one case where it pays off big time. We're getting our foyer closet and my sons closet done in the fall and again, the installation will be basically free compared to online systems.

Just trying to save everyone a lot of hassle and work! I'm not a spammer but if you live in SE Michigan or NW Ohio, feel free to contact me for the name of the great company I highly recommend.

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My first experience with Easy Closet; must say the company is fantastic. Quick shipping, fast response for customer service.

I was hoping to see a better grade finish on the particle board. Chips easy, not sure how it will hold up. I felt that i may have paid more then i should for the product, but the cost must support the facility which is fantastic.

Packaged well, marked clearly and fast response with questions. I guess the extra cash is worth the peace of mind that i have support. Only regret is the finish; time will tell.

My wife choose espresso which looks like everything you would find at a low quality department store. I think a lighter color would hide a lot and give a more custom "look"

Not sure about JJL product, but if you would prefer a solid wood product, then Easy Closet is not for you. Provided the quality of wood is sound!

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I used easy closet design tool to try to configure them myself and I also had them design it for me. Wan't very pleased with either. So I threw in the towel and called a company with a local franchise. Great design. Used the space perfectly for our long narrow his/her closet. Then they hit me with the price. Over 5K using white melamine. Two banks of drawers (for his/her dressers) and his/her shelf towers and hanging. Not rocket science. Of coarse, I could upgrade, blah, blah, blah.
I remembered what it cost to have a cabinet maker put solid wood cabinets in 3 baths and my whole kitchen (in 1998) It was less than the melamine closet. So I called up the guy and had him come over. I basically had him build what the closet designer drew, and it costs me 2.1K. I have three banks of drawers, every shelf is adjustable, and I maximize my space with a 10' ceiling. I did have to paint my own walls and I also stained it myself. Don't discount the cabinet maker.

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Do they make drawers for the JL Standard Clsoet Kit ?? Can'ts eem to find them anywhere ??

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