What kind of pda do you suggest?

hockeychikSeptember 20, 2006

I have always been a list maker and also a piler. I feel like things have to be sitting out where I can see them or I will forget about them. But, I have finally had too much. I can't get control of the clutter. I think that using a pda to keep track of lists, misc. info, addresses and so on might actually work for me. That would get rid of a lot of the paper clutter that I seem to collect and would also be portable. I have tried to use a planner but can't seem to keep up with it. I have too many details to put into such small spaces and a bigger planner isn't portable enough.

So, what kind of pda do you suggest? There are so many brands out there. I originally thought one with a Windows OS but after doing a little research, I think maybe a Palm OS might be better.

What programs do you use most often? What hasn't worked for you or seems like it was a waste of money?

Thanks for any and all suggestions.

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Love my Garmin--its also a GPS that we have used worldwide to avoid getting lost. It sincs with my computer's Microsoft outlook, so it has my calendar, appts,. memos, etc.
of course if you leave it at home, you are doomed

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I've been using Palms since 1996. I've looked at Windows-based handhelds over the years and, while they offer a wider variety of brands and models than Palm does, I have stuck with Palm because the daily entry and modification of appointments and notes and to-dos is just far simpler on Palms. I also have software on my Palm that lets me synchronize Microsoft Office documents and office email. So I'd recommend Palm.

The Zire 22 has a good size and price, but the E2 has a much better screen (larger and four times the resolution) and is expandable. It's an excellent choice if it fits your budget.

At first, I would just use the basic applications. Once you're used to them, you can consider additional software to address specific needs (for example, I use a product called Shadow Plan to do multi-level project management). Most software has some kind of demo version. And any data you already have on the Palm can move to third-party software you buy (and back out again if you change your mind!).

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Thanks Marge and Steve. Anyone else have any more suggestions? I think I will go with some sort of Palm system.

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I have a T-Mobile HTC MDA, which runs Windows Mobile. I like the integration of phone & PDA - only one thing to carry! It's also an easy sync to MS Outlook. I'm also a huge fan of the full QWERTY keyboard, though I often use the handwriting recognition or the onscreen keyboard.

It's not the perfect solution, and Palm has a solid reputation. (There's a project management program for Palm? Neat!) But really, they've both got good UIs and desktop integration.

I still find myself writing notes on real paper. But they get tossed in my purse and either transcribed or dealt-with-and-trashed.

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I love my palm treo phone. That way the palm is always with me and there are less gadgets to carry. I use it for everything.

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I think it would be nice to have the PDA and phone combined, like a TREO, but I wonder if the expense is worth it. I would like to upgrade to a phone with bluetooth as my vehicle has that installed, but I'm not sure if the cost of the phone and pda combined is worth it. Also, it would be nice to have the email and data service but that is pretty expensive on top of the regular monthly wireless phone service. I can't really justify it since I am a stay at home mom and not working outside the home. You can do the phone and pda without the data service right? So many decisions.

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I have a Palm m30 that is currently gathering dust somewhere. I also have an HP mini-computer pda from my employer that is gathering dust somewhere else.

After brief love affairs with both, I write my lists in a spiral-bound notebook with tear-out pages, and keep my addresses in my free Yahoo online address book.

Are you someone who would remember to charge the PDA and keep it with you? Would you keep it up to date? If not, it won't be much use to you.

If you're on a computer every day, you can use the free notebook/address book/appointment reminder services offered by Yahoo and other e-mail providers.

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You can do the phone and pda without the data service right?

Well, Verizon will have a problem with that -- not sure about other carriers.

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Verizon is our current service provider for cell phone, hmmm... I will have to look into things more before deciding if I should get a phone/pda combined. That was my fear that I would be required to pay for data service even if I don't regularly use it.

I'm pretty organized when it comes to things like keeping phones charged and with me. It is in my purse which always comes with me, so that wouldn't be a problem. On the other hand, I can't take my laptop everywhere I go, so that's why I'm thinking the pda will be good. Everything in one place, accessible and easy to take with me.

Another question, with how fast technology is changing, do I need to be overly concerned with a pda becoming obsolete and in need of an upgrade? I'm thinking that isn't a big deal with a pda, is it? Hope that makes sense.

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I'm pretty sure T-Mobile will let you use the phone without the data plan. Of course, the cool thing about the data plan is that it includes HotSpots (at, say Starbucks) for laptops as well as your phone, but that may not be useful for you.

As far as obsolescence, I wouldn't worry about it if you're running Palm or Windows or Blackberry. I switched away from the Sidekick because I got tired of being treated like a second-class citizen because I was too cheap to upgrade my phone. But really, if you're just using phonebook/calendar/notes, that data doesn't change format very often.

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Sprint lets you buy the treo ~$150 off for new contracts, or push them a little if you already have a contract.

You can get just the phone minutes, but the basic data plan is $15 a month extra, unlimited.

Verizon will charge you $40/month for the unlimited basic data plan, on top of your phone minutes charge but will also give you a discount on the phone.

I use the data plan all the time, check the news when I am stuck in line somewhere, email if I am not going to be at the house for a while, maps when I am lost, look up store locations when I am out and have forgotten something. It is nice. It is like taking the internet with you when you go out. Everything you do online now you can do from your phone.

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If you are not sure you will like it enough to justify the cost, check the prices for used treos on ebay. Try it a while and see how it works out.

I sold my two 650s there for ~$225 each which seems about the going rate. See how it works out, if not resell it on ebay.

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I am totally hooked on my PocketPC/phone. Outlook, phone, internet, email, text msg, camera, recorder, calculator, alarm clock, etc., are all there in one device. I originally bought it to help me with a 2-year house building project and used it, among other things, to take and send photos/notes/recordings to my contractor on a daily basis (I've finished the building project now but still use the thing 24/7). It comes with a big price, though, and I don't just mean the $/month data plan...when you(ab)use a tiny computer as much as I do to this one, it gets broken and/or dumps data several times a year. Which brings me back to the reason I started answering this post: if you happen to decide to go with at PDA/phone, buy whatever has the lowest break rate and then also buy the service plan & back up your data either at home or through your wireless carrier.

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I have had two Palm Pilots and loved them both. After a recent promotion, got a blackberry integrated phone w email and all the extras and now cannot live w/o it. If someone sends an email and I need to call them, I just scroll down to their signature at the bottom, click on their phone number and it dials for me. All company EES are required to include their full addresses and phone numbers on their messages.

I can also return missed calls by hitting another button, or can look up someone in the address book and automatically dial them.

The most addicting is the email functionality. As a consultant, my clients need 24/7 access to me and having this saves me from lugging my laptop everywhere and having to log in just to review and respond to simple messages. If you don't have a buisness need for email, then such an integrated device may not be necessary (you pay extra for access to their email server, but my company pays all my bills so it is not an issue).

For something that is easy to use and sync with your home PC, I'd look at the Palms unless you need it for business, in which case I'd suggest taking a look at the blackberrys or Treos.


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Thanks everyone for all the helpful info. I decided to purchase a Palm TX. I looked at the Treo and it was just so tiny! I decided to just go with the pda separate from the phone. I like it so far. I know there is more that I can do with it than what I have done for now. I just need to spend a little more time exploring it. Of course, now that hockey is in full swing, there isn't a whole lot of time available!

I am slowly weeding out all my little slips of paper and putting memos in my Palm instead. I guess I have been writing on paper so long, it will just take a little adjustment.

Thanks again for everyone's advice and experiences.

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Congratulations! It's a fine PDA. And eventually you'll wonder how you got along without it. :-)

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If you do a lot of sitting at hockey, think about downloading some ebooks. You can buy new books from places like ebooks.com, and lots of older classics are in the public domain and so free. I *love* ebooks - I always have a dozen books with me, ready to go when I have a spare moment!

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At the risk of sounding simplistic, why do you need a PDA? This gadget isnÂt going to help you with your piles of stuff. You personally are going to have to deal with your mess. Not some gadget. ItÂs been my experience when people have organizational problems, no gadget is going to do what they want: clean up the mess.

Save yourself some money and think simplicity. Start sorting your stuff in 10-15 minutes increments. What you need, keep for filing, what you donÂt need put in a box for either shredding or the trash. If you are concerned about the trash box, keep it for no more that one month. Then get rid of it.

Meanwhile, start something new and commit yourself to putting all of your mail and receipts in a box or envelope for one month. Weekly, sort through what you need to keep and need to toss. The stuff that you donÂt need, separate with a rubber band from what you need to keep. As you go through bills, write on you Calendar or schedule when you bills are due.

Keep what you donÂt need for no more than a month, then shred or toss it.

Neatly store monthly receipts in envelopes with important categories and $ figures on the front.

Start over the next month.


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