1916 house for sale questions esp re style, fireplace

marys1000September 15, 2012

While I like living outside of town I don't like the location of this particular house for sale.


I am being driven crazy by the beautiful woodwork, wood mantled fireplace of this house for sale out in the middle of Ohio which I find very unexpected. Its just not what you normally see in rural Ohio. Not the house style, not the woodwork.

What do you guys think? What is the house style and is it common for them to have these sorts of fireplaces?

Where these fireplaces available for sale at sometime after 1916 and this was added in or something? It also has a stone fireplace

You can see it on zillow (and no this is not my house)


Here is a link that might be useful: listing on zillow for all the other pictures

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The Arts and Crafts mantel is beautiful. It's period appropriate. Original to the house? It might be, as I see nice wood trim elsewhere, and the tilework appears to be of the era, also. If not original, then added later and done well. It does seem odd to have finde carpentry on one FP and the native stone on the other, but overall it's charming and period appropriate.

But, Xenia! My parents are from Vandalia. When I was a kid I remember visiting the grandparents and driving through Xenia after the horrible 1974 tornadoes. So sad. But now I'm in Alabama where we also get more than our fair share of wicked weather. So no place is safe.

It's a lovely home. But if you're looking to be close to Dayton, it's a bit of a trek. I'll bet you can find similar craftsmanship in older Dayton neighborhoods.

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That doesn't look like 1916 Craftsman period masonry work to me, even allowing for the shape of the stones which may be local. The mortar joints and the arch and scale of the fire box are off. The mantle shelf is out of, and under-scaled as well. It looks to me like it's missing some additional part.

I would have thought a deep, almost existential, remodeling done sometime in the 1970's looking at the exterior. Now jakabedy reports bad tornados in the area in 1974. That explains it, for me.


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I went out and walked around and looked in the windows. The original windows are sort of shot the rest looked pretty good. It needs someone who loves old houses and has a restorer's touch. Some of the light fixtures look original, origanal farm sink.
It does seem as though the floor layout where the fireplaces are isn't ideal and of course you can't move them. The stone fireplace is on the one long outside wall. The front wall has windows, the long interior wall has wood and glass french doors (nice but take up wall space) and then on the other short interior wall there is a door to kitchen. So I guess this would be a long dining room maybe? Then the wooden mantled fireplace is almost in a walk through area from that room to the other side where there is i think a small livingroom - couldn't get to the windows on that side.

Beautiful area of horse farms. If I was at a different place in my life or this was somewhere else (I don't plan on staying in this area forever) I'd be all over it. Wood work like that just makes me crave it like a sinner.

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What is going on with that bathroom? That has to be the weirdest bathroom I've ever seen. Green carpet too wow.

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You should be looking for a house in an area you like. One fireplace can't make up for the odd deficiencies of this house.

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Lol. Yes that bathroom... The house is awesome but the Bathroom looks like they ran out of pipe and just said "Ahh, to hell with it. Stick the toilet here!"

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what a great older home, makes me want to move up to xenia.

lots of commonalities with my 1915 home a hundred miles away in cincinnati. the newel post is literally the exact same post as in my home, the rest of the stairset may be the same as well. same floor vents as well (the squarish ones, not the newer one in photo 7. The door casings are different. Oh, the thin crown molding is the same as what I have too.

Fireplaces...i love that wooden surround on the iron box. My house has that exact same size iron box, but the surround is totally different.

Not a big fan of the siding there, though

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I think that stone fireplace is a 'renovation'...but I'd love to have that kitchen remain whoever buys it! You don't often see proper cabinets left in an old house--but I'll just about guarantee that the new owner will rip them all out and put in new 'modern' ones.

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i agree, that stone fireplace looks a little 1960s to me. could be wrong though. i also just realized this is within a couple of blocks of a bunch of my family

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I have seen a lot of the round boulder masonry where I grew up around NJ and the Hudson Valley NY. And it was all pre-WWII, and some as early as the 1890's. It was a popular look for craftsman bungalows, because the style setters greatly approved of hand-wrought local materials, of which creek-bed round boulders was one.

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