re doing old woodshed

ronbreSeptember 22, 2009

we have a shed 8x16 that used to be a woodshed..just steps from our back door..we put in a wood boiler last fall and built a new woodshed onto the building it is the old woodshed was left unused.

i am repuposing it to a garden and tool shed. it has some cleaning to be done in it yet..but a few weeks ago i bought 4 4x8 pieces of pegboard and moved everything away from one end and side wall and put up the pegboard to form a corner at the end..and then do one entire wall..have a corner rubbermaid garden tool stand and bought hooks..put one shelf perpendicular to pegboard and have it all organized with our ryobi battery tools, hammers, nails, screws, crowbars, garden rakes, shovels, really makes it nice to be able to find everything and know where it is a few steps from our kitchen door..when we are able to get the OTHER WALL completely cleaned out..storing stuff there now..we will get more pegboard and put it on the other least 3 more sheets..and hang the rest of our tools and things there..the shelves are holding things that are too large to put on the pegboard.

did even draw around a few tools so if they get removed they will be replaced in the right is already missing ..Joel ..our son has it..a large least you know what is gone.

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Wow, what a fun project! Do you have any photos? I have a 10x10 shed and have trouble keeping it organized. I'd love to see how you worked it out.

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