WOCA (trip trap) vs. Waterlox?

kjmamaSeptember 17, 2010

We are thinking of putting in an oiled floor. Interested in Waterlox and Woca. Any experience or pictures with both products. I have learned a good bit about Waterlox on here, but haven't heard so much about WOCA (formerly trip trap)


Just a side question, anyone ever had their floor prefinished with Waterlox? How did that work out?

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Waterlox is not an "oil" finish. It does have some amount of tung oil in it but it's got a lot more Phenolic Resin. Which is a type of plastic. A very good finish but nobody would ever mistake it for an oil finish. It leaves a substantial thick film, much like varnish (but tougher).
I use Polymerized Tung oil from Lee valley on cherrywood counters. reapply every 6-8 months, probably could go longer. never tried it on a floor. A floor is a lot more inconvienient to reoil than a counter top.

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Just to clear a few things up. Waterlox is an oil finish and it is also by definition a varnish.

As for the make up of Waterlox, I can answer that directly from our FAQ's on our website:

How much tung oil is in Waterlox?

By definition, Waterlox Original Tung oil finishes are âÂÂphenolic modified Tung oil-based varnishesâÂÂ. By design, our original formulas are low solids solutions (meaning high solvent percentages) engineered to offer the most desirable combination of wood penetrating and protective film build. Without revealing the exact nature of our proprietary formulas, we can disclose that the solids portion of these finishes is made up of 85% Tung oil and 15% resin, rosin and driers.

Hope this helps.

Chip Schaffner - Waterlox Coatings

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I use Waterlox and love it. I suspect a lot of the people who post here feel the same way. I didn't know about WOCA, and now that I do I have to say: Wow. That's expensive.

I thought Waterlox was pricey! Live and learn.

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