Removing Varnish

happylady1957September 19, 2008

Does anyone have experience with Soy Gel paint and varnish remover? I'm looking to refinish the pocket doors in my living room, but don't want to invest in this stuff unless someone has had experience with it.

Thanks in advance for any input!

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There's loads of experience on the forums at oldhouseweb dot com. Search in the General Forums for "Soygel" - no space in the middle. Good luck.

I've used PeelAway and can talk about PA #1 and #7 at length.

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Thanks for replying Patser,
I have some pocket doors with varnish/shellac (don't know difference), that needs to be removed. We also have peeling latex paint on woodwork that has a layer of what might very well be lead paint. I would like to deal with it in a safe, yet cost-effective (read cheap)way.

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To test if it's shellac, get some denatured alchohol and wipe it on in a very inconspicuous place. If it's shellac, it comes right off. Denatured alchohol doesn't touch lacquer/varnish.

Are you going to just refinish/freshen the doors?

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Sorry to take so long to get back - busy busy! I will have to buy some denatured alchohol to test the doors. I was thinking I would have to refinish them, but what's this about "freshening" them? They are between the dining room and the living room, so kind of a promenant spot.

By the way, if it turns out they are covered with lacquer/varnish, what would be my next step? Thanks for all the advice - I'm not too experiences with this sort of thing!

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