Shiloh cabinets installed

Chiricahua.LadyFebruary 3, 2013

My apologies for taking so long to post photos of my finished kitchen. My home is a small (1600 Sq ft) post WWII cape cod - and it's a perfect size for my Golden Retriever and myself.
Many thanks to everyone who has posted information on cabinets, flooring, granite, and appliances. This site was a huge resource for me albeit my project a tiny one!
The cabinets are by Shiloh in an Aspen door style, finish is Polar White with Cafe Hightlights. The granite is Bordeauz River and the backsplash is RIXI Noce subway tile.
I'm not sure how to post multiple photos - sorry!

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Multiple photos:

1. open an account at photobucket or flicker (free)
2. put your photos in - their directions are pretty easy
3. for each photo, there should be an html code link; copy it and paste into your post

We want to see your photos!

PS Your house is 110 sq ft bigger than mine, so not so little. Little here is closer to 1000 sq ft. Of course, I think "average" here is bigger than the both of us.

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chiricahua.lady - this is where the html code is (see blue circled spot):

Hover over where the html is and left click - it should briefly show copied . Then paste it into the message box on GW.

So that photo's code pasted here shows:

Good luck! I'd love to see your shiloh cabinets!

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Before photo:

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Here are your pics


Fantastic transformation. Love the warmth you achieved with a white kitchen. Your granite is gorgeous.

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Here is a before photo showing the sofffit and the oak cabinets,which I absolutely disliked but who servered me well until my bank account could replace them with something more to my liking. It was worth the wait!

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It takes a village.

Awesome transformation BTW.

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Beautiful. I love how you took the cabinets to the ceiling. What is the name of your granite.

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Thank you for sharing.

Your new kitchen is fantastic. The cabinets, backslash, granite counter, and flooring are all so beautiful and well coordinated. What a good job!

Shiloh is one of the three companies we are considering. Your Aspen door style are so nice that makes me wonder if the door style we are thinking about is too plain and boring.

It is so hard to pick cabinets; do you mind if I ask what were the deciding factors that made you choose Shiloh?

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Sorry I jumped the gun. Was just trying to help out. So now your pictures are there and there again. Glad you figured out how to post. Love your kitchen

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Worth a 'double' look with the pics. Very nice Paula!

How long have you had the cabs? Long enough to provide a review of likes/dislikes? We are considering Shiloh also so any input you have would be greatly appreciated.

Love the granite and backsplash with the painted cabinets. It all ties together so nicely.


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Granite is Bordeaux River. So glad I opened this thread because this is the same granite we've picked for our kitchen. So excited to see it on your countertops & now I love it even more. Attached a pic of 1 our slabs.

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Thank you everyone for your assistance & kind word of praise.
Shiloh was selected because of quality & price point and because of the absolute trust I had in my KD. I spent too many hours with the wrong KD at a different place - so there is a lot to be said for a KD that listens well and who can get a sense of who you are when they come to your home (mine came when they did the measure).
Yes, picking a door style is a daunting challenge. I have no issues making decisions in my life and this was a tough one - probably due to cost & life expectancy- cabinets are not like a vehicle that you can swap out if you are disappointed especially if you live within a budget like I do!
My KD mentioned the Aspen door before a sample was available and she contacted me when it arrived. It was exactly what I wanted & did not even know it until I saw it. Because the granite has a great deal of movement and the room is small a simple cabinet was best!!
Thank you all again!! I learned so much from this site! Such as finding a granite company locally that polishes the underside of the counter overhang! Who knew to even ask??
The kitchen was completed September of 2012.
Thanks again everyone!

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Very pretty kitchen!

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Lovely! What is that backsplash tile?

Looks like a very calming pace to work in now. I think you made great choices!

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Absolutely lovely! Beautiful granite and backsplash, and I love the molding with your cabs. Those knobs are the bomb.

Great job -- congrats!!

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Mmm, mmmm! Love that granite. Love the cabinets, too -- they are perfect! Very warm, clean, and calming, yet with so much to discover in that granite.

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Yes, please let us know what tiles you used for backsplash. Also, what faucet did you choose.

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I have a question about your Rixi Noce. I saw this tile and it looks very brown in person, yet yours looks more tan. Just wondering if this is how it looks when it is installed rather than seeing them individually.

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kgolby - your slab is lovely!
My faucet is Leland by Delta whose design was inspired by a teapot. Someone asked again what my granite is, it is Bordeaux River. The backsplash is Rixi Grazia Noce; it looked more green in the showroom when I first saw it. It is definately a soft brown and if you look closely in good light there is a very light green color also in the tile which brigthens the overall tone (in mine there is).
What is not showing in my photos is the glass sliding door behind me. The door is west facing and allows afternoon sunlight to enter into the room. Although, it was a dark overcast winter day when I took the photos.

ellendi- There is a posting on GW by juliet11 from June 2012 "Photos of completed Grazia Rixi crema and noce backsplash". Her photos are absolutely stunning and they convinced me that this was the right tile choice for me.
You may also be convinced after you see her photos on GW.
I must have looked and a thousahd kitchen backsplashes online while I searched for ideas, and there are many kitchens whose backsplash fall just short of the mark. Juliet's was a perfect example of everything executed absolutely right.
What I learned through this entire process is to keep looking until it feels right(cabinet/finish, granite/tile) and then don't second guess your gut. But, if it doesn't feel 100% right - keep searching and researching!
I had fallen in love with a cabinet & finish on a Mouser kitchen display which was way out of my price range. I began working with a different design center and never felt 100% on my door and finish choice.
As serendipity would play out, I ended up at the kitchen center that had the Mouser in their showroom (that I loved)and learned that Shiloh offered a similar finish.. and they also sold Shiloh! Shiloh highlighting is all had applied.

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It's a beautiful that was most certainly worth the wait! Great job!

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What a nice kitchen. I think it is so refreshing. You have a lovely space, ENJOY!

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I love the kitchen transformation! I love the Aspen door you chose in the Polar white with the cafe highlights! I love the hardware, the backsplash, the crown molding with the soffit gone, the faucet, the granite counters, the new appliances, and the warmth your kitchen has. Thank you for sharing.
Where did you buy those white canisters? I love them!

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The canisters are Mikasa; style is Italian Countryside

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Thank you Chiricahua_Lady for letting me know about the beautiful white canisters!

I have a question about your cabinets. Are they full Overlay Frameless or Framed?

Do you have a corner cabinet shelves or a Lazy Susan or a Super Susan in the corner cabinet? Did you get a pull-out trash can or opted to not do this? I am asking since I have been looking at Shiloh and trying to decide to go with the inset or the full overlay frameless but I have not had time to revisit the cabinet situation yet with the emergency on my little Shih Tzu taking over all last week. I really like the Aspen door in the polar white (still trying to decide if I want highlights but I do love your café highlights) that has a little extra design o the shaker door. What width is the style and rails? I am glad you have a lighter floor since my tiles are lighter also and our kitchen looks beautiful. I just wish I had a window like you do over the sink.

Oh one more question: What is the height of your cabinets and the height of your ceiling? My ceiling is 8" high.

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Hi Lynn,
I hope your little dog is doing well - it's never easy taking them in for emergency visits.
I completely understand the challenge in deciding between highlights or no highlight. I have never once regretted my decision, the highlights add a touch of warmth.
I do have an upper corner cabinet (I am a glassware junkie) and a Super Susan in lower.
The cabinets are full overlay. ... can't remember the difference between framed or unframed. please remind me. Also styles and rails?
My ceiling is 8ft and the upper cabs are 36". Cabs are solid wood.
I did not opt for the pull out trash, although I did opt for a pull out on my double lower cab with a upper half shelf. You can see my kitchen is itty bitty and I love to cook & bake; the roll out was my best decision as I am able to stack pans and easily access those in the rear.

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What a wonderful space! The door style is simple but elegant and I do like the highlights. Definitely something to consider in my next kitchen. The hardware is lovely too. It is really a warm and inviting kitchen.

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Chiricahua.Lady, I just sent you a private email. I am on hold for over 30 minutes now on the telephone (thank goodness I have a speaker phone) as I have a question before finalizing my insurance plan. Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield for over a week has been unable to answer my question.

I love your kitchen. My ceiling is also 8' high so I think 36" cabinets would look best as they do in your kitchen.

Panda is getting worse and the last 3 weeks have been so stressful getting more and more opinions from vets and neurologists what to do as I love her. Thank you for asking. She is a 11.25 year old 7.8 lb black and white lovable and adorable Shih Tzu.

I will write more later as I want to be ready with my questions when a representative picks up. I planned to go with the Polar White with no highlighs but now I am liking the café highlights and want to see them in person.

Thank you for sharing.

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I had to say good-bye to my Panda yesterday on 12-26-13 as she was not getting only worse but now urinating blood, would not eat, was paralyzed, and was suffering even with pain medicine. She was an adorable black and white Shih Tzu who was so sweet and precious and only 11.25 years which to me is much too young. I spent three weeks cleaning her, the dog beds, the dog clothes she wore as she was getting skinny and cold, used 450 puppy pads up, and could not get my work done. I did not want to say good-bye but she was giving me signals that she was ready especially the last 2.5 days with the urinating blood and moaning in pain. The Tramadol helped somewhat the day before but she finally gave up trying to survive so I had to let her free from her pain. Thank you Chiricahua.Lady for being there for me. I love your kitchen and the kitchen guy was here and I have so much more to think about again.

I appreciate you sharing your pretty kitchen and being there for me. Hope you have a Merry Christmas. A friend cooked me dinner and I got out for a few hours and came back to spend the rest of the night holding Panda.

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Lynn, I am so sorry to hear that. I had no idea you were still dealing with health problems of your beloved dog. It sounds like you made the right decision, although I'm sure it was probably one of the hardest you've had to make. My genuine and sincere apologies...

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Thank you Icskasigir for caring, I was supposed to say good-bye on Monday but I was too busy trying to get health insurance and get through to the 3 hour long wait lines to make sure I pick the plan best for me. The two days before I had to let Panda go, the blood started and on Christmas Day it was the worst. Thank goodness the Emergency Animal Hospital let me pick up Tramadol to help relieve Panda's pain. I am so numb and I keep crying. I know I made the right decision but I miss Panda and now I am so behind in my work and still confused what I want for my kitchen. I have my other two little dogs. Lexi's (should be 4 lbs but is now 3.4 lbs from all the stress the last three weeks with Panda spayed female Maltese) heart condition has gotten worse and she is now in congestive heart failure at 8.5 years old but thank goodness she ate this morning. Lexi is having an allergy again to her paws and keeps biting them and they are red again. Sassy (6.2 lb spayed female Maltese) is fairly healthy at 12 years of age but has been coughing and will not eat again this morning and is moping around so I know she is depressed like me over the loss of precious Panda. I hope you had the best Christmas dinner in your new kitchen as I know you said that you liked to cook and bake.

The kitchen guy was here yesterday and I am confused as I am comparing two kitchen designs from two people. I really liked how he bought me the three whites to see which looked best in my kitchen.

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You poor thing! You are dealing with a lot right now. Maybe the kitchen should go on the back burner until you are stronger to make the tough decisions that it will require. Or maybe it would be a good distraction and make you feel good to make some progress in that area?

At any rate, it is helpful to have the samples so you can see them in your home. Were you able to immediately rule any out? Are the designs very different from each other?

Sorry to have hijacked your thread, Chiricahua.lady!

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Thank you Lisa for caring. I am not sure what to do but today I know I better go out and get stamps and put the holiday calendars inside before they arrive after New Year's Day to my clients and friends. I always send them early but this year has been so stressful. I have hardly slept in 4 days and will think about the kitchen again in a few days as I need to take a break but then I really need to finish my kitchen which will make me happy. I miss my Panda so much and so does Sassy and Lexi. I can't wait to see your kitchen Lcskaisgir. I wrote you a private message back that took almost 2 weeks to reply to you so I felt so bad but I was under so much stress with not knowing what to do about Panda. She was freed from her pain and suffering on 12-26-13.

The designs are different from one another and the guy who was here yesterday at least came and got his own measurements as the other guy does everything by email until I can visit him and will only come here when I am sure of everything. I like that he removed most of the stiles with smaller cabinets but he has no contractor for me and the cabinet guy here yesterday brought his contractor with so I can get now a total install price which I like. He says if I remove the stiles for the wide cabinets, they will not be as sturdy and it cost more. He will send me a revised pricing with the stiles gone. The other guy just has more cabinets to remove most of the stiles except for one cabinet but has not go back to me on a price as he had thought I had room for another cabinet and another door on the angle and I had to send him more pictures. There is also a third guy but he does not sell Shiloh and despite no stiles the price is custom and will be even more money.

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I had to come back to look at your kitchen. I think I will have to visit the local store that sells Shiloh again to see your door style and the highlighting before I commit to the vision I had ear the end of 2011 when I started to look at kitchens. I am so sorry that Lisa and I went off-topic on your thread. Beautiful kitchen! I love Shiloh Cabinets and finishes.

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Hi Lynn,
I am so sorry to hear about your sweet Panda. When we corresponded just before Christmas, you had a great many things you were juggling. My deepest sympathies to you.
I am just coming up for air with Christmas and NY which I host for my family... My work days are spent in front if a computer (systems engineer) and it's the last thing I want to look at when I get home in the evening.
I hope you are able to find the right style of cabinet door that makes your heart sing every time you look at them. Take your time to grieve and soothe your heart and consider placing a pause on the kitchen project if you need to.
Blessings to you-

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Your kitchen looks great! You did a wonderful job. Enjoy!

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I had to come back to look at your beautiful kitchen. My Sassy has been in congestive heart failure now for awhile and I did not know this. She is now on three medicines. She is my only little Furchild left. She is a 6.2 lb spayed female lovable Maltese who is now 12.25 years old. She was healthy her whole life. The kitchen designer is causing me so much stress in the middle of my tax season trying to get me to make a decision and says the Shiloh price increased but he has another discount place to get it as the same price until Monday. My tiles did not like the Polar White in my home despite loving the Polar white in the show room unless his sample door is so old that it appears to be not matching. The Soft White is nice but I wish was more white. The Artic White is too white for my tiles. The soft white looks the best if I use 3,000K LED bulbs but my heart was wanting BM Cloud White. I need to keep the price down so I can't do custom. I printed your picture along with other Shiloh Pictures and I look at them all the time.

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Hi Lynn,
So very sorry to hear about your dear Sassy. Our animal companions are angels in our lives; so priceless! I hope she does well on the meds.
The color of the cabinets is so personal to each space depending on natural light, and other design features such as your tile. You will know the right choice when you see a sample in your kitchen. I tried to not get hung up on names as Polar White was more creamy than polar!
Good luck with your project!!
Looking forward to seeing photos of your kitchen when you smile and sigh in relief that it turned out exactly as you dreamed!!

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Thank you Paula for your kind words. Sassy is still with me and due to the three medicines was able to take a walk with me around the block. But last night she kept wheezing and could not breath keeping me up. Today she was so happy to see a client that she likes and is now sleeping. I know each day is a give. I can't wait to get back to my kitchen after tax season. I am now thinking maybe I want the full overlay as I really need room and I do love the Polar White or BM Cloud White. I will find a counter I love first and then make my decision. You are right to not let the names of the whites rule me.

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