weekly rolling wipe-off calendar

shawneeksSeptember 17, 2007

Can't find a Boone's weekly rolling calendar or anything like it. Every place online says not available.

Yes, I read the earlier post about people who don't like wipe-off calendars, and even said I wouldn't do one. Not intending to start that debate. My wife wants to try it (she saw this one at a friends house). This type resolves the problem of not being able to write next month's items now, or doing the entire month at once. You can google it and it's the first image found.

Anyone know where to get one, or one like it?

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A friend of mine had one like the Boone one--for those who don't know, it's a wipe-off calendar that was four pieces, each of them for one week. So you could see a month at a time. You'd erase the old week, slide them all up, and put the blank week down at the bottom.

It looked really cool!

She got hers at the student bookstore in State College, PA (where she lives). I don't know the brand.

You could make your own, maybe, using this dry-erase sheet material? Nah, too expensive.

Here's a similar one from Office Depot--the trademark is "Quartet"

You might buy two sets; then you'd have 8 weeks!

Here is a link that might be useful: info on the Boone rolling calendar

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The Office Depot site says the item is discontinued when you try to add it to your cart. But I searched the web for "Quartet Dry Erase Calendar" and found it at www.discountofficeitems.com


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You're welcome. I had tried adding it to my cart and didn't notice a "discontinued" message. But I also saw that it was at many other sites. I think the best phrase to use looking for it is "week over week" and "quartet"

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