Looking for gadget to make appliance cords retractable

marie26September 13, 2007

Almost all of my small kitchen appliances on my counters do not have retractable cords. How do you keep your appliance cords neat and out of the way?

Is there a gadget that I can purchase that will make these retractable? If yes, is it only one "gadget" per appliance or is there a product that will hold several cords at once?

Along the same lines, is there a product that is retractable that will work for my upright vacuum cleaner?

Thank you for any help with this.

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I don't know about *retractable* (as in automatically retracting using a spring), but you could get something that you manually wind the cord around (even if it's just a piece of cardboard w/ notches in each end).

There's a rubber donut-shaped thing you could use (though it's sort of big for a small appliance; it might be best for the vacuum, as long as you can figure out how to attach it to the vacuum--a strip of elastic w/ a Velcro closure?

There are small cord winders that you can buy--or that could inspire you to make a discreet one you can use for the small appliances. \

There are those rope cleats that might be useful for an undercabinet installation. And you could use them to inspire a cord winder as well.

Here's another cord winder that sounds as if it's be a bit easier to use.

these rubbery donut-shaped ones are only 2" across

here's a cord winder that's basic--but very small, I think. I might inspire you to make one out of cardboard or foam board. Interestingly, that stores on the cord itself. You could maybe cut some slots in a cardboard one and slip the cord through, then wind the rest of the cord around it.

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What great ideas! Thanks, Talley Sue. I now have to decide which cord winder would work best. When I searched online, I never thought of the term cord winder. You always seem able to come up with the terms needed to do a proper search.

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I'll make a confession--sometimes I get the proper term by finding one example of it through other means (I go to an organizing-gadgets site, and search on "cord" and then notice that they've named sometime a "cord winder").

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I have some of those wind-up donuts (or "turtles," they're also called) for a lamp and something else.

But for the toaster, blender, etc., I prefer to use velcro ties. You can wrap them up tighter and tuck them behind the appliance and they're a lot less noticeable than other similar wrapping gizmos.

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Oh--and the velcro ties are also a lot cheaper. I got mine (pkg of different colored ones) from the Container Store. But you could also get a roll of them from Home Depot, Lowe's, etc.

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