Baseball Cap Holder

Erin24September 27, 2005

Do you have any suggestions for a baseball cap holder that you can wall-mount, as opposed to hang? I need to find one that does not need to hang over the door or in a closet. It has to be a type that is easy for kids to use -- I've seen some compact ones that I know would never work for my kids-- they would throw it on the ground before they try to stick it in those things the way they belong. Also, if you have ideas, do you know who might have it the cheapest? TIA

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Easy but ugly: Make a decorative rope-type "swag" across the wall and use clothes pins to hook on the hats.

We were plagued by a bazillion baseball hats for years... then I started gathering them up and hiding them in plastic grocery bags. Next time I came across the bag (months/years later) I would toss it. If we went that long with nobody saying, "Where's my favorite ____ hat?" they hadn't noticed it was gone.

Now I just toss them in the general direction of a bedroom so I don't have to look at them, LOL.

Wife & mother of cap-lovers

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