Painting an old basement

oilpainterSeptember 29, 2009

My sister has a house built in the early 1900's. The basement is sound but like most houses of that era the inside has a few flaws and a bit of minor crumbling. Apparently, then, it was the custom to mix lime into the cement. She wants to paint it to give it a fresher look. Should she use regular basement cement paint or is there something better out there.

Also she wants to do the living room ceiling which has a few flaws--no cracks just not as smooth as it could be. She wants to put up paintable textured wallpaper and then paint it--good idea or not?

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Our basement was the same. My husband used either Zinsser or Drylock (I can't remember which he decided on) and applied it with a gigantic brush (important rather than superficially coating with roller)-getting into all the tiny holes, etc. It worked well and really brightened up the whole basement.

I'm not sure if I would place wallpaper on a ceiling. The best way to really do this is spackle-no fun-but helps even out flaws.

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