Thoughts on the GE Profile/Monogram lines?

texanniewFebruary 18, 2012

We have been leaning towards several items in this line and then realized we have a connection to get them wholesale. I don't want to just get these because I can get them at a good price. Anyone have them? Thoughts?

looking at the counter depth french door double door fridge; 27" double convection oven; 30" induction cooktop and advantium microwave. and dishwasher but haven't narrowed down choice.

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We've had the regular-depth Profile french door fridge/freezer for about 18 months now, and it's been fine. I don't have anything bad to say about it, but I'm not a chef or anything ;)

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Texanniew, If you are new here, the experience several of us have had with GE products is unknown to you. I am sorry I don't have time to rewrite the senerio. I will cut and paste snippets from the dealings I have had with GE. I won't buy even a GE light bulb ever again. Neither GE or the appliance store stood behind their product. I still have the ovens, but prefer to use a Breville Smart oven because it bakes more evenly and at a constant temperature.

This is an e-mail to Rhome410 after GE agreed to buy back her oven: September 2010 - Just the words Monogran Ovens make my blood boil. I would get rid of them in a second if I could. In fact I told the customer care representative the same
thing a couple of weeks ago. The warranty runs out the end of October, so I
though I would take a third crack at getting the ovens in good working order.
They listened very patiently to all the problems, which are very similar to
yours. He promised to talk to the service techs and get back to me. Of course,
he didn't call back nor did he send me the contact numbers he promised. I
called again with the ticket number and was promised he would call. He did not

I am afraid the ovens are working the way they were designed to work: badly.
The convection feature is worthless. Uneven heat distribution is a huge problem
and multi-rack baking is impossible. The set temperature drops as much as 50
degrees within 4 minutes of reaching the preheat temp. My strategy is to turn
the temp down 25 degrees and back up to the baking temp about every 3-5 minutes. It keeps the temp from dropping more than about 25 degrees, which is still to much for any delicate baking. It is ridiculous it is necessary to require such constant monitoring. High high baking is just a disaster. The temp drops as much as 75 or 100 degrees within minutes. Making pita bread or pizza is worse because the oven door is opened and closed so often. I put a baking stone on the lower rack of each oven to try and get it to hold a more constant temperature, but it doesn't help.

I agree these ovens are a big disappointment. Before I bought them I talked to
the store chef. He had only high praise for the Monogram ovens, and said they
were the ones he preferred to use. Now I wonder if they got some kickback for
selling them. Mine were on clearance in preparation for a new model. The
enticement was the price, $2,500, as compared to the $5,000 for the Miele I
intended to purchase. It's is a good thing I am a peaceful person, or I'd be in
jail by now.

Another e-mail to Rhome410:
October 6, 2010: I just spoke with Bill Bower. He seems to be' the buck stops here' person. He said nothing in my e-mail indicated a problem with my oven. It is normal for the temperature to fluctuate to maintain an average temperature. The notes of the A&E servicemen reported accurate temperatures. My oven is working properly. No refund. I could just cry, well I am. I said your ovens functioned just like mine and asked why did GE buy back your ovens and not mine. 'I have not looked at the notes" in that case. He would not budge, no buyback, nothing wrong with the ovens.

Getting a new kitchen is very exciting with great expectations. What ever you choose to purchase, enjoy your kitchen!


Here is a link that might be useful: an thread from Oct 2010

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My sister has the Advantium and other GE appliances from her major kitchen remodel. It was an $85K remodel with fixing foundation, replacing logs (she lives in a log cabin gorgeous place) and expanding the footprint. She went with all GE. I haven't heard her complain and she would she's a huge baking and cooking aficionado. We have also stayed in a condo in Hilton Head for the last two years for a week's vacation and it was an all GE kitchen and laundry and I was surprised at how much I liked it all. Especially the washer and dryer stacked unit and the dishwasher was especially good. I'm sure the condo gets a lot of abuse being rented to strangers year round and it was fine the next year we stayed, still like new. We'll be back again this year, too. Good luck!

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we've had the 27" double oven Profile with top convection for 4 years,works flawlessly, no problems with the self cleaning either.

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I have the 30" monogram convection oven and like it a lot. We have had it for approx 8 months now...

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I have a GE Profile frig and the double oven, Trivection. Right now I need to call for service on the oven. I did the self clean on the Trivection one and it has locked me out!! Until that happen, I was really happy. Not super happy with the frig either but it is very quiet and I like that. I did my remodel 2-3 years ago and this will be my first repair.

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I think the worst part of remodeling the kitchen is the anxiety associated with purchasing appliances. I've had the good fortune of owning trouble free appliances over the years. For my recent remodel I replaced an 18 year old GE Profile that was still going strong and I passed it on to someone else along with my 10 year old Bosch dishwasher. Someone else was thrilled to get my fully functioning 18 year old Amana range.

I knew I was not going to go high end with my new appliances but that still leaves a lot of choices to review. I read reviews upon reviews and decided it pretty much a crap shoot. I got a better deal on a Samsung French door refrigerator so I got that instead of the GE Profile. I did get the Profile single wall oven with convection and the Profile Advantium 120. I have only had them a few months but so far I love them. I have used all features on each of them except self clean. I never used an oven to proof dough before but I tried it with these ovens and it worked great. We stayed with Bosch for our dishwasher because of past experience and because their panel ready model does not stick out at all like some of the others do.
Good luck to you with whatever you choose. You certainly will get lots of opinions here.

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thanks for all of the posts. i am a little confused, cotehele, it's all GE or just the monogram you don't like?
scrappy, how do you like the 27" oven? i fell in love with the 30" and now realize it's too big for my cut out. compared to the 30", the 27" looks like nothing would fit!!

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Texanniew, I can see how you are confused. I've had GE dishwashers and refrigerators in the past that were fine. It is just that my recent experience with the GE ovens has been so horrendous that I do not want to support the company by purchasing anything GE makes.

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Our old refrigerator is a GE Profile side by side, counter depth. We were originally planning to keep it in the remodeled kitchen. But after the ice-maker broke twice in 2 years, we decided to get something else. The replaced ice-maker was supposed to have a 5 year warranty, so I expected them to make good on it. They said the warranty only covered the part, not labor. The labor came to exactly the same price as the parts and labor for the first replacement (I guess they just wanted $250 one way or the other). After that I decided to cross GE off my list for my new kitchen.. I heard from an appliance salesperson that the quality of their products has declined dramatically over the last few years. Sorry.

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From my experience, GE has very good cooking products, OK refrigeration & laundry products, and not-so-good DWs.

When we built back in 1995, the builder only provided GE products, but allowed us to upgrade - so we upgraded to all Profile appliances: Smoothtop Convection Range, DW, Refrigerator, and washer & dryer (OK, the last two were our purchases...).

Or experiences:

Range...Wonderful! It was still going strong and looked like new when we remodeled in 2008. We donated it to our church for a family who was in desperate need of a new range. We heard through the grapevine that they were overwhelmed and couldn't believe how it was in such perfect working condition & appearance. (Yes, we used it all the time for the 13 years or so that we had it.) It was so easy to keep clean (it had a speckled gray top that never looked dirty even when it was!)

Refrigerator...For the most part, very good. It is a 36" x 36" top freezer...very large and spacious. It's still going strong in our basement (almost 17 years - of course, it's not energy star rated...) My only complaint is the ice maker & dispenser (one of the few top-freezer Refs that had one back then.) The dispenser kept freezing until we finally stopped using it. We had GE out several times over 2 or 3 years and they admitted they had had many problems with them...none that anyone could solve...other than to tell us to occasionally defrost it with hair dryer. They did replace the entire refrigerator once on the off chance that we had a lemon, but it had the same problems. After about 8 years, the water line to the ice maker sprang a leak and rather than get it fixed, we just disconnected it. The rest of the refrigerator has been very good. I love the fairly large meat compartment, the two crispers, the large tilt out compartment that I store cheese and similar items in, etc. GE customer service, in my experience, was very good to work least back then. I have not had any dealings with them in the past 10 years or so.

Dishwasher...This one was a disaster. We had to replace the motor twice in about 5 years. The third time we scrapped it and got a Maytag. Like the GE Profile range, the Maytag DW was wonderful! Everything came out clean no matter how much we crammed into it! :-) It was also going strong when we remodeled and it was also donated to our church for another needy family (never heard about their experiences though - I do not know who got either of our appliances).

Clothes washer...OK, but not great. It did last 7 or 8 years, as I recall. But, we had to replace the bearings (??) once. (Not sure what it was!) We also had to replace the switch that allowed the spin to be on or off depending on if the lid was closed or open several times (we learned how to do it ourselves after the second replacement). The second time we started having major problems, we bought a Whirlpool Gold - it was fine. No problems for about 8 years or so. When it died we replaced it with a Kenmore Elite front loader. It's OK, but it leaks if even one hair is on the door...even other times as well. It didn't start happening until it was out of warranty, of course!

Clothes dryer...Again, OK, but not great. The sensor dry died after about 3 years, but it worked fine on timed dry. We finally had to replace it after about 10 years. We gambled and got another GE b/c it was a great sale. Other than than the sensor not being the greatest at detecting when something is dry, it works fine. I find that if I put it on "extra dry" and then "extended tumble" everything is dry when it's done. I probably won't get another GE dryer, though.


Fast forward to 2007 when we were ordering appliances for our remodel....

I started looking around at various manufacturers, primarily GE, Wolf, Viking, Dacor, and, once I discovered them, Miele. I did look at KA and Whirlpool, but dismissed them pretty quickly for cooking appliances based on reviews and what was available (functionally).

Cooktop...We have a GE Profile cooktop that is OK. It works fine, it's just that with the all black surface, it's harder to keep looking clean than our range was.

Ovens...Initially, I was just looking at double convection ovens. As I was researching, I discovered the GE Profile & GE Monogram Trivection ovens (GE's speed cook ovens). I watched Alton Brown's video about it and was hooked when he baked potatoes in 17 minutes - with crispy skins! I looked at other manufacturers, but based on cost and my great experience with my range, I ended up with the GE Profile Trivection double ovens. I also looked at Advantium, but preferred the Trivection ovens. At that time, both the GE Profile and GE Monogram lines carried the Trivection ovens (today, only Monogram has them). I researched both and other than looks and cost, could not find anything different. I even called both GE Profile and GE Monogram customer service to ask if there was any difference other than the external look. Both told me the internals were identical. The only differences were (1) Monogram came with a broiler pan, (2) different external look, and (3) price. I preferred the Profile look to the Monogram and I didn't need yet another broiler pan (nor was it worth the thousand-dollar or so difference in price). I will say the GE Monogram rep was a little offended when I told him I didn't think the look was worth the price difference. He seemed to think the "prestige" of the Monogram name was worth the extra money...NOT! I have been very happy with my ovens and would definitely buy them again!

Refrigerator...We have a 36" french-door bottom drawer freezer, counter-depth, water-in-door refrigerator No complaints.

Dishwasher...I was very adamant about no GE DW. I wanted a Miele, but I couldn't convince my DH that we should spend the extra money for one! So, we ended up with a KitchenAid....everyone was raving about KA here at that time. Since my DH does most of the dishes, I let him pick the DW (and cleanup sink). Our experience...not so good. It doesn't clean very well. We have to put it on "Heavy Duty" for every wash and be careful how we load the DW...and some silverware still comes out dirty most of the time as well as the occasional dish if we haven't rinsed them well enough.

This may be more than you wanted to know, but I got on a roll! Sorry it's so long-winded!

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I had a bad relationship with the GE SD FD fridge in the temporary house we stayed in during our whole house reno. The fridge and freezer temps were all over the board anytime of day or night. In the morning the fridge could be high or low by 7 degrees for no reason, but the freezer would be fine. By lunch, the freezer could be far off and the fridge only off by a two degrees. Made no difference whether or not the doors were opened frequently or not. Lettuce and other greens routinely froze in it. I couldn't wait to get away from that thing. I've owned KA fridges for a number of years and have been very happy with them and their consistent temps.

The best advice I can give you is to buy the best appliance in each cateogry (fridge, range, DW, cooktop, oven, hood) you can afford with the features you want instead of trying to buy every appliance from the same manufacturer. As Buehl alluded to above, not every applaince brand excels in all categories.

And another quick note, just because someone had great experience with an appliance brand 20 or even 10 years ago that doesn't mean that the appliances made by that company now are of the same quality. Companies start manufacturing cheaper to keep up in this economy, which IMHO rarely leads to better performing or longer lasting goods.

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We have 3 year old GE appliances, and have had only 2 issues:

The first time I self cleaned the oven with the racks inside, it took a lot of lubricant to get one of them to slide smoothly again. I have had no issues since then. The cooking performance has never been an issue.
Our FD refrigerator has water only in the door and it froze once. My DH fixed it by snaking the line, I believe.
We have had no issues with our induction cooktop.
Our dishwasher is Miele. I would have happily gone all Miele if the budget would have allowed me to :)
We have a friend that repairs appliances for a living, and he told us that where he works, GE stands for "guaranteed employment.". He loves Whirlpool.

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Thank you so much all of your for your posts. I really appreciate them! I think I will give a call to our appliance repair guy (haven't had to use him much throughout the years but has been working for me for over 20) and get his thoughts too.

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texanniew, we've never had a thought about the 27" oven not being big enough. Our biggest turkey was probably 25 lb and no issue. You can easily fit two 13x9 baking pans side by side on one shelf. I love that you can use multiple shelves for baking with the convection feature. Two cookie sheets will overlap by about an inch, but I can still fit 2 on one shelf by putting the first sheet on one side normally and then "stack" the other sheet on the other side with one lip perched on the first cookie sheet (it only overlaps the lip so won't affect the cookies) and the other side "perched" on one of the shelf holder ledges.

One feature surprised me was that the oven fan runs for about 20 minutes after the oven turns off. I have read that is a common feature now for ovens with electronics, for protection. Our prior oven was a 30 year old Modern Maid so definitely did not have that feature.
Good luck in your search!

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thanks, scrappy, that's good to know. i did go to a store and bring some pans so i feel better, but that 30" is just purty! LOL

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Cotehele mentioned that we had similar problems with our Monogram ovens at the same time. I believe the technology is the same in Profile ovens.

My Monogram oven varied from one side of the oven to another as much as 100 degrees. I have pictures of pizzas about 2/3 down the page of the linked thread... Half white and half browned. THere is a description there of the problems I had with the oven. I kind of promised some here and myself I wouldn't repeat it over and over, so you can read it there if you'd like.

I had a GE Profile electric range (no convection) we bought around 1999 that I really loved for the next 7 years we lived in that house...It's probably still working fine. It did a great job and I never had a service call on it. But with recent experience and reports, GE isn't a brand I'd buy or recommend.

I now have a Wolf oven. Customer service and oven performance are SO great compared to GE. The oven works as it claims, and the company is more than ready to stand behind it. It shouldn't be so amazing to have those things.

Here is a link that might be useful: oven thread

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