Swiffer Carpet Flick

Julie_MI_Z5September 7, 2006

Have you tried this? How will it work on Berber carpet and tile floors? Will it pick up the tiny black rubber "pebbles" that keep coming home with my son from the artificial turf on the football field? LOL



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Obviously, none of us have tried this. I have a small Eureka which has great suction and only weighs 5 pounds. I can keep it in the hall closet and don't have to lug out the big vacuum. Look into some of the tiny models. They are pretty amazing now. (loud, too)


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OUCH! You all are going to make me be the first to try it out? LOL

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Julie, if you do try it, please let us know how well (or not) it works. I've been tempted to buy one myself since I've been so happy with the regular Swiffer and the Wet Jet.

Keep us posted :)

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I have one, I hate it.

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Details, PLEASE! Why do you hate it? Does it not work or is it hard to use?

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My DIL has one with Berber carpet, but she says it is not worth it because you have to change the sticky sheet every time you use it, and with 3 kids, that is often. What she tends to use most often is her DD's kid vac for quick clean-ups. It actually works great, and it encourages teaching the kids to clean up! LOL

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Thanks, Jackie, I'm sure we would be changing the sticky sheet every time.

How do those "rolling pan" things work that restaurants use? Do they also have a sticky sheet?

I like the idea of having something that works fast and doesn't require a plug or make a lot of noise.

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Julie, Do you mean those carpet sweepers they use?? I am not sure but I suppose they are similar to the ones used years ago, that just have a roller brush in there. I kind of doubt they would be changing sticky sheets either! LOL Are those things still offered for sale? I am not sure if they would be good on Berber, but maybe someone out there knows!

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Carpet sweepers work pretty well for a quicky surface cleaning. They're also very easy for kids to use. They are definitely still for sale.

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The old Bissel style is still being sold. It really depends on your carpet. I borrowed one made by Fuller Brush to try on the laminate. No good. She has rather long carpet and it's so-so on her floors. BUT, she has industrial carpet in her business and it's very effective there. Just like in the restaurants. As long as the carpet is a very flat pile, it works well.

If your Berber is all the same length, it might work OK. If it's the sculpted kind, you probably won't be happy.


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I work in restaurants and yes, they DO work very well for quick pick up of crumbs and such. They are also QUIET when in use and do not disturb customers (or sleeping babies) like those electric booms.

They can be stored easily as the bottom folds up vertically and the unit can be slipped between in a small space only taking up 3 or 4 inches of floor space. They are lightweight so children can be trained to pick up after themselves and someone frail or handicapped will find them easier than lugging out a big heavy Kirby everyday just for cat hair and breadcrumbs. They are easy to empty too.

They *will* pick up 'wet-ish' items like lettuce or noodles but that can sometimes make a mess of the thing as they get stuck in the bristles and it has to be cleaned afterwards. Usually a tiny piece of lettuce will just flik up into the canister but sometimes they get trappped in the bristles. So I wouldn't recommend it for wet items unless you were in a big hurry to do a quick clean before guests arrive. Restaurants often need *immediate* pick-up of things that fall on the floor and these things are great.

You can find *heavy duty* ones at restaurant supply stores. I would recommend that over the cheap lightweight models that are available in the departments stores. Some restaurants I have worked bought the cheapies and as they say "You get what you pay for".

That being said..............

I just bought an Electrolux Pronto electric broom for my home. I am loving it!!!!

It is lightweight and sits on a tiny stand while it recharges. The charging stand can be on the floor OR mounted on a wall it you want to keep some floor space.

You may have to wrassle with the decision on where you are going to store it so that it can *stay charged* and ready to use. I have and outlet just outside my closet door and I ran the thin, black charging cord through the crack. It can close my door without crunching the cord. This may not be a solution for everyone of course.

They are nice looking machines. They only come in a coppery-orange color at this time.

Suction is good, and it even has a hand held unit that detaches from the main one for doing upholstry and such. The hand held unit can be used for autos too.

The handle on this electric broom tilts *all the way* so that it fits under couches and beds. I had a Dirt Devil and another brand before this one and neither one did this.

There are wheels on the bottom to make pushing easier, something else not found on some electric brooms.

I bought mine at Linens and Things and they had a charged up model to test in the store. I tested it on their linoleum floor and on their low pile industrial carpet in the store. I have low pile rugs and jute rugs. This machine is great for my needs.

The one possible downside to this is that the Electrolux Pronto costs about four times what most electric brooms do.

But as they say "You get what............."

Regarding the higher price, the way I figured it, was that since I *was* going to by a hand held Shark for my car, now I don't have to! So I got a 2-4-1 with this machine purchase.

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Just to clarify.........my last post was in answer to julie_mi_z5 on whether carpet sweepers work well, NOT the Swiffer Flick question in her original post. I see I did not clarify which item I was talking about.

The carpet sweepers just have to be tilted over a waste basket to empty crumbs. The bristles have to be cleaned of hair once in awhile. No expensive 'sticky pads' to keep buying like with the Swiffer Flicks.

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Thanks, bud, I knew what you meant! I was all set to get the carpet sweeper until you mentioned the electric broom... now I have to think it over again! LOL


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I think you might be happier with the Electrolux Pronto. Check out Epinions.com and other review sites. There are lots of rave reviews. I did not do any research before buying this item which is VERY unlike me to do impulse buying for a home item. I lucked out.

The selling point for me was being able to try the vacuum out in the store on the floors. Having a charged up model to try out gives one the whole experience. I played with it for about a half hour, setting it in and out of the stand, detaching and re-attaching the hand held unit, using it on the carpet, using it on the vinyl. It picked up dust and lint real good.

The set up is very easy! It comes in two pieces that have the cord run through. You just snap it together!

The only PITA is mounting the charger to the wall. There is no template provided to mark the screw holes. They provide the screws and plastic anchors but you have to keep measuring and guessing before you drill. There are three screws to mount and the placment is not symmetrical. But the mounting is a one time only thing, not something you have to deal with everytime you use it.

I like the fact that it has a blue bar indicator light when charging instead of a tiny orange dot like some things do. that way it is easy to see that it is in the charging stand correctly.

The Pronto is pretty enough to be left out without looking like something that "needs to be put away". If it is out and handy you will use it more often becasue it is as wasy as grabbing a broom, and than save the big machine just for 'Spring cleaning'.

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