We bought a historic (1890's) home today :)

igloochicSeptember 7, 2009

I want to note this date in history when I'm in love with our home (though we don't take posession until november) that we purchased a fabulous home and as I mentioned, I adore it.

No inspections, no apprisal, just a private contract, with final sale taking place in November, but still, we bought her :) I should say "him" because it was definately a "man's: home more than a woman.

So please, remind me when the walls start to crumble and the electric shudders and the plubming groans...that I love him will ya? :) Cuz today...we're so excited we can't think!~

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Congratulations! You are so very right - You will both love and hate him regularly from this day forward, but love will win out!

In what state is this new home located?

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Holy moly - no inspection? You're a brave woman! Congrats on the new man in your life - LOL!

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Congrates!! I went & see you will have "lots of help" Your little 1 will be 3 about time you move in!! Going to be a fun holiday! Take lots of pics. Hope you got a very good price because otherwise you may find serious problems! So sock away all you can to help with what comes up!! We moved into new home yrs ago with no kids(they came the following couple of yrs) & it was costly putting in lawn, landscaping, drapes, carpet etc. Your house will probably need repairs unless someone owned it that was perfect at restoring everything. What sold you on this house???? Possibilities, location, floor plan, etc. Just curious!! Nothing like your 1st home, enjoy every minute!!!

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Heh heh grey we like to live on the edge.
The house is in a Victorian seaport in Washington. It has been almost completely restored and yes it was very meticulous. The lady who owns it now takes great pride in her stewardship of the house so we feel pretty good about what we are walking into

I grew up in a historic home so I know even great care equals work. There is some wallpaper to remove. Five missing fireplaces. Twelve bathrooms to upgrade. There is really no kitchen to speak of (it's a b&b). But still it's a dream. Did I mention the extensive gardens I will have to par down and the hidden wood floors to rediscover???? Just your standard Victorian heh heh.

It's kind of sureal. I'm sure people on this forum can undrstand that
Lots of joy mixed with fear lol.

Room by room I'm sure I'll be looking for advice. I can't wait to get started!

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Yay Igloo! I'm so happy for you- if it's the same one you were looking at earlier, it's beautiful. If it's not, I'm sure he's still drool-worthy. I think through the frustrations, you are always a little in love with your older home. Glad to hear that things are going well.

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We bought an 1888 corner storefront about two months ago now; we "break ground" on renovations tomorrow after extensive research and redrawing of plans.

This is our second old house, but our first renovation of one.

Enjoy the journey!

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Congrats igloochick; after your earlier disappointment I'm glad this one is in the bag. Call me when you start hiring ;-)

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LOL Casey you're hired :) This one is a darling home but it does have it's bathroom woes. I expect that I'll be searching out tiles soon. The fireplaces are Minton tiles so I've been dibbling a bit in Minton...OUCH heh heh I see a lot of white marble and ceramics in my future instead.

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How exciting, I am happy for you.

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If I saved up, I could someday afford one Minton tile, and get it framed. Or put it in safe deposit. uber$$$

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Any photos? I would love to see it!

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I will post as soon as we've signed the final papers. I don't want to jinx the deal LOL We're already freaked out with stress about what we have to do when we move in LOL Perfect way to begin ownership huh?

We also stalk it...last night we wandered around it several times in the dark (from across the street...we're not that bad) just cuz we liked how it looked all lit up heh heh

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Congratulations! Our old house from the same era is putting us through our paces during an ongoing renovation, but we still love her. Sounds like you've undertaken a real labor of love - pics when you're comfortable posting them please!!!

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I hate to hurry my favorite time of the year, Fall, but I can't wait for Nov to see pictures.

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Hmmm. A Port Townsend former bed and bath, by chance?


My father went to universities with buildings 500 years old. He was always amused by what we call "old" in the New World.

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LOL No comment worthy heh heh

My read dream home is a building my mom just described as "european wrecks" a stone building from the 1600's :) I have to settle for this new old house heh heh

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"Holy moly - no inspection?"

The number of inspectors who know anything about old construction is vanishingly small.

I met one that had never seen full size dimension lumber (real 2x10s and 2x4 studs). He could not understand why all the repairs had faced the studs with 1/2 inch plywood to create a 4 inch (net) stud.

Another one did not like the fact that a 150 years old house did not use joist hangers.

Good luck.

Go after the envelope first, then plumbing and wiring since upgrades and repairs to these have the greatest chance of damaging finished surfaces.

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Brick your points are why we aren't worried about the inspection. I've been in mortgage lending for years and frankly could probably inspect a home bettter myself than a "licensed" inspector in many states.

That said, this property is actually being used for a professional purpose and has had to spend significant amounts of money to bring their plumbing and wiring up to code for insurance and licensing purposes. I'd trust a county electrical inspector's report any day over a general home inspector. :) IMO it's a bonus worth paying for ;) A great renovation...from the walls to the wires to the plumbing is worth it's weight in gold..if not more so!

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Igloo that is such fun news! You will have a blast working on it! and I assume we will see progress pics on the HD forum as well?Sue

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Wow Congrats to you igloo!!!

Can't wait to see photos & updates - You'll get your creative juices going

LOVE Minton!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Yes, congrats, and welcome to the loony bin! :)

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