Cost to reupholster a couch

bobbie46February 8, 2012

What is a reasonable fee for the labor to reupholster a couch?One place charges $1000 and others as little as $285. All have good reputations. I bought a Hickory Chair sofa for my daughter. We can find the fabric for $225 or less. I paid $250 for the sofa. Thanks for all help.

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Most places have 2 if you buy the fabric from them and another if you bring the fabric.
For a simple one cushion sofa without tufting my guy charges $500 labor.

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A local upholstering business here run by a mother and daughter charges $20 an hour.

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I find it hard to believe someone could upholster it for $285. I know price can vary depending on locale but that is really low. In my area, a chair (such as a wingback or recliner) starts at $450.
Make sure the estimates are apples to apples. IOW's, make sure each upholsterer is including possible replacement of stuffing and/or foam, new welting, tufting, or anything extra you're wanting.

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I think I paid $600 plus fabric about 10-12 years ago. It ran as much as a new sofa, but I had ordered the sofa custom and still loved it.

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About 7-8 years ago I looked into having a couch recovered. I'd paid about $1,200 for the couch about 10-15 years before that. Calico Corners was going to charge $1,200 plus cost of fabric. I bought a new couch.

I know Calico Corners is probably not cost effective and I might have gotten better quotes elsewhere, but that $285 quote does not sound right to me. I would be very suspicious of that one.

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I recently paid $485 (plus cost of fabric) to reupholster a chair that did not need any new stuffing/work done.
Another chair that needed the cushion reworked was $650 (again, without the fabric). These were standard sized chairs with no tufting. I can't imagine anyone doing a couch of any size for under $800 here in the Chicagoland area.

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I just got a quote for a couch that included some cushion rework. Without fabric, $950. I decided not to do the couch so I didn't get other quotes, but when I got quotes for another project this guy was on the cheap side.

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I had a recliner upholstered recently and it was about $500 plus fabric.

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I paid $825 plus fabric to have our kidney shaped sofa reupholstered last spring. Calico Cornered wanted over $1100 during a 20% off sale.

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Around here it's $1200 not including fabric--- and that isn't for a large sofa, either. Your estimates vary a lot.....buyer beware...

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