Lower corner cabinet in kitchen - any good ideas?

carajonSeptember 12, 2009

As an organizationally challenged person, I am thrilled to have found this forum! I am reorganizing my kitchen for the umpteenth time, and am at a loss as to what to do with one lower cabinet - it is a blind corner and currently has a semi-circular lazy susan that I absolutely hate since things fall off of it. I wonder if anyone here has any good ideas as to how to best use a lower corner cabinet? I would love some success stories!

Thanks so much!

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Welcome to the organization forum! I am one of the "regulars" here. Hope you enjoy this place. We are big on "decluttering," and only owning what you actually need and use.

In my U-shaped kitchen, there are two corner cabinets with lazy suzans inside. One of them is the baking/dry goods section (heavy stuff such as bags of flour, sugar, etc.), the other is for plastic food storage containers (very light weight stuff).

Even though it makes the shelf heavy, with a lot of inertia, I find it very handy to have all the baking stuff in one place. When I'm measuring out and putting into the bowl of the stand mixer, it is very quick to take something out, add it to the recipe, and put it back. I put a small cardboard box on one of the shelves in the baking section to hold small stuff, like birthday candles, small jars of vanilla and almond extract, etc. I think that keeps them from falling off the edge of the shelf.

The other corner is near the dishwasher, so I remove dishes and put them in the cabinet above, and food containers go into the corner down low.

Works for me.

Once in a while, something does fall off one of the shelves and jams the spinning action of the lazy susans. But that is rare.

I find the round shelves to be a bit inconvenient. Large, square objects don't settle into the curved shape at the edge of the shelves as well as many small, round objects. I guess it just depends on what you want to try to fit inside there.

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Have you looked into one of the blind corner units?

Here is a link that might be useful: Lee Valley Blind Corner pull out

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Because I just hate my corner cabinet I only utilize it for things I don't use much like baking pans, wok, crock pot, cooking racks. The less I have to go into that cabinet, the happier I am.

I may consider that pull out that cocontom linked, for my new kitchen so I can make better use of the corner cabinet.

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A friend of mine has the blind-corner pullout, and she adores it.

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Hummm, I have one of those 3/4 lazy susan blind-corner shelves and I love it. I have never even had anything fall off--what am I don't wrong?

It has two shelves; I use it as an appliance garage. I keep the mixer, food processor, blender, Foreman type grill, waffle maker, deep fryer.

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currently has a semi-circular lazy susan that I absolutely hate since things fall off of it

Can you glue a higher rim to it so things won't be as likely to fall?

Put small things into baskets to corral them?

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I keep Tupperware on mine, but mustang's appliance garage idea sounds better because it is blocked when I'm loading my DW.

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I had always hated those lazy susan corner cabinets, too. In past kitchens, I had always had problems with things falling off, never to be seen again. When we moved into this house, we needed to redo the kitchen. We kept the section along the walls, which included an useless corner cabinet with only one small shelf along the back. I had to kneel down and put my head & shoulders into the cabinet to get to the back. While we were waiting for the kitchen to be done, pretty much all I could do was just chuck things into this cabinet and hope I didn't need them again. I never would have really been able to use it for anything. The new section was an L shaped island. I could have chosen a lot of different configurations for this, including shelves on the backside, facing the living room, rather than a corner cabinet. But DH didn't like that, and I really did need storage space in the kitchen. So I ended up with a lazy susan and had the cabinet people put a lazy susan into the old cabinet in the other corner. I made sure they were heavy duty. The new one has a full shelf under the top turning section, so it is strong enough to hold my cuisinart and other appliances that I will use at the island. So all I have to do is open it and lift rather than carry them anywhere like I had to do in other houses. The other lazy susan, in the old cabinet, I hold containers, like flour, sugar, rice, onions, collanders, large pots. The stuff I use more frequently is toward the front, less used items all the way in back. There is also extra space along the walls where I keep a large cutting board and have a clip that holds a tupperware mat for rolling out dough (when it was rolled up, I never used it because it didn't lay flat). So I use them both alot. As long as I have specific things to go on them, not a lot of small stuff, and don't turn them too quickly, they are great. I have to say, I also didn't want the pull out shelves for the island. But I like those, too. Maybe the newer, better designed ones work better than the older ones I was used to? I would definitely suggest storing things that are not tall and skinny, and if they are light or small, put them into a larger container.

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ihad a lazy susan in the old house and i hated it..i have 2 blind corners that are very deep..in most of my bottom cupboards i have pullouts and drawers..but those blind corners i do not have..

i put things way int he back that i really hardly ever use and i have a label to remind me what is there..so i don't forget..one is a dehydrator..large and bulky..lots of that kind of thing..but i am handicapped and it is difficult to get to it even when i need it..so i usually don't..good place for things i'll never or seldom use.I would love one of those blind corner pull out units but can't afford them

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Old thread I know, but I just found something called a Korner King that you can use to retrofit inside an existing cabinet. Even with a fixed shelf!!

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That Korner King rocks! Seriously, it's amazing!!!
It almost makes me want to install a corner cabinet just so I can have one of them!

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