Labor Day Weekend Challenge - Any ideas?

Julie_MI_Z5September 1, 2006

OK... I need a "fun" challenge for this long weekend! I need to make big progress in the overall house organization, but I want it to be something that maybe remotely sounds like a good time. LOL

Any ideas?


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Arrange every object in every closet, cupboard, & shelf in every single room in alphabetical order.
Then when you get done with that, arrange all your clothes in chronological order from oldest to newest.
That should keep you busy for a while. :-)

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Sort through your fall/winter clothes: try on stuff you didn't wear last year and decide if it's worth keeping.

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Krusty--Actually my fall/winter clothes are in great shape! I purged at the end of the season last year, and I did the summer purge last weekend (if I didn't wear it this summer, I won't wear it next summer!).

Quirky--you're too funny.

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Take the weekend off -- read a good book, go see a movie, enjoy a dinner out --

Back to organizing and decluttering on Tuesday :-)

Sorry - I'm no help!

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I'm a bit late here, but if you still feel the need to make BIG progress, it sounds to me like you still need to focus on getting rid of more stuff. Anytime I can't keep something organized, the stuff has slowly built up.

Hope you're having some nice holiday weather down there. We've had nothing but rain for three weeks and now the leaves are turning. I'm going to focus on the yard for the next week or two in hopes I'm not out there in the freezing cold trying to move stuff for the ice rink.


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Tomorrow is THE EXTRA DAY off work. Hooray! It should be a nice day since nothing is planned and I'm booked every night after work this week.

Gloria, actually the house is decently organized and 15 minutes from "company ready" (AS LONG AS WE'RE NOT TALKING ABOUT MY MOTHER COMING, LOL) but I'm always trying to pare down stuff that we're not using regularly. Saturday I Freecycle'd the old dog grooming table, which (since the dogs are gone) had become just an extra table in the back garage. The table went to a young lady in dog grooming school who couldn't afford one of her own. AND I got DH to agree to take our old, hard to assemble camping screen house on his next Katrina mission trip, and set it up and leave it there for the volunteers to use (his third clean-up and rebuilding trip is in October).

Since I have noticed the cooler weather here, too, I've started the fall garden clean up and cut back some flowers that were looking faded (one big paper compost bag full). Everything I do now means less to do later when I have to wear a winter coat.

MAURA--Actually I *did* read a book this weekend that I bought at a garage sale, then I passed it on to a neighbor. I also crocheted a little and scrapbooked some.

I also started to stock up for winter on essentials and watching the ads. Saturday I bought 10 tubes of toothpaste on sale. I hope to have adequate supplies by October 1st so I don't have to push heavy shopping carts through slushy parking lots in the middle of a blizzard (not that THAT has ever happened! LOL).

My son's high school football team has dinner together the night before their weekly game, so I'm also trying to plan on having only 2 days advance notice in case the coach decides to have 45 kids come for dinner at MY house this month. We still haven't figured out how he decides who is having dinners when/where? but he is not the kind to preplan. I figure if I get it all set in my mind, then I won't panic if the time comes that they're coming here.

So that's my update!

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I cleaned the kitchen in our house which is being remodeled. Actually it was more like archeology because they kept piling stuff in there. I purged and threw stuff out, then went back to our apartment and did the same there. I felt like a scullery maid. Gave garden stuff--citrus fertilizer, spray fungicide, extra garden tools to a neighbor in the apartment who is doing a spectacular job of container gardening on her porch.
Then put together a picnic for out of town company 6 adults, 3 month old twins and a 2 year old for an evening at the Hollywood Bowl listening to John Williams conduct the LA philharmonic. A program of film music--half of which was music he composed for Harry Potter, Star Wars, Indiana Jones. We had a box which is more roomy than bench seats and the kids were good.
quirky's idea about putting clothes in chronological order isn't such a bad idea. I think we do wear newest stuff more. I group by color.

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RE: CLothes order
My order varies. I like it when "outfits" are together for the week, but currently I have all the blazers together, shirts together, pants together, etc. Our weather is starting to turn cooler, so getting dressed depends on the temperature of the day. I definitely need more "transitional" blouses.

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Since my DH had to work all weekend, this has been a great opportunity to get the kids organized. School started last week and I hadn't really done any back-to-school shopping beyond pens/paper/pencils/binders. Saturday I finally had a chance to go through my DD's school clothes and wound up with a bag full of outgrown clothes to go to Goodwill. We did a whirlwind trip to Target for blue jeans, both kids got new sneakers and shoes (how do children manage to grow not just one but several sizes in footwear over one summer?), and we even got the DD's new full-length mirror mounted on her closet door. Now I feel like everyone is ready (and dressed for) the school year.

Toss in a couple of evening BBQs (despite the rain) and it's been a nice three days :)

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Good work! DS-15 doesn't start school until Wednesday, and as far as I know all his clothes fit (we do need to check his dress shirts & sports coat). He hates to shop, has asked for nothing, and I'm still trying to pare down what he has.

I've spent the day scrapbooking, washing floors, doing laundry, and intermittent garden cleanup. It's warm but not sunny outside, and I'm thinking a walk up to DS's football practice tonight sounds enjoyable?

I ordered prints online from CVS today and will need to pick them up tonight after 5:00. It's the first time I've tried it and I'm hoping the pictures are OK. I would love to avoid standing at CVS making digital prints! I tend to put it off until I have tons to make, then it takes forever.

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sorry i got to this post late. too bad you are so far from me. I have several projects at my house you could do.

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