'You Guys' Saved Me Money today!

des_arc_ya_yaSeptember 17, 2005

Yep, you may not realize it, but you did! I haven't checked the Organizing forum in awhile until recently when I've started decluttering again, etc. Went to garage sales this morning (which I KNOW is a no-no!) and only bought two or three things that I really NEEDED!

Just kept thinking about all of you decluttering and making things better in your lives.

Thanks - want your change back!? LOL

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Des Arc Ya Ya:

Congratulations on showing self-restraint in one of the most demanding situations: a garage sale! Other than a blow-out clearance sale, nothing is more tempting vis a vis loading up on questionable items. After all, it's so cheap you can give it away if you find, a year or so down the road, that you don't really need it after all. I'll take my change in tens and twenties, thank you!

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LOL Cupofkindness, would you be so kind as to e-mail me? Thanks so much.

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Glad we could help!

We have a block yard sale this weekend, and I'm determined not to buy anything. I'll feel a bit guilty, bcs the proceeds go to the block's garden, and I'm determined that stuff will go OUT, and not co e in.

I'll remember YOU this weekend, when I'm there.

(the hardest part will be getting my kids not to buy anything)

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