a great new ironing-board solution.

talley_sue_nycSeptember 19, 2007

If the people who saw our apartment this weekend don't make a bid, or if we can't accept it bcs we can't find somewhere else to live, I want to put this in.

I've already identified two places I can put it (it won't fit in the first place I wanted to put it--rats!), and it won't look too bad.

As long as I can flip the door around to slide the other direction.

Here is a link that might be useful: a fold-UP ironing board (instead of fold down)

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My grandmother had a built in fold out ironing board similar to that. I always wanted one.
If I could combine both of my Grandmothers kitchens, and have the "neat convient" stuff from both, I'd have the perfect kitchen, and if I ever build my own house, I'll have it!

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I wish I had the space for one of those. That would be great. I have my board tucked away at the top of the basement steps and it's not any fun to get out. I'm embarassed to say I've given up most of my ironing.

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I like that this is low to the ground, and not in the middle of the wall. I'm figuring I could mount it next to the entryway door, and use the top of it as display space. Or, I could add a deeper marble shelf there (maybe using thresholds from Home Depot), and set a basket for mittens, or whatever.

The drop-down ones are nice, too--but they just make such a big impact. This looks much more like a piece of furniture.

Our building has a dumb-waiter in the hallway, and I'd hoped this would fit below it--but it's a bit too high. If we ever decided, as a bldg, to eliminate the dumbwater option, I'd be investigating how to put an ironing boar in the dumbwaiter.

In that spot, the board would completely block one of the kitchen doors, and sort of make the rest of the hallway hard to use. But my intent for this would be a 5-minute ironing of the shirt I want to wear today.

I can do touch-ups w/ the small folding ironing board, but it's just so much more involved.

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I have an ironing board with a sleeve board. It's in a cabinet mounted in the wall (it's only about 4"deep). It folds up and the door closes. It makes the most of my super-skinny laundry room. It has a shelf above the board for my iron and spray starch and a spray bottle. I can fold it away or get it out in seconds. I got mine at Lowe's, but I saw one just as nice and cheaper in the Penny's catalogue. Mine was about $165. I love it and it looks very neat.

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Talley Sue,

What is the dumb waiter used for? Just curious.


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garbage--every night at about 7pm, the super would ring a buzzer in each apartment, and then run the dumbwaiter up.

You could put the food garbage from supper in it, and not have it stinking up the joint, but you didn't have to go to the basement yourself to get rid of it.

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I still am hanging onto the idea of putting the ironing board on the dumbwaiter, so I've been looking at the wall-mounted board for higher up.

But they're most of them 42"--bigger than i want for this purpose..

I found a shorter one that swivels

(they make a bigger one (42"--more like full size), too.

Kind of neat. But 4" might stick out too far......

These are kind of neat--by Haefele and mentioned as being good for RVs....They also fold in half, which makes them 5.5 inches deep--I wish I could find on that's about 2.5 to 3 inches thick.

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I bought my daughter one that goes into the wall between the studs. She has a huge walkin closet and they put it in there. She uses it all the time. I do very little ironing anymore so I picked up one that hangs on the inside of a door. Works great for me. Open the door, drop it down, iron and flip back up and close the door. I know alot of people that have them. Pretty cheap, too.

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I like those styles you mentioned, susie53, but they won't work for me, unfort. No studs. No wall space in my bedroom. And beautful veneer on the doors that I don't want to mar--plus the doors are wider than normal (NOTHING designed to go over the doors will work on them without serious damage to the door) and taller than normal.

But thanks for mentioning them, they are great options.

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When we were house-shopping, I remember one cute house we looked at had a built-in ironing board in the kitchen. I loved that little house. We didn't buy it, but every once in a while I drive by to see if it looks the same. It does and I wonder who lives there, did they leep the ironing board? Or have they-more likely-modrernized?

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