Ideas on organizing shoes in the mudroom?

diginthedirt17September 12, 2007

I'm looking for inspiration on how to organize my family's shoes in our mudroom. I like to keep all the shoes that we wear on a weekly basis (running shoes, flip flops, school shoes) in the mudroom, while heels and dress shoes are in the bedroom closet.

We have 4 people in our family - an a lot of shoes. I currently have a carousel with three tiers, which holds about 15 pairs, but it's not enough.

Are there any new ideas for storing shoes? Thank you!

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i've struggled with the same problem for years. i want to keep some shoes in the mudroom, but i want them not to show. i recently bought, at IKEA, a slide out shoe rack that was designed to go in one of their wardrobes. i didn't buy the wardrobe, but the rack looked perfect for what i want, so i'm planning to tweak it to fit into a cabinet that i'll custom build for my mudroom. it slides in and out on drawer slides.

here's the url. the rack is shown in the lower right hand of the wardrobe. plastic rods stick vertically into holes in the rack, and plastic shoe forms go on the rods. i think it holds 16 pairs.

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If I were looking to store shoes for a family mudroom, I like the angled shelves in the cabinet from IKEA that egganddart linked to. I have something very similar in my closet and it works very well. The shoes can all be taken in at a glance, and put away just as easily. I think it's easier than trying to put shoes on a form (or take them off), but a mudroom is a more casual situation. I can get three pair of shoes on each shelf, so if you build a tall cabinet, it will hold quite a few. Don't forget to include a bench!

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I will say this: I discovered, back when I had this mudroom-like piece of furniture near the main door, that I don't like stowing shoes on the FLOOR.

I actually like them higher. If I put them on the floor, I have to bend over twice--once to pick them up, and once to put them on. Ditto for taking them off.

So I organized that thing so the shoe shelves were at chest height, and the backpack storage was ON the floor (so my kids didn't have to lilft up theri backpacks, esp. good since my kids' school bags are pretty heavy, and they wheel them around.

It was counter-intuitive, but it was right. It was easy to use.

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I have a small "book case" style set of shelves, I have used this system for several years. Have a smaller one now that it is just DH and I.We don't have a mudroom now, just a corner by the kitchen table so the shoes aren't worn all through the house. On the bottom shelf I keep the things that are not worn that often,(a set of boots I had to wear at my last job) or easy to slip on (flip flops to run to the mailbox), some shoes are side by side, some can be stacked on top of each other if you need room. (my sneakers I wear in the garden that I don't care if they are clean or not)
When I do stack them the bottom one sits normally and the top one is turned upside down so the tops fit together and balance.

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w/ a plain bookcase, you can add extra shelves to eliminate headroom.

When I had my shelving solution, I had one interval bigger, for ankkle boots, and the others more closely spaced, for plain shoes (sandals I could stack as scottymam does).

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I like the angled shelf idea BUT I would want to build it backwards so the toes of the shoes point down and away from you. Casual or not, no reason to look at the whole shoe. Just seeing the heels would be enough for us to ID. Also grabbing a pair by the heels is easy.

It is going on my imaginary list for my imaginary renovation when the imaginary time and money and energy for it all find their way to me....LOL

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