Rat Problem Lookout

yoyomaSeptember 5, 2008

In the past my attic has been populated by rats. Although they are gone now, and all holes plugged (I think), the neighborhood is teeming with roof rats, and the fruit trees and ivy in the backyard mean they're probably living very close by.

So what I was wondering, is there a wireless, infrared, motion-sensing video camera available? Since nothing should ever be moving up there, I think this would be a good solution rather than checking every month for problems. Any opinions on this? Thanks.

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You don't even need to put a camera in, you can put in a motion sensor with any kind of alarm to let you know you are having some sort of activity in the attic where there shouldn't be any. I have alarm systems in one house, in my greenhouses and also now on my driveway so I can tell if somebody is coming up unannounced. I think you have a good idea if that is a concern, and the only reason I'm suggesting anything other than what you propose is that with so many motion sensing devices out there, you can get a usable system for so many different pricepoints you can rig up yourself. A motion sensor with a receiver device on a downstairs lamp for instance. I bought one of those at a hardare store closing sale years ago for about sixteen dollars, lol. You screw the receiver on a lamp and it can be set for steady or flash and if the sensor picks up movement in light or dark, it sends a signal to the receiver and the lamp flashes. Cheap, cheap, cheap and runs on a few AA batteries and they should last forever if you have no activity.

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That's a good idea, thanks!

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Do you have a cat?

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No cat, allergies.

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Do you play the cello?

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