Does Anyone have a Vision Board?

claire_de_lunaSeptember 11, 2008

I've been intrigued by the idea of these lately. We're trying to think about what we'd like our future to look like. I've been reading a book called ''Nextville'', which deals with different places we might explore to live in, when we hit that ''Next'' stage of our lives. We both made a Vision Board (list) which is always in the back of my mind, and I have to say it's already helped planning for the future quite a bit. I think it's the idea of ''intention'', which helps move us to our goals. I've noticed that some of my long-term goals, like home organization, need to be accomplished in layers so I can anticipate when to arrive there! I have seen a slow and steady progression, once I defined what was most important to me, and am noticing several of these goals are already in the process of being realized. I didn't expect anything on my list would happen so soon!

Does anyone else do this, or used this method for planning ahead? Would you tell me about it?

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We had one when we were in the process of moving. At least I think it was the same thing. Then one after we moved here of what needs to be accomplished. We need to get back to that. I'm glad you mentioned this.

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When my husband and I were first married we read some books on real estate investing. One suggested that you write down your goals for six months hence, for one year, and for five years, and read them aloud daily. We did this and it helped. Some goals we didn't accomplish, some we changed with time, and with some we exceeded our original plans. Reading them aloud to each other made the goals seem more do-able and kept them in the front of our minds.

We kept these goal lists in one of those cheap magnetic photo albums we all used before archival quality became the thing. In the same book I added magazine pictures and photos that represented the kind of life we envisioned as ideal -- a second home, family around the holiday table, vacation destinations, dream kitchen, dream yacht. To represent good health, happiness and freedom, I cut out a full page picture of a young, smiling, vibrant couple running along a beach in their sexy bathing suits. I didn't want the work of accomplishing our dreams to feel too serious. I still have that book, and we still laugh when we look at that photo.

If nothing else, making a vision book or vision board will force you to reflect on what's important to you individually and as a family.

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No, I have never done that and maybe that is why I don't know where I am going. I have to look into doing something like that.

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I recently looked again at our separate and collective lists. What's interesting to me is according to several objectives my dh listed, some also came with a note that he ''oouldn't quite see it''. Some of those visual pictures are coming more clearly into focus, even though they aren't highly defined yet.

What I'm noticing is, even though we're not exactly There, stating our intention has started us moving in a more specific direction.

For instance, with good health as one of my goals, I focused my intention of that by starting to pack lunches from home which include good, healthy food. Since eating vegetables is one of the most important things that's sometimes hard for me to do, I started cleaning all my produce after I brought it home. The lettuce got soaked and spun in the salad spinner and put into a container. The peppers were cored, cut several ways for dishes I had in mind, along with celery, carrots and broccoli; the broccoli is parboiled for certain stir-fry dishes. With all my produce already cleaned, cut and ready to eat, I found I was eating and feeling better since it's not a struggle to decide anymore what I'm going to do with it. Yoga stretches are lowering my blood pressure, and doing simple things like bending and reaching are easier than they used to be. Our next car has come into focus, and even though we're not quite ready for it yet, it may just be small enough to fit into the garage and get much better mpg. A few months ago, we weren't even quite sure what it was going to be!

I think I want to ''schedule'' an update of this on my calendar every few months, just so I can see if I'm still on track with my goals, or even if they've morphed into something else. It's going to be interesting to look back on!

I'd like to hear some examples of how you've achieved some of your goals with this method, if you have any.

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I've never heard it called that, but sounds very much like my New Year's Resolutions (ie, goals). Every year I make them, I refer to them throughout the year, and then at the end of the year, I go back, rework them, and carry them through to the next.

Some of them are things we're working on now (getting healthy, short-term household projects, hobbies I'd like to explore), some are long-term goals (larger household projects, retirement and travel plans, etc). Basically a list of goals, and for some of them, steps to work on reaching those goals.

Is that about the same thing?

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I have a vision board. I bought a sheet of foam core board from Staples. Then I covered it with some printed wrapping tissue I like (just wrapped the front and taped it on the back. Since I don't have lots of magazines, I copied and pasted pictures, saying and items of things that I'd like to do, earn, have, be, places I'd like to go, etc onto printer paper like a collage. Then I glued the sheets on the board and filled in the blanks with some magazine cut outs. There is plenty of space to add more things. I keep it where I can see it off and on throughout the day. It's very cheerful & makes me happy to see it. It helps me stay focused. I fully expect these dreams to come true! A vision board should inspire you.

I've heard it's a good idea to put it out of sight when others who might laugh or ridicule it are around. Only supportive people should be allowed to see it.

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Funny that you brought this up. For the past few weeks, I have been getting information about this and had purchased posterboard to start my vision board.

I had read in a magazine a few years ago about a family that had gone bankrupt and were very down on their luck. The wife made a vision board and put it up where she would see it every day. A couple of years later, she came across the board which she had put into a closet at some point. She realized that her "wishes" had all come true. She and her husband now owned a very successful business, she went on that trip to a beach with her husband, etc.

This is the next thing to get done on my To Do list.

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My insurance man uses a similar vision-inspired "carrot". At the moment he has a nice picture of a speed boat taped up near his computer. He says it's his inspiration and frequently glances at it while he's at work on the computer or talking on the phone. I know that about a decade ago he was bankrupt and unemployed. Now he owns his own insurance agency and is doing very well.

My insurance man is a big fan of Tony Robbins. If he can't motivate you, no one can!

I have a small magazine image of Venice near my computer. It is my hearts desire to go there soon (within two years).

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I have one for our bedroom renovation. But its so old that my taste has changed, lol. (Contains pics of rooms that I like from magazines, and fabrics that I own and wall paper/paint samples, as well as pics of my actual furniture.

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You know, that's a good point! Tastes do change, and so do our ''visions''...

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You know there is something about writing out your dreams. I had a dream vacation in my head that I never expected to take. After I wrote my dream on paper, it occurred to me to see if I could at least plan the trip. Not only did I plan it, but also we took it and for far less money than I expected to pay. Now I have a scrapbook of a dream come true.

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A common scrapbook into which you glue images to inspire you, images that represent what you want, how you wish to transform yourself, etc.....
is an excellent and easy to use tool.

I had never heard of the vision board and I love the concept, the visual being always in your sight is a sure fire way to keep your motivation going

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I watched Oprah the other day (I am sure it was a show from a while back, here in Australia we are always at the late receiving end...), and they were talking about vision boards. It was truly amazing to listen to and sounded absolutely fantastic. It had to do with "The Secret" as well, and I decided there and then that I have to make one.

They were also talking about a book called "You can heal your life", which I think can be recommended to anybody here without a second thought.

Here is a link that might be useful: Vision Board on Oprah

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For those who have researched the Vision Board, is it recommended to put pictures up neatly or does it make no difference if they are put up haphazardly?

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I think the idea is to personalize your ''vision'', however you see fit. Most of those I've seen are more a type of collage, than anything else.

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