Cooktop/oven in a 'corner'?

slowdowntohurryupFebruary 16, 2012

We are a month or so from breaking ground and are thinking about redoing the design on our kitchen. currently have a corner pantry with the cooktop in an island in the center of the kitchen. we were thinking about taking out the corner pantry - changing up our food storage location and maybe putting the cooktop in the corner? we have seen numerous pics on the internet so it can be done - but does anyone have any experience with this set-up -- any regrets?

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Hi slowdowntohurryup,

I think this is one of those topics where you'll see a variety of opinions. We are currently remodeling our kitchen, and put the cooktop in the corner, on a 45 degree angle. The downside is that you lose some wall space because you have some wasted space back there in the corner, and you have to design the adjoining cabinets so the doors/drawers don't bump each other when they are opened.

We went with this design because our kitchen (which is open to the family room) has limited wall space. We really wanted bigger windows, we wanted to move the fridge off of the main window wall, and also decided we didn't want the sink or cooktop in the island. This was the way to make it all fit. I'm really happy with how it is turning out (cabinets are being installed now).

From a design standpoint, I think it also adds visual interest to the room. But it does take up more cabinet space this way. It is also a little tricky to get the cabinets(crown mouldings, etc...) to fit just right, so you need to be sure the contractor and cabinetmaker are able to make it work.

Will be interested to hear what you decide. Good Luck!


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How big is your kitchen? I really like the idea; I like being ensconced in the cooking zone. However, they take a lot of room along the walls. Figure on a minimum of 47" along the walls for a 30" range. If I were to do it, I insisted on having 5" on either side of the range before the 45 deg turn. This translated into 52" along the walls. I just didn't have the room for it.

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Sophie Wheeler

It takes up more room than placing it on a straight run, and that room is wasted because it's pie shaped and cannot be accessed, unlike a L shaped corner cabinet where you utilize all of the corner space. Unless you create a 45 degree wall behind the range, ventilation will require a more expensive island hood. It also turns cooking into a one person activity. There just isn't room for more than one person to stand in a corner. Taking things out of your oven becomes more difficult as you have to reach over the hot door rather than be along side the oven. If you need help with a heavy roast pan, there isn't really good room for a second person to help you.

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You will also need to factor in a custom hood or some fancy framing.. Are you doing upper cabinets on either side?

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see attached a pic or two of what we have now - were thinking about splitting the peninsula in order to have a walkway directly into the living room...which would take away some cabinets that we are already a little short on. we are just now exploring this idea.

thanks for the thoughts.

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Sophie Wheeler

Move the wall ovens next to the fridge and center the cooktop on the wall where they were. Shift the prep sink to the right instead of the left, and you've got a nice wide stretch of prep space between the two facing the seating area. If you've got access to the plumbing from below, add another prep sink to the island for a great secondary prep spot. I would NOT get rid of the pantry, it's too useful.

If you want to make the space more accessible to the family room, then move the fridge to the end of the cabinet run by the sink and shift the sink over to the right to compensate. That will keep all of the snackers out of your way and would leave the wall oven with a nice stretch of counter next to it for a dedicated baking area.

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I initially considered a corner range until I read a Kelly's Kitchen Sync blog post. However, I have a smaller kitchen than you so maybe you can afford to do it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kelly's Kitchen Sync corner range

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We have a corner range with no uppers on either side (no uppers at all, actually) and we like it a lot. Our range hood is a 1968 Broan Rangemaster island hood, purchased on CL for $100, so there is no need for a custom hood with a corner range. Our contractor had to fiddle a little, but he did a great job.

I can't argue that it takes up more room, but it just seemed to be what the room needed, so we went with it. There are large windows to the left, and we both like that a lot, having a view when you are cooking is nice.

Good luck-


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Hi Again,

I'm not an expert at tweaking other people's layouts, so I can't help you much there. I'm not sure if you are still thinking about a corner range, or if other options are better for your situation.

I read the link posted by laurajane02 about the corner ranges, and I think "Kelly' Kitchen" is on target with the issues to think about.

I don't see how you would do a corner range without building an angled wall behind it - you couldn't really have an empty triangular space back there. The contractor needs to run a gas line and electrical outlets,the base cabinets need something to attach to; and you need a structure behind the backsplash. So, you can use whatever kind of regular wall mounted hood you want.

We don't have a range - just a cooktop in the corner, but I can see the issue of the oven door would be something to consider.

Our cabinetmaker spent some time making a mock-up of that corner layout, to be sure the hood (which is wider than the range) would not be in the way of the upper cabinet doors. Also, if you are getting a pro-style gas cooktop, there are clearances from the burners to combustibles you'll want to account for.

I notice that your plans show 5' of wall space for your corner pantry on one wall and 4'8" on the other. I just measured mine, and it takes up about 4' of wall space on each side of the corner on the base cabinet runs. We have a 36" wolf rangetop going in the space. The hood is 42", and built into a wood mantle - the mantle (which is not yet installed) is exactly 5' wide - but will take up more room when the crown moulding is added. So the corner cooktop/range takes a bigger bite out of the upper cabinets than the lowers.

I guess the other question is whether or not you have another place for a pantry. That would be a hard thing to lose...

Hope that helps! Good Luck!

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I have wall ovens in a corner cabinet and I love the arrangement. It doesn't waste as much space as some corner arrangements because my cabinets on each side are angled so the ovens could be recessed a bit into the corner. I have landing spaces on each side of the oven. I also love the cabinet above the ovens as well as the drawer below it. You can see a corner of my cooktop in the picture below so you can see it not too far away but it is far enough so that someone at the cooktop is not in the way when someone else opens the oven. Perhaps something like this would work for you.

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I meant to also post a picture of the inside of one of the lower angled cabinets next to my corner ovens so that you can see that they are useful spaces.

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Here's a link to mine with much discussion about the corner cooktop.

Here is a link that might be useful: Vsalz kitchen

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First, there's a difference b/w a corner cooktop and a corner range. Both will take approx 48" on each wall, but the cooktop will be much easier to install b/c it will be in a cabinet that will be designed for a corner application and the cooktop will fit right into it.

In both cases, venting does not have to be difficult. The easiest thing to do is to install a diagonal wall behind the cooktop. This way, venting isn't very different than venting on a straight run.

However, if you can come up with a design that doesn't involve a corner cooktop, you will save yourself quite a bit of workspace.

I like HollySprings' idea. In that 78", you would have:

24" + 30" + 24"

If you keep the shape as-is, would probably do that whole left wall/peninsula as:

24" cabinet + 30" cooktop + 24" cabinet -- round the corner -- 18" trash pullout + 24" sink base + 27" cabinet -- round the corner -- 15" cabinet + 24" beverage refrigerator

At least this way the island doesn't get in the way of the prep & cooking like it does in the island cooktop; which, btw, is poorly designed b/c there is very little workspace on either side. What are the people who design these things thinking? Obviously not about cooking... You should have at least 24" on each side of the cooktop - ideally, at least 24" on one side and 36" on the other side for prepping (not counting a prep sink).

Here is one of the classic GW Kitchen's...SharB's kitchen. It's a gorgeous kitchen and she has a corner range. But, keep in mind she also has a large kitchen. Your kitchen isn't small, but it's not quite as big as SharB's.

Are you willing to completely re-design the kitchen?

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OT to sandyponder, love your kitchen as always! Is that a Sabra Fields to the right of your range? Just made me realize mine is still packed up and really needs to be out!

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Forgot to post a link to SharB's kitchen!

Here is a link that might be useful: SharB's Finished Kitchen

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Good eye, it is indeed a Sabra Field, it's of a field and barn at Shelburne Farms. I'm from Vermont, where she's practically royalty, and am lucky to have a couple of them, although my other ones are packed away like yours. And thank you for the compliment on my kitchen, it's going to get (re-re)painted this spring, right now it's a sea of paint chips as I attempt to channel the next color.

Regarding the corner range, I know for some people maximizing every square inch of counter space and storage is a priority, for us it wasn't, we don't have multiple sets of dishes or lots of decorative items to store in cabs (I'm a "layerer", so most of my decorative stuff is out and on display). For us the corner range happened serendipitously, I found 2 pieces of purple and green Vermont slate cut to fit on either side of a corner range at a local tile place changing out a corner range display, and since I am a sucker for a bargain, I snapped them up ($20 each), and the corner range deal was sealed. It's all about knowing what you like and what your priorities are.


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sandyponder, I think I know that field! Lots of nice memories traipsing over those grounds and looking at the chickens and baby goats in the barn :-)

lee676, Spock could have cooked up a mean omelette on that cooktop, very cool!

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thanks for the input (was away from the cpu for the weekend) --- we reviewed the whole house plans and to answer a previous post - are willing to revise the entire kitchen. decided to keep the pantry as is and are thinking about moving the main sink and placing the cooktop on that wall - (the view from that window is not that great and we have plenty of windows through the eating areas). did not consider placing on the 78" wall though...we are contemplating splitting the peninsula in order to have a walkway into the living room


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I'm putting a cooktop in a corner, an outside corner with windows above the cooktop. We are placeing a donwdraft vet behind the cooktop, venting to to the back and out the wall, using the dead space behind the cooktop. My question is, can we use a 42" corner sink base for the cooktop. I am using granite counters and can't imagine a cooktop weight more than a sink filled with water. the extra space under will give me room to bring up electrical and gas and work around the downdraft vent. I can always put in more suppoers if needed I guess.

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How big is your cooktop? I believe that if it is 30", the real minimum cabinet size would be about 47" along the walls. In other words, I don't think a 42" sink base can fit a 30" cooktop. (I am calculating assuming the distance along one wall must be 25.5" + 30"/sqrt(2).)

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Having a corner rangetop was one of my wishes because of the visual interest. I was talked out of it by my designer who said we'd:
1. Lose space (others have mentioned it)
2. Have difficulties if two cooks wanted to use the rangetop at the same time. We frequently are cooking separate things and being able for both of us to get at the cooktop made the corner range idea non-workable.

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Have difficulties if two cooks wanted to use the rangetop at the same time. We frequently are cooking separate things and being able for both of us to get at the cooktop made the corner range idea non-workable.

Exactly, gardyloo! In my post upthread on Feb. 16, I commented that I insisted (if doing a corner range) on having 5" on either side of the 30" range before the 45 deg. corner. I didn't explain why. This is so that two cooks could access the range at the same time. This would create a cooking space 40" wide, and we found that was the minimum acceptable width for a 2-butt kitchen. But, as noted, that turns into taking up 52" along the walls. Sigh.

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I joined this website just to tell you HOW MUCH I LOVE YOUR COOKTOP IN THE CORNER!!!! I want to put my cooktop in one corner and double wall ovens on the opposite corner....sigh - good good job....kudos!! xo

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