how to remove remaining residue from behind removed paneling

nana8September 10, 2011

Just started one of the many projects to this house built in 1910. Tore out the dropped ceiling and removed old paneling , but we are having a hard time removing the residue from the drywall without gouging it out. Is this even possible? Will a heat gun help? Or is this just a lost cause, and needing to be scim coated? This is only our first project in this house and can use any help we can get.

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If it's black, then it's cutback adhesive which is asphalt based and contains asbestos. It's best to just place 1/4" drywall over it and encapsulate it in place. Or you can remove the drywall completely and replace it, but that's more the job of a professional as you don't want to introduce any asbestos into the air.

If it's not black, then just rip the drywall down and replace it. Fixing lots of gouges is too labor intensive compared to the relatively cheap cost of drywall.

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live wire oak, Thanks for the great sugestion. Yes, the adhesive was black, so the adventure will continue.

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