closed on our ugly house!

blackcats13August 5, 2008

We're so excited! We closed yesterday on our 1920-something dutch colonial sorta house and they even left some decent furniture - including a china cabinet!! And today we agreed to buy 3 old 2 panel doors from an apt building owner for a good price! There were some great french doors as well, but there's nowhere we can use those :( These will go upstairs where we are going to reconfigure just a bit so we'll have 3 bedrooms up there. Almost all the doors in the house are crappy crappy. And... well, there's sooo much more to do as well! So I'll be around a lot more! I can't wait to get started!

Here is a link that might be useful: front of house

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It looks quite liveable the way it is, so you can take your time doing the things that you want to do without having to feel rushed. It's very satisfying to watch your house slowly become yours.

When you decide to do the kitchen, don't hesitate to ask the folks in the kitchen forum for help and support. The participants over there are very nice and very VERY helpful, whether you're doing a $100,000 remodel or a $1000 redecoration.

Have fun and keep us updated!


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I think it's neat, cute and dainty.

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That is sweet and it looks CLEAN!


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I was thinking, yeah, it is in move in shape, except it's SOOO not clean!! Except for the carpet, which is new-ish and recently cleaned, THANK GODS!! I'm getting quotes to have it cleaned because I am currently physically unable to do it myself :(

It DOES have lots of pluses, and I'm pretty sure we will love it once we get it painted inside and out and update the bathroom and kitchen. Sadly the kitchen is last on the list. DH has a plan to make the very worn counter tops look cool and I've researched how to paint the laminate covered walls. Still debating what to do about the cabinets. Don't want to paint them, but they are soo dark. When we get to the real remodel I will definitely be on the kitchen forum. I love looking at all the pics there!

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My money says that's a clawfoot tub that's enclosed in the upstairs bathroom. Could be great in a renovated bath.

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Nice house, Blackcats13!

If I were you, I'd try to find a old photo of the house. Aluminum siding obscures so much, and it looks like whoever installed the siding altered the front porch windows. A lot.

My guess is that your house was a sweet, handsome cottage when it was first built. And some of that pretty stuff might still be there, underneath the siding.

One look at a photo of it as originally built might solve a lot of mysteries and point you in a direction for your improvements.


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Cute! I bet you have nice plaster walls under that paneling, which can be brightened up with a coat a paint. I would probably paint the cupboards, but then I love white kitchens in old houses. There is a big advantage to waiting to fix/remodel things - it allows you to get a better sense of the house, how your are going to live in it and what you really need to change. Don't rush the process and enjoy your house.

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Thanks! Strange, when we were looking at brick bungalows I was all over the history angle, but not with this one. I will look for old pics and records. We do know they enclosed the front porch because there are many houses on the block just like it but with the porch; oh how I would've loved to have that porch! Maybe we'll add one...

And Diane, we are going to remove the paneling ... one day. Until then, we must paint it, and yes the cabinets as well since cleaning them ended up stripping them! And it's all delayed due to bad back and tight finances - slow and steady will be the operation on this one!

Oh yeah, and we did discover a clawfoot tub upstairs and dark hardwood under the carpet =D

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