Book Recommendation: 'Clutter's Last Stand'

marylizSeptember 7, 2009

I just checked this one out from the library. "Clutter's Last Stand," by Don Aslett. It runs along the lines of FlyLady, with advice on decluttering, including a lot of ideas for determining whether to keep something or give it away. (Everybody's answers are going to be different. One person's junk is another's useful item.)

I think most people know how to get something out the door and into the hands of a charity or thrift shop. What stops them is that they have a hard time deciding whether to let the stuff go. Maybe this book will help make the decisions easier.

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What a cute title for a book about cluttering Thanks Mary, I'll check it out. Sounds like a book one of my sister's could use. She's not a hoarder, but does have a difficult time letting go of sentimental things that have absolutely no function or redeeming qualities. LOL I told her Katrina flooding her home was the best thing to happen to her. She laughs and somewhat agrees. It cleaned out all that useless "sentimental" stuff she was holding on to that was just cluttering up her closets and cabinets.

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I've read lots of Don Aslett's books. All have the same basic idea. But they're very inspiring. Every time I read one of his books, I get inspired to declutter and clean-clean-clean.

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Brutuses, I remember one September day several years ago when it rained 10 inches and my basement flooded. I hurriedly dragged everything out of the house, and later to the garbage. It was the best thing that could have happened. I went to work two hours late and I was exhausted from going up and down the basement stairs. But I got the whole arera cleaned out that morning. and no regrets-whatever was down there got water-logged and couldn't be saved!

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In talking about flooding, it reminds me of my motto when it comes to decluttering and getting rid of things. I think to myself, if I wouldn't mind losing it in a flood, then I don't need it. LOL

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Don Aslett is the grandfather of decluttering and simplifying, and "Clutter's Last Stand" was one of his early books that inspired me more than 20 years ago.

I remember trying to explain the concepts to other people and they would look at me as though I had two heads. To this day, I don't "decorate" the floor. Those cute free-standing toilet paper holders? You will never see one in my house - cleaning around things standing on the floor takes longer.

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I hate things on the floor. All I want on the floor is the bottom or legs of my furniture. Even dog beds on the floor makes me a bit crazy. I plan on having DH build some raised ones for the new house.

When I clean the floor I don't want to go around anything or have to move anything. Bad enough I feel compelled to pull out all the furniture everytime I clean the floor.

I'm planning the design of my new closets so the bottom of the shelves, drawers, etc., sit up off the floor so cleaning is a snap.

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