1925 kitchen remodel. HELP

frederjjAugust 25, 2014

Hi everyone, I also posted this in the kitchen forum, but thought due to the age of the house and goals, it might be good to post it here also.

We are at the crossroads with our new kitchen remodel. Some background: The house is a 1925 american foursquare near Tampa, FL. It unfortunately had some of the original features "updated" through-out the years, but still has many nice and charming characteristics. I've included a few pictures of the house, they were actually from the listing when we bought, so not our furniture... but you can get an idea of the feeling.

The kitchen is an L shaped galley that enters from the dinning room and connects to the back door/deck. As you can see from the pictures, this is also where the washer and dryer are located. The plan is to essentially create a loosely defined "mud room" area between the back door and kitchen. The range is on an interior wall opposite to the fireplace. The awkward bump out is actually part of the stairs leading to the second story.

We are looking to update the kitchen with a higher quality and nicer looking option than what is currently there. We would also like to return some of the more original feel to the house while updating it. I LOVE to cook...

Cabinets are going to be custom inset w/shaker style doors. Painted one color for the lowers another for the uppers. Marble counters for the main section. Wood butcher block for the prep area opposite from the range. The main problem is the layout on the range wall. The duct work for the range needs to go up, turn towards the stairs, down the stairs, toward the sink wall and out. No other options for running it out. The original idea was to do a full bank of cabinets on that wall with a facade of cabinet doors covering the duct. Recently the dilemma on where to put to microwave (it will technically fit with the wall of cabinets, but will lose all symmetry) has brought to light another idea. Open shelving (matching the butcher block top of the prep area) with the duct exposed. I personally like the idea, as the open shelving helps to open up the kitchen, and the exposed duct is reminiscent to the stove pipes, old wood burning stoves would have.

However, we are more than likely not going to be liviing in the house for the next 10-15 years and worry about it affecting resale. I know that typically the exposed duct is a more industrial/loft idea and dont want it to seem like we were trying too hard or turn people off.

What is everyones opinion??? Wall of cabinets and just put the microwave in the corner of the counter? open shelving with raw metal duct? open shelving with painted duct? Or something i'm missing. Please reply and let me know!!!


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Using a rectangular metal vent will save some space and an exterior mounted blower motor will assist in preventing a grease trap where it changes from angled to horizontal.

The fireplace really stands out.

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Love the sunporch!

If it were me, I'd leave the duct work enclosed. What about a sink on the 'blue table' across from the new range?

If that's possible, I'd turn that awkward corner into an appliance garage and just lose that little bit of counter top. Normally not a good idea, since that's great prep space, but I'd rather prep on the new table.

I hope you get to stay in the house! It's beautiful :)

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Why would switching the fridge and range be such a big deal?

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