Bathroom reno and smell - Can we get rid of it

kimmiebAugust 5, 2010

We are in the process of gutting our guest bathroom in a 1950s ranch. When we started the demo i. e. taking the tile off the walls and the wallboard, there is a really strong "old" smell. 3/4 of our house is from 1953. Is there a way to eliminate that smell that seems to be coming from inside the walls. You know that grandma's house musty smell. Just looking for suggestions.

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Use zinnser BIN primer sealer. If you Google you can read reports that it covers even cat odor ! I have had friends that used it and they say it is great. Also I saw a reference on GW to a thread that said be sure and use ammonia to wash the wood 1st , if you are going to wash it. Also clean up for BIN is ammonia...use GOOD ventilation with these products ! c

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Make sure there is no water damage or rotting wood. We once bought a house that had a bathroom with a certain *smell*. Once we started gutting it, we realized that the PO tiled right over the rot around the toilet.
And, now we're in a house where we just redid the kitchen. But prior to re-doing it, I kept telling my husband that I couldn't stand the smell of the tap water. He kept saying *what smell?* Long story short, the old cast iron plumbing was so filled with yucky stuff, that it made the kitchen smell. Replaced pipes, no more smell.
So, before you do any finish work, investigate behind the walls.

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