american foursquare styles

eugliaAugust 27, 2005

I am a bit confused about my new house. It seems to have basically an american foursquare layout but the top is assymetrical and there are bay windows. It also has a wrap around porch on one side. Is this just another style of an american foursquare, or is there such a thing as folk victorian foursquare, or four square with queen anne detailing? It was built in 1910. I can't seem to find any pics on the web of a house that is just the same. I would really like to pin point this style more..

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A Foursquare house is a name given to a house that's basically box shaped, with a front porch and usually a hip roof. It's generally rather plain in style, but they were built with other architectural details as well, which varied according to the whims of their builders.
Here are a couple of websites that may clear things a bit.

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Here is our 4 square. Caught the tail end of the Victorian Era so it has a few Victorian elements inside such as the spandrals. There are 11 stained glass windows, a pair of leaded glass doors & 2 leaded glass transoms.
The history of it is that it was built by a friend of the original owners and therefore got loaded up on 'extras'.

Here is a link that might be useful: Our Four Square 1908

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Ttodd, that is an absolutely beautiful foursquare. I love all that leaded glass and the arched window on the side.
Mine has a similar layout on the inside and is also brick. What throws me off is mine doesn't have the hipped roof and the attic windows are to the right side of the house. There are also very large bay windows on one side (dining room, and master br) I am assuming someone took the fourquare idea and combined it with more victorian elements, unless there is another name for this that I am unaware of. Maybe just arts and crafts? Hopefully I can learn some more history on the house to help me..

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Please post a photo of your new house. It's quite easy, and if you don't have a digital camera, most drugstores have kiosks that will scan your photo to a CD or disk so you can share with us. We'd love to see and discuss it with you.

Not all foursqures have hipped roofs.

BTW, it's a recent term, coined I think by the McAllisters, amateur architectural historians, who did a style guide rife with errors 20 or so years ago. But it's caught on and is a useful term.

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Our home fits all the listed criteria for being a foursquare other than being perfectly square. It's a rectangle. Would it still be considered a foursquare? If not, what style would that make it? I've looked and I can't find anything else that fits.

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