Honey, I shrunk the emergency supplies

pink_overallsSeptember 10, 2008

It's hurricane season where I live, and time to check emergency supplies. I had never used Space Bags, but when I realized how much closet space our supplies were taking, I decided to get some. It seems to me shrinking blankets, towels and clothing stashed for emergencies is one of the best uses for these bags. It's made a big difference, and even though I have read pro and con about these bags, right now I'm pleased.

I know we've had plenty of postings about emergency prep, but I wondered if anyone has other tips for storing these supplies.

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What a great idea! I've always thought I should have "emergency supplies" stashed somewhere, but never have, and alot of that is due to the space a tub would take up (don't want to give it room). Being "landlocked" as we are, it's never really seemed important, but I know things happen when we're least ready for them...

I'm always wondering where I'd "stash the stash" though. Seems like I'd need several, in different places, depending on which emergency came up (I've just been updating our county disaster/emergency web site, so it's on my mind at the moment). In the car, in the basement, on the main level...it's sort of overwhelming.

In any case, all that to say that with your suggestion, it would be easier to have a disaster kit in several different places, because it wouldn't take up so much room. I may have to get on it now, and make it a priority to establish at least one this year...

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Hey, I just got a fantastic idea! Recently, my mom gave me a small suitcase that belonged to my grandma. Since it is so small and cute, I decided to keep it until I could figure out a use for it. How about I make that our emergency kit? It's about the size of a bread box. It has a handle. It is strong and relatively waterproof. (It's a Samsonite.) I can fit a lot of useful stuff in there. Bandages and flashlights and such.

I can pack a duffel bag with blankets and towels.

For years, I have had it somewhere on a to-do list to make "stuff bags" for our sleeping bags, so that we can stuff 'em in and take 'em along more easily. (It is best not to store the sleeping bags in there long term, though.)

I could put the cookware for camping into a plastic box, and tape a list to the top of the box to remind us to grab the small propane grill and some other stuff as we evacuate.

Not that I expect to evacuate much in Michigan, but, who knows? Someday, the preparations might be useful.

Thanks for getting my little brain started thinking about this stuff...

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One thing I did after beginning to think about emergencies was to make a list of things I would need to grab, stored at the nearest point of entry to my garage. I have several systems ''in place'', yet they are scattered throughout my home as well.

On my ''List'' are three columns, the columns corresponding with how much time I have ''in case of emergency''. The longest time needed to gather a few sentimental items probably would require 30 minutes; the shortest column requires 10 minutes to gather items. The list includes where the items are located in my home, so if I'm worried about evacuating, I don't have to think! (The List Is My Brain, should I be worried or scared completely out of it.) It has given me some peace of mind.

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Claire de luna, your idea of making lists of what to grab depending on how much time is available is ingenious. I have always known that there are certain things I would want to take if there were an evacuation order, but some are in use, and therefore residing in different places. I'll follow your example of prioritizing and listing locations.

I am using plastic milk crates to store things in an office closet. Food in one, paper products in another, candles, batteries, etc in another. The crates stack well and they look reassuring in a warehouse kind of way. We also keep a Go-bag with overnight essentials and paperwork for a hasty exit.

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Regarding the Small bag, hope it is a small emergency!

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