Room Seven Done!

downeastwavesAugust 1, 2008


The Mexican Prison is no longer--it is now a laundry room!

Come take a peek!


Eastport, Maine

Here is a link that might be useful: Laundry Room

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Looked at your site - what a lot of work!!! Looks like it must be very satisfying to see it come together.

Why is this room called the mexican prison?

What is the story behind this house? How long was it empty before you got it? Who were the last people to live here? How long was it empty?

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Our neighbor nick named the room that. It was a scary room with cracked plaster and a red light bulb hanging from the ceiling. It may have been maids quarters or may be where they kept a cooky aunt! The floor was well worn, it had a nice closet with a cute hinged door.

We've researched the deed back to 1811 that is all the time we've had so far. As we understand it the house was lived in by the son of one of the first folks to settle the island. He was a sea captain as his dad and all his brothers (there are several nice homes on this street that belonged to them) and made trips back and forth to Boston for 30 years. The property was combined with the piece of land where the barn is and by that time the property was owned by a different family.

It was occupied for 17 years by a guy who smoked 4 packs of unfiltered pal mall smokes EVERY DAY! He lived here right up until we bought it. We've owned it for a little over a year and have been doing work on it every since then.

The smell is gone! Just about every surface has been redone with primer and paint or replaced plaster with sheet rock as in the kitchen and laundry room. We tried hard to save all the plaster which was in great--rock hard shape. We expected them to put the bead board over the plaster in the laundry room and after they started taking it down they wished they had left it. It was super hard and took a whole lot of work to get it off. The floors will have to wait until next year.

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Someone was living there up until you bought it?? it looked totally run down and abandoned!!! Guess he wasn't too picky!

I have always had a thing for wanting to get inside old, falling down buildings, see what they are like, wonder if they could be fixed up. I feel like your site is vicariously filling this need in me. :-)

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You've heard the saying "this house has good bones" well that is true with this one. It had a few broken bones but for the most part it was solid.

The windows are very large and work with just one finger! All the windows upstairs work and about half of the downstairs ones--the rest are puddy'd shut.

Enjoy the site! Take a nice relaxing bath and think of my bones!


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