The *New* Travel Rules Have Decimated My Organization

holly_bcSeptember 25, 2006

I always found preparing for travel such a pain with list after list of *stuff* to take. As a result, I bought small sizes of everything I use daily plus general meds/bug bite stuff/first aid yadda yadda. I have all of this stuff in one carry on bag where I also carry my tickets, current novel, jewelry & like that. I take it on the aircraft with me so I know nothing will be broken or stolen. Totally organized - could get up and go in a heart beat. Total Joy!

Now some bonehead has come up with all these *new rules* and totally destroyed my organizational miracle! Do you travel and if so, how are you handling/adjusting to these new rules? I'd love to hear your solutions as this is adding to my already considerable stress.


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As annoying as the new rules are, it doesn't sound like you'd have too much trouble adapting. You can just break out the stuff you can carry on and the stuff you can't into 2 separate bags you store together. The "can't" gets checked.

You do have to go wait for checked bags then, and risk its loss. Annoying. But it shouldn't mess up your organization too much - you're mostly there!

(I'd also make a list of what's in it & keep it in your carryon, so you can easily repurchase if it gets lost.)

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We live in Alaska, so if we want to go anywhere in less than two weeks, we have to fly. The rules changed while my mom and cousin were here. I just took everything she would have carried in her purse, like lipstick, and put it in a large ziplock bag and tucked it in the luggage.

This will affect the DH more, since he doesn't like to check his luggage. The biggest change in his organizational needs will be to allow for more time to collect the luggage as well as have a back up for if it gets lost. So for his next trip, we will have to give him a wash and wear outfit for carry-on in case the suitcase with his suits disappears. He can't just go and buy something off the rack. He can always replace the grooming stuff.

My bigger concern is that we have a min. of a three hour flight to get to the lower 48. Frequently it is between 5-6 hours, depening upon our first lay-over. Since we can no longer bring water, I think we have a greater chance of getting sick. Being well hydrated keeps us flushing those bugs away and unless the flight attendents can make more rounds (which is hard to do with 250 people on a plane), then I think we should be allowed to buy water and stuff after the security points and before we get on the plane.


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Today Sept 25 the TSA announced "new rules". You can bring liquids and gels in carry-on bags, as long as they were purchased at the airport in "secure" shops. They must be in see-thru bags. So go to the airport, check in, go thru security, THEN buy that can of Coke and chapstick. I never had a problem, because I always put my toiletries in my checked bags. I did, however, always bring any prescription medicines in my carry-on. And females have an advantage-you can bring a purse AND a carry-on bag. The way I see it, that's two bags.

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I heard that the rules allow a clear plastic bag with liquids in containers under 3 ounces.

New new rules take effect tomorrow and I'm sure there will be confusion.

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And females have an advantage-you can bring a purse AND a carry-on bag. The way I see it, that's two bags.

but guys can bring a backpack and a carry-on bag; in fact, maybe they have an advantage, bcs they're not already planning their purse as a carry-on.

I was grousing like Holly last month when we went on a trip, all of us. We didn't want to check bags, and the kids had to bu shampoo when they got to their destination.

Thank goodness for the new "new rules."

I think I'm going to buy stock in Zip-loc.

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I have a relative who is employed in airline security. The baggy requirement was hopefully a resolution to speed up the security process. Most travelers either didn't hear, check out requirements for flying or turned a deaf ear to the rules....and still don't. Long waits are due to these people rather than those of you who go to the trouble to follow all. The baggy means they only have to test one item rather than go through a dozen in a carry-on.

As with most in life, rules are for those who follow them. It's the ones who don't that make the rules so difficult. I think the gov. is trying really hard to deal with this in the best way to make it easier for us in what has become such a volatile environment.

None of this makes it any easier to travel. But I want to share that my relative has as much angst as you do in processing all the rules. The job is highly stressful and requires a great deal of interaction with many who would rather ignore and just argue the point.

He told me one day that his workday consists of knowing at every moment if he didn't do his job to the limits there could be the possibilty of missing one small thing that would affect the safety of passengers. He takes this as a personal responsibility for each one the strangers who passes by/through.

Also, one of the things that he sees is how frightened the young children are when flying. He makes an effort to ease this in what little contact is available.

It is good to know that there are people like you who are so accommodating to get through the pains of travel. Believe me, you are the ones he thanks every day.

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Also, one of the things that he sees is how frightened the young children are when flying. He makes an effort to ease this in what little contact is available.

I think I ran into your relative three times in the Minneapolis airport recently, when flying home with my kids.

I figure I *owe* it to folks like your relative to follow those rules as completely as i can, so he's got more energy to deal with the bozos who won't, and the clueless who don't.

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I just returned from a business trip -- my first since the rules recently changed for liquids in carry-ons. I hate to check bags - I need to have it be there when I get there! -- but I had no difficulty. It's amazing how many little containers one can fit into a quart-size ziploc bag! (That's the size indicated on the TSA website.) The TSA agents seemed really appreciative of the fact that I had followed the rules, and I got through security with no problem. I just had to remember that mascara is a liquid! You can get 2 ounce clear plastic bottles at any travel store, and 2 ounces is a lot more than you think it is. I had enough hair products, lotions, etc for a trip of a week or more. You are allowed 3 ounces, but 2 was plenty, and allowed for more variety of things.

Here is a link that might be useful: Transportation Security Administration Website

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I was recently discussing travel with people at work and someone asked the group "Is convenience a necessity or a luxury when traveling? We got into a big and kind of heated discussion about this. Is there a right answer as it applies to the OP?

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Kec....Those 3 words "convenience/necessity/luxury" would definitely cause a long discussion. As individuals I think each word can be deciphered differently. My answer for an OP would be to make a list/plan that fits with the relative word. Take with you what isn't easily purchased and buy the items thar are easily replaced after destination. Then again...the list would be far different for each person relative to the "word". Actually I'm of no help on this one and could have easily prolonged this interesting discussion.

Talley...hope your experience was a positive one and thanks for sharing. The whole security scene can be frightening to children....uniforms, invading personal space, hearing conversations while waiting in long lines. He just sees the look a child has when this happens and either softens the experience personally with a few words or flags someone else nearby to do so.

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I thought it might be interesting to resurrect this thread in light of the travel rules as they are now and the fact that for most airlines you PAY through the nose to bring ANY checked bags.
What is everyone doing now with regard to travel?

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Flying Southwest...who doesn't charge for bags.

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Usually, my husband and I only fly once per year, for our ski trip out west. We bring our own equipment, which means that we have to bring along a long, heavy hard-shell case which holds our skis and poles. Yes, we could arrive without them and rent skis and poles, but it was very difficult for hubby to find a pair of skis that match the way he likes to ski. (He has been skiing for decades.) Oh, and they only made them for two model years, so the rental shops won't have them.

I might be happy with whatever the ski rental shop recommends, but I also found it difficult to find a pair of skis that would let me ski the way I like. I make tiny, precise carved turns.

We always keep our ski boots with us. After all the time and money invested in getting them the way we like, it would be awful to loose them. We use the rolling suitcases that fit under the seat, which can also fit at least one change of ski clothing, just in case our luggage is delayed or lost.

Fortunately, Frontier Airlines, the airline that we are likely to use each year for our ski trip, still allows us to check one bag each. So one bag would be our ski case, and the other the suitcase carrying the rest of our clothes.

We each get to bring a "personal item." My hubby carries a small backpack with our lunch and 2-ounce toiletries (+ my contact lenses, which I cannot ski without) and my personal item is my hand sewing project.

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I just checked the website. Frontier is charging $15 for the first checked bag with each ticket. That's a drop in the bucket, but I'll keep Southwest in mind.

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I did get bummed out because I had finally found a travel toiletry organizer that really worked for me for all trips,just about 8" x 6" and very compact, and placed all my little travel items it in--liquids in tiny bottles, sewing kit, the works--and everything had a place. In the hotel I could keep it all organized. It was easy to see when something needed to be refilled or replaced and I just kept it at the ready.

Then with the new rules I had to put all the bottles in the zip bag. I was a good citizen and left out stuff that did not fit in the "one quart bag". It didn't seem to make sense to pack the travel case and then re-insert everything, so then I deal with a jumble of bottles in the bag on the sink counter.

I could say that it does force you to simplify your toiletries, it had actually seemed simpler to me to keep on hand the products I knew worked and I had figured out how to take the tiniest amount possible.

But then when I travel by car, I do use my travel bag system so I keep switching back to air vs. car routine.

Maybe I should be a less good citizen and just put my toiletry case in the check bin and play dumb about the quart zip bag.

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IME, the charges for checked bags are not that high, so we still check bags. Honestly, it gets annoying when people are squashing all the stuff they are carrying on, instead of checking into the overhead compartments.

As far as the gels/liquids thing, you can carry on whatever fits into a clear, one quart plastic bag. I just take things like lip balms, hand creams & Purell in my carryon. The rest of my cosmetic bag goes into my checked bag. NBD.

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This past weekend I made a short visit to my Mom in Buffalo. Had only my purse and carry on bag. I was afraid to bring toothpaste, chapstick, etc. So I put only my clothes and camera and medications in my carry-on. When I arrived, I drove straight to a chain drug store and bought "supplies". When I was returning, I grabbed my beauty supplies , stuffed them in a bag and took them to a shipping store and mailed them to my home. A lot of extra work, and some money, but I literally breezed thru all the lines at the airport. And I had a great visit with my Mom!!!

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