What do you think of this house?

morningstarletAugust 19, 2009

I'm going to look at this tomorrow.


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I love wrap-around porches! From what I can see, however, there's not much of the original 1910 house remaining.

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That's a beauty! It looks like it might have heart pine floors. I'll bet there's wood under all the carpet in the bedrooms too.

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I think it is a pretty, homey house that most people would enjoy. I don't know that it lacks orignal details, but if it does, it still looks so much nicer than most newer homes.

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I think a lot of the older influence is still there. Built-in shelving, the staircase. It's a pretty old house.

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I think I need to move to Virginia and buy it!

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so morningstarlet, did you go see the house? I took another look at the pictures, and I love this house. The curve on the corner of the wrap porch is fabulous, I love the almost full-height windows in most of the rooms...I'll bet they're original, yes? The kitchen could use a face-lift, but looks very serviceable for as long as you want/need it to be. So did you see it??

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