bathtub facelift to update color

steveshislerAugust 6, 2010

We bought a 1923 bungalow with a brown bath tub. The tub is in great shape but is an ugly color.

Asking anyone who has had their tub professionally reglazed for feedback on the job. It looks like for $400 or so I could get the tub sprayed by a pro to update to a new color, such as white.

I am also curious if anyone has had a texture put down on the bottom as this tub is rather slippery, one company offers this for a nominal $20 charge.


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We had a bathtub reglazed in our riverfront home. It cost about $350 then, and it was really beautiful.

That was done in 2005, in July. In August, Hurricane Katrina destroyed the house. So I cannot tell you how well it would have lasted.

At the time, I much preferred the option of reglazing to either replacing the tub with a new one, or with having a shell installed over it. I think that would be called a "Rebath" option.

The way I looked at it, if the reglazing failed after a few years, I could still replace the tub in the future. And have a few more years service with the old original tub.

If the tub is freestanding, it might be taken out and have a new baked on finish applied.

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