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ravencajun Zone 8b TXFebruary 4, 2013

We talked about posting our likes and dislikes.
Well I just discovered Thomas Corn Bagels. I love bagels so when I saw these I had to buy them, I had never seen them before so I don't know if they are new or just new to me and where I shop. I love them, they use sweet corn and are very soft and fresh. Almost like a corn muffin.
I had one with smoked gouda, boars head corned beef and pastrami, dijon mustard, it was terrific.

So I am giving the Thomas corn bagels a 2 thumbs up.

Here is a link that might be useful: corn bagels

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we love cornbread so those look tempting! wonder if sams or costco will carry them??

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I love this. Of course, you can use it in pina coladas or other tropical drinks, but I like a squeeze of it in a tropical fruit salad I make, and those little 3-2-1 is really good when I squeeze a little of this on top. It is Cream of Coconut in a squeeze bottle...on the shelf at the grocery store with the mixers for drinks.

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I will have to look for those corn bagel's. We love the Thomas's Corn English Muffins they are delicious. DON'T get their Corn Toast R Cakes they are oily, greasy and horrible at least in IMHO.

I have two can't live without product endorsements.
The first is Jar Pop jar opener. You know when it's impossible to open jars. Well this really works, honestly, and so easily.

And the other is Ring Pull - Can Opener and again works like a dream. It's so nice when products actually work the way you think they will work.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

nizza I have both of those and I agree they are both great. The jar pop thing is a life saver for my poor hands. It works so much better than a lot of those jar openers. Once the seal is popped they just easily unscrew.

Marilyn c I need that. I am doing the smoothies now and a little squirt of that would be yummy. I bought canned coconut milk but its just not very tasty.

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Haven't seen or tried those corn bagels, but whatever they are, they're not bagels.

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For the cans with the ring pull, I use a "church key."

I'll be on the look out for the Jar popper, though. Are they found in most stores?


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My new favorite snack food is Snapea Crisps. The best price is at Costco, but they don't have them all the time. Trader Joe's carries them under the Inner Peas label, but they sell out quickly.

Here is a link that might be useful: Snapea Crisps

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Look like bagels to me, Raven :-) And they sound delicious!

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My new favorite snack is Sensible Portions Cinnamon Apple Straws. Yum! Yum!! They also come in other flavor s but I haven't tried them.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I have never seen the snapea crisp but they sound like something I would try.

I really don't know what you are talking about leel and apparently you don't either because they are most definitely bagels!! They are made by Thomas a major bagel making company and it says right on the label had you bothered to look at the picture corn bagels.
There are all sorts of bagels with other ingredients added like blue berry, onion, egg, apple and cinnamon, raisins. Why the heck not corn?
And I ATE THEM I guess I know a bagel when I eat one geesh!

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Wonder what the comment will be on this new bagel the candy corn bagel and yes it is real and it is a bagel and here is a REAL picture of it.
Candy Corn Bagels Now Exist
Candy Corn Bagels Are Back at The Bagel Store in Brooklyn!
Taste Testing The Bagel Store's Candy Corn Bagels
Now I want to try one of those candy corn bagels!!

I feel like that m&m commercial at Christmas THEY DO EXIST! THEY ARE REAL!

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I like bagels and I like corn muffins, so I'll be looking for Thomas' Corn Bagels. One of my favorite foods in a hot corn muffin with lots of butter.

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This is a great thread! Those corn bagels sound delicious, I hope our grocery store carries them. Am also going to look for the Snapeas, they might be a healthier alternative to hubby's beloved potato chips.

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Sally Brownlee

A few times folks here have mentioned Totally Awesome cleaner at Dollar General. I bought some this weekend.
I used it on my hands and knees to scrub my hardwood floors. I am embarrassed and pleased to say I could literally see where I stopped.

Many years ago I used those sticky strips on my upstairs windowsills to keep my cats off. For years I could not get the sticky residue off. YEP! Totally Awesome did it with ease! My new best friend.
Good stuff. And no overpowering odor.

Another recommendation from my mother (and dollar general) is Clean Shower. Scrub your tub and shower really good. After every shower, spray it down before you get out.
Saturday will be 3 weeks...its really working great keeping the buildup off.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Sue I got my jar pop thing at Bed bath and beyond, they have so many handy gadgets there to help you do tasks like that. I always check out that area of the store when I go there to see if they have something new I could use.

I will have to look up those cinnamon apple straw things.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

I'm not sure what leel means by that remark, but I suspect it might have stemmed from the comparison to a muffin. Real bagels are either steamed or boiled and always a little chewy. But they can certainly have any kind of additional ingredients that might make them seem cake-ish.

I'm a traditionalist when it comes to bagles, I'm afraid. I crave one every once in awhile....toasted, with a generous schmear, lox, and a little fresh dill.

Those snapea things sound yummy!

I guess if I were to endorse a product, it would have to be our Nutri Bullet. Those daily ' green sludgies ' have resolved some GI issues already. We are both sleeping better and have more energy.

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Love the jar popper, too. I also love the silicone bread pans. I have found that I don't care for the tube pan of this material, but the loaf and round types are great. I use my bread maker every week, at least once, and bake the bread in the silicone in the oven. Now I'll have to try the corn bagels. Another product I prefer is Sara Lee English muffins.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I know y'all have seen me mention my new cooker I got for Christmas, well it is time for me to sing the praises for this wonderful item.

It is called an Aroma 20 cup digital cool touch rice cooker, but please do not walk away thinking it is just a rice cooker! OH NO it is so so much more in fact I have yet to actually cook rice in mine!
It must be this model number though
Aroma ARC-1010SB 20-Cup (Cooked) Digital Rice Cooker and Food Steamer, Black/Silver
Huge difference is that this model has an added feature the saute then simmer option.
With this option you can saute your meats and veggies right in this pot then add your remaining ingredients for a one pot meal. No need to dirty a skillet for sauteing.

I have made so many wonderful meals already with this thing it is just amazing. It is like using a crock pot that cooks in minutes. It is almost like a pressure cooker, it uses steam to cook so it cooks fast and keeps food very moist.

I can wait till half an hour before meal time, throw in the stuff to saute let that go for a few minutes then add my remaining ingredients close the lid and it will automatically know when to turn it to simmer then when to turn it to keep warm and it is done in minutes not hours! I have made the best chili in it and great pasta dishes.
The thing is just freaking awesome.

And that Amazon price is really a good price for it. That is the same one my sister ordered for me for Christmas.

It also comes with a very nice large steaming basket which steams veggies perfectly.

I have already created a whole pile of recipes for it so if anyone gets one I am happy to share! My sisters and I have been doing that with all of ours. Plus there are several sites online that have specific rice cooker recipes.

It makes incredible soups and stews too.

The Aroma website has a recipe section also.

It is very important to make sure if you get one that you get the one with the saute button!! There are many models and they look similar some do NOT have the saute option, the saute option is definitely worth having.

I highly recommend this cooker!

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

salgal I use both of those products and agree they are both very good products. I have various versions of the awesome cleaner now since they have started making the different ones. I keep the awesome kitchen cleaner in the kitchen and use the other regular one all over the place.
My cleaning lady is the one that told me about the Clean Shower spray, so now we keep it beside the shower and spray it down every day, makes her job easier and it does keep the shower much cleaner.

LAâÂÂs Totally Awesome
in case you did not know they make a LOT Of products!

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Well, raven, Sketchers just got another $50.. for their Go-Walk shoes! I got the lace up kind, and I love them! Probably would not have checked them out, if I havdn't read your post. Thanks. You should get some sort of finders fee from them. LOL

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I will look for the corn bagels. I really miss rye bagels. Can't find them anywhere.

I am addicted to the Costco tub of Madelines. Sooo yummy. Little sponge cake cookies.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Lol I only wish!
I am sure you will enjoy your new shoes.
I was happy to spread the word, happy feet happy feet!

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Hair-pulling on this site ain't allowed!

(And don't anyone on this thread dare promote an easy peasy contraption that'll make it easier!)

ole joyful

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Thanks, Raven, I'll make a note of that.

About the bagels, I was in Kroger today and the Thomas' man just happened to be there. I asked him about the sweet corn bagels and he said Kroger is not yet stocking them, and doesn't know whether or not they will. He said Martins and WalMart are. I would love to try them.


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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Now that is strange I bought mine at the Kroger here near me, but it was the first time I saw them there. It must be they are introducing in certain market areas.
I saw on Google some one asking on there if they were going to have the corn bagels again.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Tonight on Emily Owens M.D. she was wearing the Skechers go walk shoes like mine in the light gray color. They would be great comfy shoes for doctors and nurses.

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For Ravencajun--explanation of NOT a bagel. A bagel is NOT soft; they are hard and chewy as a result of being boiled and then baked. They are NOT the size of a dinner plate, rather they are about 3" in diameter. The label can name the contents anything the manufacturer wishes; however, that does not make a silk purse from a sow's ear.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Leel. You are wrong. There are NO specifications regarding bagels. That's a myth. They don't even have to be boiled. Many commercial bakers steam them before baking. I believe that you think that only the very old, traditional methods are required to make a bagel. Not true.

I, also, prefer those boiled bagels, but totally recognize that steamed dough with spices, corn, blueberries, pumpkin, etc. are bagels, too.

I went to school for a couple of years in the the heart of what was called the Borscht Belt...the Jewish Alps. I loved every minute that I lived there. There was a bagel bakery on the main street that supplied the bagels for all of the big hotels, but had a store front service to sell off the street. You could watch the whole process, which was open to view, 24 hours a day.....except for Saturdays.

There's nothing much better than a warm bagel fresh out of the ovens. I liked to toast one under the broiler (too big to fit into a toaster), cover with a schmear of cream cheese and strawberry jam. Now, I prefer lox.

Don't be a bagel 'snob '. I'm not.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

For Leel--Wow, you need to go over to the Thomas head quarters and tell them they need to quit calling their bagels um bagels because you say they are NOT bagels (even though they have been in the business since 1880).

I have eaten bagels from New York to Florida and points beyond and believe me I KNOW WHAT A BAGEL IS WHEN I EAT ONE.I have had boiled, steamed and baked, lots of different personalities to them but they are all still called bagels!

A fresh made bagel can be soft and chewy inside, old ones hard as a rock.
They are no where near the size of a dinner plate(don't know where you got that idea)
My pictures certainly do not show them that size. My reference to corn muffin was about the taste and sweetness! NOT texture.

The Thomas company contact us link for you so you can go ahead and let them know that they are NOT making bagels!
Contact Us
Toll-Free Phone*:
Thomas' Bagels, a Pennsylvania based bakery has been making bagels since 1880. Thomas' Bagels are made with unbleached four and contain no transfat, low saturated fat, low sugar, high protein and a great source of fiber. Thomas' Bagels do use flour enriched with vitamin B, which makes Thomas' Bagels rich in thiamine, folic acid, niacin and riboflavin.

Thank you

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I will look for those bagels, Raven. Harry would love them.

I have posted my praises for a few things here. First is the Valdalia Chop Wizard. I just love that thing. You do have to cut the vegetables into smaller pieces regardless of what the pictures look like. But you end up with evenly diced stuff. It's especially handy when making vegetable soup, except it looks like you just opened a few cans of Veg-All :-)

Another thing I bought that works so well is the spice "cabinet". I will hold 27 normal size spice jars or 54 of the little ones. It has three shelves which pull out and go down so you can see which spice you need. I alphabetized mine. No more taking all those spices out of the cabinet just to find the ones you need.

I also can't say enough about my Food Saver. No more freezer burn on my frozen food and meat and just about anything else lasts longer than a year. No kidding! Every household with only 2 or 3 people should have one of these. I bet it cut my food bill in half.

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WalnutCreek Zone 7b/8a

We love the Newtons Fruit Thins. The Fig and Honey is absolutely delicious. We just bought a bag of the blueberry to try.

Here is a link that might be useful: Newtons Fruit Thins

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Good thread! I'm not saying a word about bagels. LOL Except Rhizo, I live near the Catskills. Love that area!

I can sing the praises of the Cuisinart Panini Press I got for Christmas. When I linked it just now I saw that the price is below the $50 I paid (with a gift card) just a couple of weeks ago.

I'm not supposed to eat a lot of bread, but I got hooked on paninis at a jazz club I go to occasionally, and decided I could treat myself once a week to homemade. Well, the first one I ate was so delicious that I stuffed the remainder of the bread in the garbage so I wouldn't be tempted to make more immediately! There's something about good bread, grilled and slightly pressed, with a good filling. Mmmm......

My son and daughter-in-law have the same model, and they use it a lot.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

alisande I have The Griddler by Cuisinart!(very similar) I have had it a while and got it when it first came out so paid close to $99 for it but I used my bed bath and beyond 20% off card.
WE use it a lot, my husband loves steaks cooked on it, I made grilled hamburgers last night on it and they were so good, I marinated the meat in Jerk sauce before putting them in the griddler.
This is the one I have
I also highly recommend them.

walnutcreek my husband loves those! He also loves the regular Fig Newtons, I don't care for them much but I used to as a kid.

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A real bagel has no preservatives, baked in the a.m.
it's a rock by noon. Just because it's shaped like a
bagel, doesn't make it one!

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

It really is simply amazing how such a nice interesting thread that was being enjoyed by many can be destroyed by such a stupid silly thing as what someone wants to call a bagel.

For the LOVE OF GOD believe me this will be my last damn post telling anyone anything I appreciated and enjoyed.
I really hope those of you that have to be so judgmental
are happy now. Do you want to go search up my shoe post and tell me they are not shoes?

I just want to know what the heck you bagel specialist wanted me to call them in my post??? Since I was simply stating what was on the damn label. Unbelievable juvenile behavior.

And I thought this was an adult forum.

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I agree, Walnutcreek. I never liked the old Fig Newtons, but these Newton Fruit Thins are so good. I love the raspberry/chocolate ones!

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Raven, please don't let a few people stp you from doing what all the rest of us enjoy. You're punishing us that way, not them!

I got a lot out of this post. I've been thinking of a panini press so I'll definitely check out Alisande's. Also looking for those corn BAGELS next shopping trip. Already on my list. Love fig newtons, so both the fig/honey and raspberry/chocolate sound delicious. There are other things I was interested in, too.

It's nice to share things we've tried and liked. I wish people would learn to just skip on by posts they aren't interested in. Posting that you've never seen them or tried them but know they aren't bagels is just rude.

Thought for the day: Be kind!

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I love the product endorsement threads. They are simply a way for me to get new ideas of products to try, and what works for one person may not work for another, but I agree with patti43.

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Love, love, love this product! I put them under two heavy pieces in the bedroom that I haven't been able to move for years to vacuum under, and I can move them by myself almost effortlessly now. I want these under every piece of heavy furniture in the house.

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Raven, ssshhh, best to ignore such comments, and be happy, happy, happy!!

I have learned about several products here at the KT, and I appreciate not having to buy something and then be disappointed, when I know if it is recommended here it has been truly tested, not somebody's (possibly) paid endorsement.

If the Thomas' Company calls them BAGELS, they are BAGELS. If the Thomas' man knew what they are, they are BAGELS.


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WalnutCreek Zone 7b/8a

Please, Raven, continue with your posts. Some unhappy, embittered people respond to posts just to make others unhappy and hopefully make them embittered too. Just ignore them and don't even respond to those posters. I like reading all of your posts.

Mammie, will definitely get the raspberry/chocolate ones next time I go grocery shopping. We have now tasted the blueberry and they are very good too. Probably every flavor in that line is good.

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I'll keep an eye out for the Newton thins. Those sound like a good sweet snack to keep on hand.

Alisande and Ravencajun, I was given a panini press for Christmas a few years ago. I immediately returned it because I just knew I would be using it all the time and I try to not eat bread. Alisande, I grinned when I read your comment about throwing the bread away. Sometimes it's better to remove temptation than to rely on willpower although I went to greater extremes than you did...LOL!

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I read back through the posts and remember that other thing to try. It was the cream of coconut that Marilyn_c posted. Man--I think I'd be tempted to take the cap off, throw back my head and pour it in! Definitely looking for that!!!

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Two words...Brownie Brittle!!

Found this at Wal-Mart one day. It was in the cookie aisle. Apparently it was a forgotten Christmas item because I picked up a bag and used the price scanner-86 cents!! Well, for that price I gave it a try.

YUM! With the name like Brittle I was afraid it would be hard to bite into, but it is very light and flaky. Really nice crispy texture, but it's hard not to eat the whole darn package! I just saw them on sale at Costco this weekend too, but a huge bag that I am afraid to bring home.

Here is a link that might be useful: Brownie Brittle

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Fun2BHere, you probably had the right idea. :-)

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Raven........just because I have a different opinion
of what a 'bagel' is, is not a judgment of you or
anyone else. My life experience is different, that's
all. I'm a 'foodie' and my definition reflects that.

I just LOVE you for generous help you have given us for years
...... you have held my hand and guided me in understanding
the mystery (to me) of the computer.

Sorry I offended you and anyone else. That certainly
was not my intent,

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"-I think I'd be tempted to take the cap off, throw back my head and pour it in! Definitely looking for that!!!"

Shhhhh, Patti.....let that be our secret!!

It is so good, and is good on ice cream too.

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Raven, shrug it off. We want your opinions here. Chalk it up to being on a public forum.
Keep on with your endorsements. Afterall, I wouldn't have my wonderful Go-Walk shoes if it weren't for you! LOL

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Yes, I want to find out new things that people LIKE! No arguments.

I like the Fig Newton thins.

I found a new salad a few days ago that I love at Costco. I'm sure they sell it elsewhere, too.

I got my usual Grand Parisian salad with White Balsamic dressing and I noticed this Sweet Kale Vegetable Salad kit. I see so much about how Kale is good for you but have never tried it. It is SOO good and filling! The dressing is a little sweet but I use only a little of it. I think the White Balsamic dressing would be good on it, too. I tried a little Italian dressing but that's not good on this.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sweet Kale Vegetable salad kit

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

brownie brittle is soooo good, I had posted about it some time back. I had never heard of it and just happened to see it at Costco and bought it. I was going to put it out as a snack for a get together. It was devoured! Really good stuff.

Here's the thing about my griddler, since I've had it I only used it for sandwiches about 4 times, but I do use it quite a lot for making great grilled meat, steak, chicken, burger patties, and those are all done with the grease being drained away from the meat so much better than fried. I use mine as a tool in my goal to eat healthier. So don't banish it from your house just because it makes sandwiches, it does so much more than that. I can cook boneless skinless chicken breast in it really fast, then quick freeze them so just take it out let it thaw a quick heat in the microwave, use it in dishes or as is. The fish cooked on it is excellent.

PS. Thanks y'all!

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Great thread. I love learning about new ideas and products. DH is grieving...yes, grieving over the fact that it 'looks like' Costco and Freddys are both not getting Thomas's English Muffins. Costso is stocking FiberOne. (The corn ones sound good to me!)Thanks

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We've had our Cuisinart Griddler for over a year and use it regularly. I hate cluttering my kitchen with single use appliances and what's nice about my Cuisinart is that it has several uses in addition to making panini - the non-stick plates are reversible, one side is flat to use as a griddle to make bacon, pancakes etc. The other side is grilled - for burgers, chicken etc. There's also a model that comes with plates for making Belgium waffles. The plates can be easily removed for washing and are dishwasher safe too.

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I love this thread, and Raven you better not stop posting because I just bought the ricer on Amazon and I'm going to need your recipes!! I trust your opinion that it is awesome and it sounds super convenient for a non-planner of meals like myself. Plus I love steamed veggies.

Now I'm going to have to look up those sketchers shoes, but I'm not going to buy the bagels because I am a bread addict and those look really, really yummy. I would not be satisfied with just one.

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I have a Silhouette die cutting machine that I love! It can cut paper/cardstock, vinyl, heat transfer vinyl (for shirts, etc.) and other things. It is so fun!

These candles were decorated with vinyl:

Acrylic drink glasses with vinyl:

You can also cut the "wall words" that are so popular now, and car decals.

It does a fantastic job on cutting paper/cardstock - you can make some nifty cards.

You may have heard of the Cricut machines - this one is so much better. It cuts better and you can use your own images and fonts - you don't have to buy the expensive cartridges that are required of the Cricuts.

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This is my favorite thread! I just put the Rice cooker on my wish list, I'm going to Costco to pick up the Sweet Kale mix and I'm going to look for the thingy that remove the tabs off cans.

Thanks to all of you for the great endorsements!


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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I am so happy to hear someone got that wonderful cooker! I am very happy to share my recipes, I have several of my own and some from my sisters plus some sites with recipes. There is also this Cajun guy from Louisiana that wrote a book for rice cooker recipes that is really good.
Rice Cooker Meals: Fast Home Cooking for Busy People: How to feed a family of four quickly and easily for under $10 (with leftovers!) and have less ... up so you'll be out of the kitchen quicker!
his name is Neal Bertrand I have that book.Neal Bertrand
there are a LOT of cookbooks for rice cookers now not all are for the same one I have most do not have the wonderful saute feature so this one can do a lot more than the basic rice cooker. Most recipes can be altered to make in the Aroma.

Iowagirl that thing is amazing! I have seen the other brand but not that one. I would have been all over that thing a few years ago when I was much more creative and making stuff.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Just for you sleeperblues my orginal rice cooker chili recipe ( I hope you like chili)
Rice Cooker Chili

1 lb chili meat
1 onion chopped
2 TBS garlic
1 can sweet corn drained
1 can black beans drained or undrained
1 can Rotel tomatoes original
1 jar 26 oz mild salsa traditional
2 TBS chili powder
1 tsp cinnamon
1/2 package of taco seasonings(envelope)
garlic salt
mesquite seasonings (optional) Adobo seasonings (optional)
1 Rotel can of water.

Add meat and onion and garlic to the Aroma rice cooker set on saute, stir with wooden spoon occasionally till browned.
Add all remaining ingredients, stir well, shut and lock lid of cooker. Cooker will automatically change when it should just leave it closed and wait till you hear the dings to let you know it has switched to keep warm.
I like to serve it with a little grated cheese on top and if you want some finely diced onion.

The inner pot is coated with non stick coating so be sure to use only wood utensils or those that will not damage the surface. The inner pot can be taken out carefully should you need to drain your meat. I have not had to do that most of my meat has been pretty lean. There is a steam catcher that you need to empty after each use it is a little clear cup on the side, it catches the steam water when you open the lid.

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Thanks, Raven, I love chili and that recipe sounds good. I am an amazon prime member, so I should get my cooker soon. I'll make the recipe and let you know!

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My favorite product is the Drip-It funnel. I use it to empty partial bottles into another bottle. There are two clips so you don't have to hold the bottle while the top bottle is draining. I use it for hand lotion bottles and ketchup bottles.

Then I put it in the dishwasher. No cleanup!

I have seen this item hanging in a grocery isle at a Super Walmart. Here is the item at Amazon:

Here is a link that might be useful: Drip-It Funnel

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

oh if you are a prime member I just saw a rice cooker recipe book that was free for prime members. Go to Amazon and search for rice cooker cookbooks it should be in the list.
Let me know if you want some other recipes

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Orgreenic pancake maker (also for crepes, cheese sandwiches etc..) Yeah, I know it's not necessary, especially since we have the regular Orgreenic fry pan, but my husband loves it and he makes the great blueberry pancakes.
Strutz for your feet didn't help my pain, but I needed a total left knee replacement so that doesn't mean it can't help others.
Genie bras, I love them but I've read complaints so, again, that's just my opinion..I'm fairly small breasted, don't need a lot of support.
Small dog harness, can't remember the name, it's red and black with mesh material, works great for our 20 lb peke.

All these items were bought either at Bed Bath & Beyond or
Walmart so I could take them back if I didn't like no shipping and handling.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Since we were discussing smoothie making earlier I will post the machine I bought and have been enjoying. I got mine at bed bath and beyond store with the 20% off coupon. It is the Ninja Kitchen System Pulse, it comes with lots of extras including 2 smoothie containers that you make the smoothie right in so only one thing to clean. It chops everything. This one has a 700watt motor, however the same one at Walmart only has a 500 or 550watt motor for the same price so don't get it at Walmart.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ninja pulse

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Ravencajun, thanks for reminding me of the 20% off coupons at Bed Bath & Beyond. I bought a Shark Liftaway vacuum with one and saved quite a bit. (They are good about returns too.) I'm very satisfied with this vacuum.

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I love these kinds of threads! It's so much better to hear endorsements from people you really trust.

So many good ideas here :)

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Was trying to find something healthier to replace butter and came across a product called 'Melt Spread'. It's organic, made from virgin coconut oil, flaxseed, sunflower oil, palm fruit and canola oil. The canola oil is expeller-pressed and non-GMO, and the palm fruit oil is certified Fair Trade and not linked to the deforestation of rain forests. It contains a small amount of butter, so it tastes kind of buttery. It can be used to cook and bake.

Here is a link that might be useful: Melt Spread

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I have never seen or heard of Melt spread but I will find it and buy some. I have been using coconut oil for a while now and I love it. I currently use Brummel and Brown which is made with yogurt, we love it. I like the sound of the Melt

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I used it to make a pie crust this weekend and it works great. Very flaky crust, and buttery taste.
Melt also comes in a honey flavor, they don't sell that one at our grocery store yet so haven't tried it.

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I must recommend my Eddie Bauer duck down pillow, purchased at Sam's Club recently for $40. I have used down pillows, and only down pillows, my whole life. This is my first one filled with duck down. It's a little firmer than most of my others, which is possibly why it's giving me such great neck support. I love this pillow!

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Let's see if I can think of what products I'm enamored with lately.

Oh, I got a starter kit for Bare Minerals make-up for Christmas and I am impressed. I'm not crazy about putting foundation primer on my face every day though so I still switch things up. I've been in love with Revlon Age-Defying liquid make-up for many, many years and I don't think I'll totally give that up until I'm forced to.

My current body lotion is Malibu Tan Hemp Body Lotion from Walmart. The main moisturizing ingredient is actually coconut oil but it also has hemp oil, sunflower seed oil, tea tree oil, sesame oil, olive oil, jojoba oil - my skin feels so soft - I love it.

Mary Kay Satin Hands kit has transformed my hands.I swear it took a few years off of them. It's 3 parts - you rub in a Vaseline type base, then you exfoliate, rinse and apply a moisturizer. I got the kit half-price - I couldn't pay $34 for it, as much as I love it. When it's gone I'm just going to use Vaseline, St. Ives Apricot Scrub or something like that and then moisturizer. I do love the MK moisturizer so I may replace that if I can't find another good hand moisturizer that I like. Please, someone try that process on your hands with the Vaseline and scrub and tell me if it works!

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paula, I've used the MK kit before and loved it, but no way could I afford that. So.......I did just what you said, and yes, it worked pretty well. I may have scrubbed a bit hard with with St. Ives...but my hands are soooo dry.

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I have a jar popper and it helps. One thing that often replaces it or works in conjunction with it and is functional for canning jars and other things is a strap wrench. Here's a pic from Harbor Freight, but I got mine free after rebate from Menards. It'll work on a 2 liter bottle (or a 16 oz for that matter) up to a coffee can. It came in a set of two and I keep both in the kitchen. Sometimes I'll hold the jar with one and the lid with the other. Can press one against my body and pull the other toward me when the lid is extra stubborn.

I have a top popper that also has a little thing to help open bottles with the metal screw off bottle cap like bottles of the old days and even some beer bottles to this day.

Another item that works great and is also cheap is the Good Cook can opener. Side cutter, works easily. Great for people with dexterity issues. Does what it should and does it well. And doesn't try to be something it's not like that pitiful bottle opener on a Swing-A-Way opener!

Food-wise, I recently tried some Flipsides Pretzel Crackers. It's pretzel on one side and cracker on the other. Kinda different but kinda good. I don't want many at a sitting but they grew on me.

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My Vera Wang Pure Luxury towels just arrived from Kohls, and I love them! They're not quite as fluffy as I had imagined they'd be, but that's fine. They look great, and they feel divine against my skin. Plus they're much larger than my other towels. Glad I didn't order the Bath Sheet!

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Progresso Chicken Cheese Enchilada soup. The whole can is 370 calories/8 WW points of creamy bliss. Hubby even commented on how good it was and that's highly unusual for him.
It's a higher fat soup that will be a good treat once in a while.
Love my Ninja..smoothies will wait for warmer weather though.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

I'm sure that that soup is yummy but at 970 mg of sodium per serving (two suggested servings per can), it's not anything I could have in my home!

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