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arizonaroseSeptember 26, 2008

Has anyone noticed the lack of activity on the cleaning tip forums? I tried to post there a few days ago, and my post never showed up. The last post I see there is from 9/22. Just curious if it's me or what.

Actually, the question I tried to post there was concerning how you fold your bath towels to take up less room...I sort of semi-roll mine. That's probably more of an organizing question then a cleaning question.

so...firstly is the cleaning tips forum on the blink, and how do you fold or roll your towels?

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I've noticed that as well. I responded to the post at the top, titled "Spray Cleaning Oils." My response appears, but the counter for that thread isn't showing it.

Something is wrong over there. I believe it started with the thread "Cleaning Up In the Heat" which apparently is a reference to something in the Hot Topics forum on GardenWeb. All of the threads disappeared for a while and then came back.

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Everything was wiped out on the cleaning forum during the weekend. Then it came back but a question I posted didn't appear when it returned.

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I fold my bath towels in half and then half again. Hand towel I fold in thirds and then half so I can just place them on the counter. I don't keep that many towels because I don't like when the linen closet gets overstuffed. I keep two sets of towels per person plus have about 12 beach towels. I do laundry all the time so it hasn't been a problem.

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Yes, there is a glitch over there in the cleaning tips forum. New posts are not being posted.

graywings I saw your *test* post, so replies are making it through. Just no new threads.

dd50, I fold mine in half, then half again like you, but then I roll them so they are more narrow and I can get two rows one in front & one behind. But...they are thicker so I can't stack them as high. If I just do the 1/2 and 1/2 fold they are too wide and don't fit well on the narrow shelves, oh the

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