Can you help me identify this piece of hardware???

brtt485September 10, 2012

I am trying to reconfigure some of the shelving in my closet and I need to find a few of the pieces in the pictures below. It is stamped "CM" just above the screw which leads me to believe it is a ClosetMaid product but I cant find it anywhere. It is used to secure the wire shelving to a vertical support rod/pole.

I need to find this piece in particular as the configuration of the shelf to the pole requires this piece and not the piece ClosetMaid shows on their site currently as coming with the rod/pole kit. I dont want to have to redo all the supports attached to the pole so I just need to find a few of these!

Any ideas would be very much appreciated!!!



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I can't help you identify it but have you emailed Closet Maid? Even if they no longer make it they might be able to send you some from the factory.

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one term for it is "strap"--not sure it that will help you find it, and that may not be what ClosetMaid calls it.
Sometimes "plate" is the right word.

I second the idea of calling ClosetMaid, or contacting them via the web.

Here's the URL for their "replacement parts" link:

I have found companies like them to be incredibly helpful with those odd parts. It's part of keeping their PR good.

Good luck!

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Thank you! I have already reached out to ClosetMaid but havent heard much from them yet. Hopefully that is the solution. The trick is, I dont even know for sure if it is a ClosetMaid product!

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

I think a conduit strap should work and they come in numerous sizes. You could use a 2 hole one and have it cover both wires, or 2 single hole ones, one above, and one below, or else just one below.


Here is a link that might be useful: conduit straps

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a conduit strap is a great idea! (see? "strap" is the right word!)

But they're bulgier than yours (3/8" is the smallest I've seen), so you might want to flatten them with a hammer or something to keep them from sticking out in that space.

and if you only need a couple replacements, but the conduit strap's *interval* between the screw hole and the opening for the shelf, where the shelf rests, is not the same as the preexisting clamps (which would mean lack of support there because of the uneven line), then replace the whole row of straps on a single shelf to make them even.

(it's the same thing w/ buttons--you're missing only 1, but you can't find an exact match, so you just replace all the buttons so they match. Just because the other supports are the original doesn't mean they can't be replaced to match the new one)

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I agree, plenty of makeshift options. Would be nice if I could find the piece in the picture though!

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