Suggestions for a coat/shoe storage area in my family room

heidizSeptember 3, 2011

Hi, We do not have a mudroom, but we do have a garage. Over the years I have placed hooks and shoe shelves inside the garage, beside the door leading into the family room. This is the door through which the kids and anyone coming from the car enters the house. Without fail, shoes and coats end up in the family room. In the winter, the kids want to have a warm place to store these items. I'm attaching a photo of our family room. You can just barely see the step down from the kitchen into the fam. room at the bottom of the photo. And the door from the garage is on the right side of the pic. Any suggestions for rearranging this room to include a storage spot for coats and shoes? Thanks for your help1 From House

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I had a problem like that in a previous house - I know how frustrating it is. Stuff ends up in the kitchen.

Is there wall space on the right side wall to make a closet that juts out into the garage?

I can't judge the size of the room, but maybe you could place the sofa facing the fireplace and a chair angled in front of each bookcase and facing the sofa, thereby opening up the area on the left side of the photo for a bench and hooks.

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Could you replace the end table holding the lamp? Something like this bench shoe cubby might work. See link. You'd still have a place for your lamp and a place for the shoes. For jackets, I'd either hang hooks by the door or get a hall tree and put it in a close corner.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kohl's shoe storage cubby.

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Our house is sadly lacking any kind of closet near the front door, which is the door everyone uses. There isn't really room for a hall tree (at least with coats on it) either, so my kids just keep their coats in their bedroom closets. By "closets", I really mean thrown across their bed or chair. But it's no problem for them to go get them when it's time to leave, and I appreciate not having to look at them the rest of the time.

So maybe you could solve the coat issue that way and only have to find a storage solution for the shoes?

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