To bedskirt or not

loves2readFebruary 7, 2013

Ordered quilt set for master bedroom in vacation house in FL--
white furniture, tan walls and white trim, flooring is engineered wood in sort of driftwood tones--light tan/grayish-white/brown--white drape panels on sliders
We have art in the room with yellow/blue/white/red accent colors

Wanted something with color and white background but not formal or too theme-y--like sea shells...
ordered one in the link -- could not find anything in stores I liked--
no bedskirt comes with the set
Our king bed has low footboard so only sides of bedskirt would really show
Don't know if quilt will be large enough to wrap mattress/foundation..even though mattress and foundation are not overly tall...
I suspect not--but I am in TX and quilt is in FL--won't know until later in Feb when I get there for visit

IF I find it needs a bedskirt--
what color would you suggest?
I will want to get some other pillows for headboard
have set of beige sheets now but will also get another in accent color
I am leaning to a yellow/gold or maybe one to pull out the reddish/terracotta
But when you enlarge the photo you can see the light blue and light green in the paisley design...
I don't know about mixing a pattern--like check or stripe with the quilt's busy one--so am more comfortable with solid color--
and it is difficult to find patterned bedskirt anyway--most are solids...
and there is always the white--but room seems to have too much white already...

Appreciate suggestions

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I would use a tailored bedskirt in a more subdued color, off white,the background color, or perhaps tan, to have the quilt stand out.

Here is a link that might be useful: bed skirt

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I know they use a white one with the quilt on the sites that sell it...
I just think I have a lot of white in the room already
maybe I will be able to tuck the quilt if I get a colored sheet for the foundation and can just tuck under the mattress itself...

thanks for the response and I may use the white after all...

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That was so interesting. TY.

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Fun2BHere has some colored bed skirts that might work, but you may have to order more than one color to see what you like best and then return the others.

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I am a sucker for a gorgeous quilt and that one is gorgeous.

I just bought a matelasse (the interlaken) for my master bedroom from this website and I am thrilled with the quality. They have lot of beautiful but a little pricey bed skirts.

I thought the Louisa might look nice with your quilt.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bedskirts

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You've probably seen this picture, but the quilt does look nice and crisp with the white bed skirt here. Is your plan to tuck the sides of the quilt under the mattress? If you're not doing that, I think it might look better to get a smaller size quilt so you have a shorter overhang like in the picture below. You'd have to check the measurements to see if that would work. It does say the quilt is oversize.

Here is a link that might be useful: white bed skirt with narrower quilt

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Thanks for the compliment
Liked several of the skirts on the Pine Cone Hill site but price is much higher than I want to spend
My 5 pc quilt set didn't cost 100 bucks
Can't see spending 300 on bedskirt to go with quilt

BBB had some solids that might work
If I get a white one can add some color by using bias tape maybe or colored lace w/fusible webbing and ironing it on

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Wow, you got a bargain for such a pretty quilt.

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King quilt--2 king shams--2 accessory pillows too
I had seem it on several,other sites including once on Joss and Main or One Kings lane but those are nonreturnable sites
With Overstock I can send back though and it was good price
Just hope there are no surprises when I open it up
I am thinking it might be kind of stiff but reviews on Amazon were all pretty positive

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Love that quilt! I think your idea of using white or cream but with the addition of a splash of color is great. The quilt seems too colorful to use it over plain white. A customized skirt will put the necessary finishing touch on the whole thing.

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Just use a basic off-white, available everywhere for very reasonable prices. The quilt set is beautiful, and you want it to be the star. Off white will do the job of hiding the frame etc, and won't overpower the quilt.

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I got a very tailored, pickstitch bedskirt at Cuddledown for a very, very reasonable price. In fact, I was just going to get one and liked it so well, I bought 3 in case they were no longer available or something happened to the one I had and I have one available while the other is being laundered.

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