Dang am I good!

kframe19August 30, 2008

Today I spent the a couple of hours fixing the front door on my Mom's 1903 Queen Anne.

The door is original, all clear American Chestnut, with a large single light in it.

Some of the glue joints had failed and it was sagging, making it a pain in the butt to close.

I pulled it off the hinges, pulled the glass out, and used a clamp to spread the glue joints at the top. Those are the ones that failed.

I sanded the old joints to get to good wood, laid wood working glue on them, and then used 6" wood screws through the sides of the door to pull everything together.

I then put a bead of putty around the window frame, popped the glass in, and put the moulding strips back on.

When I put the door back on the hinges, I swung it, and the darn thing not only shut, it latched. It's swinging true and not dragging anywhere. I don't think it's swung shut and latched like that for years, certainly not as long as I can remember, and I remember this house going back to the late 1960s. My Dad grew up here, my Grandparents bought it in 1943, and Mom and Dad bought it from their estate.

I'm really impressed with myself. :-D

I need to reset the weather stripping around the door, but I can do that at a later time.

I love it when a project works out the way it's supposed to and it doesn't turn into a multi-day fiasco

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Congratulationss! Doors can be such a PITA, but a joy to behold when they're properly restored . You've earned boasting rights.

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Oh yea! Feeling your great proud feeling! So there's hope that once in awhile things will go they way you think/hope they will? LOL! (having had more multi-day fiasco's myself)

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I watch for 6 panel wood doors being thrown out all the time.
A few hours taking them apart and re-gluing usually pays off very nicely.

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