What finish for light fixture?

debrak_2008February 10, 2013

We made decisions on the paint for our dining room and now need to choose a light fixture.

Base color on walls will be Olympic sweet annie with a leaf stencil done in Eddie Bauer bungalow gold.

The light fixture is currently a ceiling fan which we would like to replace with a chandy or large pendant that can be swagged over to be centered over the table. The actual ceiling outlet can't be moved.

As I start looking at fixture I realized most have chrome or silver look. Can this be used in a room with gold paint? I tried to find black but options are limited as is the budget.

Here is the stencil I will be using.


The floor and woodwork is orangy. The table darker wood.

It's also possible that what I like won't even look good in the room.

Here is a link that might be useful: chandy at overstock

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I don't think this chandelier will be cohesive with the overall look.

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What style furnishings? I seem to remember you have an A&C house? What does the table look like? Any other pieces yet? It's hard to recommend a fixture without more details.

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Thanks pal. I'm just completely lost on this. I'm very confident on the colors and the stencil for the wall.

I know I want a black buffet in the room also.

The adjoining living room will be painted bungalow gold. It currently has black wrought iron lamps that I plan to get new shades for.

I'm so clueless about this that years ago I sold for $1 the original glass art deco ceiling fixture from this room. One like it sells at restoration lighting for $250.

Can anyone tell me where to start? I want it keeping with the house but a little funky or different. I also think its cool when someone takes a "dated" fixture and makes it cool. I've been looking on craigslist for a project fixture but I really don't know what direction I'm heading.

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Seems like you want something modern. How about more simple. This is out of the price range you posted but maybe something similar. The cream an antique brass would be pretty with your colors and wallpaper.

Here is a link that might be useful: brass pendant

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I would definitely look at brass rather than a silver finish. Since brass is making such a comeback, there are more modern fixtures in a brass finish. A picture of the room would be very helpful.

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Purists will not be pleased with this option, but look at all the photos, and see how the piece would blend in with your vine stencil. The ceiling cap has leaves similar to the stencil and the arms have a twiggy look. The fact that it's aged brass makes me think it would look great in the room, and the size is similar to the one at Overstock.


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Its funny but I'm having a hard time with brass. I still have brass in dining room for the 1980's! Here are some photos. Please keep in mind the room is being prepped for paint and stuff is everywhere.

Ok here are some photos.
Here is the ceiling fan including the dust. DH thinks we should flip the blades and just keep it.

This shows my table, chairs, etc.

Photobucket is giving me a hard time today.

Are we sure brass it back, lol? Thank will really open up the options. I like both the lights posted above.

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Here is a light that is similiar to the original in the room. It was wider and mounted to ceiling, not hanging. I really don't like it.

I like the looks of some of the art deco chandeliers with glass/crystal on ebay.

Here is a link that might be useful: ebay light

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I envy you your woodwork; I grew up in a house with the same dark wood; house from the 1920s. This is similar to what was in our dining room (original to the house), only in antique brass.

Here is a link that might be useful: bowl pendant

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Our dining room is very similar to yours. We used a bronze finish (same as on the table lamps in the foreground) which I like, but I sometimes wish we had used an antique brass instead.

Sorry I don't have a better pic of the chandelier, but you can just see a couple of the 8 arms and shades. I think it goes well with the craftsman style, but is a bit more up to date than the original chandelier that was there (we moved it to another room).

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gracie thats funny because I just told Dh that our next house is having all white woodwork. I'm tired of always fighting with the orange tone of the wood, lol. I can see how that light fixture would look nice in the room.

Thanks for the photo daisychain. Our woods do look much the same.
So I should consider bronze or aged brass?

Here is something I found on ebay. Assuming the metal would work, what do you think of the general idea of something like this? Watching a few on ebay to see what they sell for.

Here is a link that might be useful: art deco chandy on ebay

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Brass has never been out, and I think it's the clear choice for your room.

The simple drum on chain that Snookums posted would work, but I don't think any of the silvery ones will look right with your wood.

It is hard to find a good quality modern fixture for less than $500 to $600 or so - good modern design is hard to get right at a lower price. But something that is clean and simple seems to be what your lovely stencil calls for. it is simple and playful without being childish, and I'd keep that in mind while choosing a fixture. Elaborate crystal and etched glass don't have that quality.

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This is the type of chandelier that we used to have in our dining room. I think it would be more appropriate for your room than the art deco one you posted. Where we are, these are easy to come by at antique stores.

Don't look at the price on the link. We got ours at auction for under $10 and had it wired up for $60.

Here is a link that might be useful: glass bowl chandelier

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bronwynsmom, You are so right. So many fixtures I see, I know would work but I find them sooooo boring. If I could have my way the room would have alot more glam but it would not fit with the wood or the style of the house.

daisychain, I have seen some like that but a little simplier. I'm sure I could find one.

You have all given me alot to think about!

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The fixture daisychain posted would be lovely. There was one on my craigslist for $25 recently and you can also sometimes find them on etsy.

Are you going with the craftsman look? Here's one with mica that I've been drooling over:

Here is a link that might be useful: mica ceiling light

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What do you think about these? Sorry I don't know how to put these directly in post.



Here is a link that might be useful: my fav out of the three

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Those all three seem Big-Box dated. The style was very popular in the mid-1990s. Of the three, only the second seems classic enough to have any lasting power.

The light fixture is going to make or break the room. Don't go with just okay. You need to decide whether you want to go with a full-on contemporary style or one that's contemporary with the house. You might check out refurbished (or refurbishable) antiques.

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I agree w/chibimimi, and it's a builders grade fixture. You have a very unique home and need a light fixture that will play into that. Brass for your home would be appropriate~brushed nickel might seem too modern. Keep looking, don't settle. You'll be looking at it everyday!

How about something similar to this? They're available in a variety of price ranges.

Here is a link that might be useful: *this*

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What about bronze?


or this:

Here is a link that might be useful: bronze chandelier

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These are the specifications I'm looking for, tell me if this is wrong.

antique or aged brass, or bronze

Not white glass (Alot get elminated due to white glass)

Must hang on a chain (if they come with a pole can you use a chain instead?)

Less than $200. This is not going to change. DH is shocked how much these fixtures are and we can just keep our ceiling fan if needed.

Not finding anything on ebay, craigslist, or etsy. I'm going to a local light store in the next few days.

Can the glass be white?

This has amber.

This has white but a pole.

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Yes, the glass can be white. In fact, you're probably better off if it is. You've carefully picked out paint colors for your room. Using a colored glass in the chandelier will change the color of the light it casts and therefore the colors of the paint.

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I agree with everything Chibimimi is advising - white glass is better, and the second one you show in your last post has the simplicity you are trying for without being harsh - or taking itself too seriously.

Let me also suggest that you remember this - it is too easy to start thinking that everything you choose in a new scheme has to make some sort of statement, or be highly decorative, or have a theme or period all over it.

You've given your room a fresh, lovely feeling with your stencil choice. Let that be your statement. Choose something simple for your light fixture, and choose it because is it the best quality you can afford, and it throws exactly the kind of light you want, and it is big enough to stand up to the room, and sturdy enough to be worth whatever you pay for it.

In the end, it's there to light your table, and the food on it, and the beloved faces sitting together there. Let that be your intention, and I don't think you'll go wrong.

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I agree with Bronwynsmom that if you're going with a new piece, the simpler the better. Having said that, I have another suggestion that takes an entirely different tack. It's rather off-the-wall, so if you don't like it, my feelings won't be hurt.

What year was your home built? It seems it might be in the 1910-20 era. If so, the deco fixture that was in the room when you bought the home had probably been retrofitted by a previous owner. That type of fixture is not usual in dining rooms.

But if I've guessed right on the age of your home, something like the fixture below might work. It's not arts and crafts, but it might work in your home. Your friends who aren't into old home architecture might scratch their heads or just assume it came with the house, but those who do understand the style of the home will appreciate it. And it won't go out of style, because it did that long ago, which gives it staying power!

So I'm just throwing it out there:

Here is a link that might be useful: Early 20th-century light fixture

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Thank you for all who posted. Those who posted photos I appreciate it.

I think I "got it" now that it should be simple and not a big design element. I found a drum pendant that is not one that I posted. If I can get DH on board I'll buy it.

I will post it after I order it, just so I can't change my mind again!

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I ordered a light. Fell in love with drum pendents after snookums2 posted the one above. Thank you all for the help in thinking this through.

For some reason can't get it to show up in the post.

Here is a link that might be useful: light

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Just wanted to say that I love the pendant you chose. Please post a picture when you get it hung. I think I may copy your selection, though I have to just file it away for now as we are not ready to move into the DR yet!

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I want to remind you of just one thing, that a bowl turned upright will hold peas but it will also hold bugs from light fixtures.

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The light arrived today. Need to open the box to make sure there is no damage. DH has the ceiling painted and is working on the sweet annie green. Wow what a difference it makes. Can't believe we lived all these years with white walls. The green looks really good with the woodwork IMHO.

Can't imagine bugs would be an issue. Never had bugs in the current light.

I'll post lots of pics when its done which will be soon as DH is really moving along with this project. I'm doing the stenciling maybe not this coming weekend but the next. So excited!

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