Space bags

prairie_roseSeptember 3, 2004

I thought I would try one out, see if they do work. I have two shelves of bed linens that I don't really use. I don't want to get rid of it because there are real wool blankets, a double feather bed,(came off DS bed when I had to buy him a queen size) some duvet covers that I switch around occasionally.

I cannot believe it. Two and a half shelves in my linen closet are now in a jumbo space bag, flattened to about 4". I have to wait for DS to get home, help me clear a shelf off in the store room, and set it up for me. And yes, I will be buying and using more of them.


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Are these the ones that you use your vaccuum to "shrink" them? I have been tempted to try these. I have a huge collection of quilts and blankets that I seem to have somehow inherited over the years. Many I display, but have a lot that take a ton of space. I would like to see if this helps.


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The bags work, but do not store them under your bed if you have cats who sleep under the bed. Cat claws and space bags do not mix.

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LOL Camlan, I have visions of fluffy cats being suddenly squished between the bags and the box springs with eyes bulging.

Space bags are amazing with the amount they can hold,but, boy, are they heavy when filled!

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Yes, Brenda, they are the ones you use the vacumn on. And yes,
artmom, they wiegh a ton, but man do they save on space. I am going to get some more, I have some other stuff that needs to be reduced. DD's favorite HUGE panda bear, that now sits in the store room, but I just cannot get rid of it. It was her favorite as a child, and I want to keep it for her for when she has kids of her own. The rest of her stuffed animals went a couple of years ago to the Sally Ann, but this one is special.


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Am bringing this to the top again since it has been a while. I've read comments elsewhere that after a while, they spring a leak and you lose the seal. How are yours holding up? Is space bag a brand name? Are there now knockoffs that don't work as well? Other comments were that they are a very thin flimsy plastic. Haven't seen any at my local stores and those posted on ebay are impossible to tell how heavy the plastic is. Thanks all.

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Since this is an older one, guess no one is reading so will try another approach.

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I've often wondered about these space bags... I'm in the middle of orgainizing my closets in 2 of my bedrooms (MB and Guest). Last weekend I installed a Elfa organizer system in MB closet. I posted to the "An Organized Clothes Closet - What a Concept!" thread about this...

Now I'm trying to get a handle on the "linens" type of stuff... i.e. blankets, duvets, sheets, spare mattress pads, duvet covers, extra pillows, etc... I'm leaning towards plastic storage of the anything "flat" with no loft. I.e. sheets, extra "beach towels", plain flat blankets.

I had a long time ago started to stash all my linens type of stuff into these big plastic box type bins that have latching tops. They are the brand "Home Club" or something like that. I purchased them at Bed, Bath and Beyond in case you're familar with that store... They also have caster type wheels that can be locked in. I had two of them side by with the wheels on and then each had another one stacked on top of each that didn't have the wheels on. These were in my closet of my spare bedroom in my old place. I originally started this "system" because I had cats at the time and I really wanted all cat hair and dust and etc to stay OUT of my linens because of first the "yuckiness" factor, plus the allergy aspect.

I also stored my duvets in these containers. Mainly the fiberfill kind only, not the down one. I have one of those and when I'm not using it on my bed it's stored in a canvas bag, in fact the bag that was sold with it. Kind of almost like a big sleeping bag bag, but a canvas one. I've heard from different sources that things with loft, especially down stuff shouldn't be stored air-tight or even near air-tight...

So, my question to finally get to it, do you store things with loft, i.e. down duvets (comfortors) in these space bags?? And after they have been removed out of their space bags do you get the loft of the thing back?? I'm very nervous about smushing this kind of stuff down and also about storing it in something so air-tight as these space bags must be.

Has anyone done the space bag thing with down? And what were the results when using it after being removed from its storage?

Thanks and Cheers,

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JanS - the loft does come back but I have to put mine in the dryer because they come out so wrinkled.

I have bagged my down quilts, down coats, and pillows so far, but I've found that some of the space back are difficult to seal and some let air in after a while.

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Just a note... all of out space bags ruptured.. it was very upsetting.. and I dont think anything got to them.. they all hadthe same kind of splits when I went to get them out the next season. They were the name brand type.. It was a bummer but I would be willing to try again if I could find a good price on them.


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